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Victoria put some makeup on. Today was the big day; she would finally get to meet her boyfriend's parents. Being shy, she was getting more and more nervous. What if something went wrong? What if they didn't like her? She was coming down with a cold and her nose was quite itchy. However, she didn't want to seem dramatic by canceling the event. It was just a cold after all, right? Her boyfriend, Oliver, wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear.

- Are you sure you will be okay?

- I'll be fine babe. If I start feeling too sick, I'll tell you. Promise.

- Alright then. Get in the car, we're going to be late.

As he was driving, she felt her nose tickle again. She quickly stifled a sneeze in her handkerchief, not having the time to hold it back. "Ihhgnxt!". She blew her nose in it afterwards.

- Bless you sugar.

- Thanks.

She rubbed her nose and sighedHer head hurt. They finally got to the parents house. Oliver opened the door and walked inside.

- Mom? Dad? Hello?

Victoria stayed behind him, waiting nervously for someone to answer him. As soon as she stepped inside the house, her nose started to tickle way more. They went to the kitchen and noticed a note on the table. "Will be back in half an hour, we needed to pick up your dad's new medicine". Suddenly, an orange and fluffy cat jumped on the table, letting fur fly everywhere. Victoria brought her handkerchief to her nose and started sneezing like crazy.

Esh'HHH! Aesh'h! Itshhh! Ihh.. etshoo! Ignxt! Atshew!

Concerned, Oliver kissed her nose and put his hand on her forehead to check if she had a fever.

- Sugar, you ok? I've never seen you sneeze like that before.

- I'm fi- Ahhh-tsh! Fine.

- I can tell them that you're sick you know? They will understand. It doesn't have to be today.

- I said I'm fine babe. Really, I am. I didn't know they had a cat.

She reached out to him, but was taken by another sneeze.

- Bless you. Your eyes are watering. Are you allergic to cats?

- What? Of course I'm not.

She stifled a triple and rubbed her eyes.

- Oh really, you aren't? Pick him up then. We'll see if you really aren't allergic.

- Easy babe.

She picked the cat up, and her nose started twitching almost immediately as fur was thrown in the air. She put him on the floor and cupped her hands in front of her mouth and nose.

-  ITSHHH! ESH'HHH! ESHOOO! Aeh-gnx! Heh-shh! Irshhoo! Atshh! Ehhhh... Heh...

Are you ok? Is it stuck?

She nodded and kept gasping, trying to sneeze. He "booped' her nose. "This surely is sneezy!" he said while rubbing her back. It was enough to set her on another fit. He watched her helplessly and hold her while she kept sneezing. 

- Let's go home sugar.








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I like it.  I am always a fan of female allergies and this is written well.  I'm curious to see it continue!

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