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For @sprinkles287 who requested Freddie either in a caretaking role or fetishy Freddie indulging his own allergies.   I hope you don’t mind a little of both....


Huhyehshoo! Yehshoo!” Tim sneezed loudly into a crumpled tissue.  He leaned back against the couch and sighed, scrubbing at his nose with the tissue and rubbing his eyes. 


“Bless you.” Freddie said from his spot on the floor.  At Tim’s congested ‘thanks,’ he continued, “you sound completely miserable.”


“Well, this cold…and the bird show at the pet store didn’t help.”  He glared at his cat, playing near Freddie on the floor.  “You *had* to need litter, didn’t you.”  He snatched up a couple fresh tissues from the box next to him, clamping them to his nose.  HuhhCheshoo, Chuhhshoo!”  He slumped back against the couch.   “Hate feathers.” He sniffled.  “Hate this cold.”  He blew his nose loudly and sighed.   “Good thing you brought me tissues.”   


Freddie laughed and continued to move the laser pointer around the floor, watching Cashew pounce on it.  “You always run out when you get a cold; never think you’ll need more than one box.”  He paused, cupping a hand over his nose.  HuhChushh.”  He sniffed and went back to playing with the cat.


He had gone over to Tim’s to check on his friend as Tim had caught the cold Freddie had had last week.   And drop off a few supplies that Tim never thought to stock up on, namely tissues and cough drops.   He’d also brought along chicken soup from Jamie.  On getting there, he’d found Tim getting ready to go to the pet store for kitty litter.  Low on dental bones for the dogs, he’d offered to drive and save himself a trip later.  There had been a bird event, and now the cold-stricken, feather-allergic Tim was simply miserable.  


He had gotten Tim back to his apartment, popped a Claritin down his throat; Tim had refused the Benadryl, not wanting to be groggy all day; and gotten him settled on the couch with a full box of tissues.  Then he had settled on the floor to play with the cat that had briefly been his.   


Huhhshoo, Huhuhhshoo! Unnghh.”


“Bless you.”  Freddie leaned against the wall and cast a glance at his friend as Tim muffled another set of sneezes into his tissues.  Freddie smiled to himself.  Tim did have a nice sneeze.  Loud, without being overly so.  Forceful and strong.  Always in a pair…one two syllable, one three, but not always in that order.  He watched as Tim’s face took on a hazy expression for the second sneeze of the set, then crinkled and pitched forward, nose pinched in tissues.  Sneezing was all consuming for Tim as opposed to Freddie who, unless his cat allergy was really acting up, was usually able to just toss out a quick sneeze or two, hardly missing a beat in whatever he was doing.   Tim’s sneezes on the other hand, stopped him dead in his tracks.


He waited for Tim to blow his nose.  “Bless you again.  You sure you don’t want the Benadryl?”  


Tim rolled his eyes at the third blessing in five minutes.  “It’ll die down soon.” He sniffled.  “It’s only been, what, half an hour, 45 minutes?  The cold’s making it worse.”  He coughed.  


Freddie nodded.  “If you’re sure.”  He sniffled, and Tim could tell Cashew was starting to get to him.   Freddie’s eyes were starting to look irritated and watery with a pinkish tinge and he had noticed his friend trying to discretely rub at them.   He watched as a Freddie’s nostrils flared and Freddie once again cupped his hands to his nose.   HuhChushh, Chushh, Chuhhshoo!”


Tim reached over to the coffee table and grabbed the tissue box he had been using before Freddie set him up with the full one, tossing it to Freddie..   Freddie blew his nose, mumbling his thanks.


“You need a Claritin?”  Tim asked, knowing how badly his cat could get to his friend, and honestly not understanding why Freddie had used a string toy to tease the cat practically into his lap.


“I took one before I came.” Freddie lied.   He didn’t mind the allergy attack that came from Cashew…well, not too much.  The itchy eyes he could do without, but, he rather enjoyed the sneezing that came with it.  And considering he rarely sneezed unless he had a cold or was around a cat, Tim’s was the one place, he could count on for more than just a random single.  


Tim nodded.  “*You* want the Benadryl?”


Freddie chuckled and blew his nose again.  “I’ll be asleep before I get home.” He laughed, and Tim could hear congestion starting in his voice.   By the time Freddie left, his congestion would match Tim’s own.  He folded the tissues over his nose and waited.  HuhhCHushh.” He sneezed, enjoying the force of it as his nose tried to expel the microscopic cat dander.   The trip to the pet store with its cats for adoption and the lingering after effects of his cold made him that much more sensitive to Cashew.   Grinning to himself, he realized, he was in for some sneezing as well as getting to watch Tim sneeze from his cold and the remnants of his allergy attack.   


At Tim’s curious glance, he pushed the cat off his lap, distracting him with a jingly ball.   “Hungry?” He asked, deflecting Tim’s attention to his stomach.


Tim hesitated, then fumbled for a tissue.  Hehhchesshoo, ihhehhshoo.”  He wiped at his nose.  “Not especially.” He admitted.   


He gave Tim a firm look.  “Did you have breakfast?”  He blew his nose again, appreciating the power of the blow as he attempted to clear his sinuses.   


“Orange juice and toast.” Tim sniffled wetly.   And in that moment, he decided that Tim’s cold made his sniffling were simply delicious.  Thick and wet.  A nice change from Jamie’s light allergy sniffles.  Between those, the powerful nose blowing and Tim’s forceful, well-voiced sneezing, not to mention Freddie’s own opportunities to sniffle, sneeze and blow his nose, it was going to be a very enjoyable afternoon for Freddie.


“You need to eat.”  Freddie informed him.  “Just a little bit of Jamie’s soup, ok?”   


Coughing, Tim gave him a small smile.   “Fine.” He grumbled, standing up.  He extended a hand to help Freddie up, then abruptly pulled  it away, wrapping his elaborate over his nose.   Hehehshuh, Ehhshuhh, Ehhyehhchuhh, heyychuhh.   Sorry.”  He reached out again and helped Freddie up off the floor.


“Bless you.”  Freddie told him, following him to the kitchen as Tim muffled two more sneezes against his arm.  He put together soup and toast for Tim and set up a bowl for himself.  


Tim slumped in the chair across from him and picked at his food.  He was never hungry at the start of a cold.  Freddie sat there, gaze fixed on him until he’d finished the toast and half the soup.   


“Can I go back to the couch now?”  Tim sniffled, rubbing at his nose, tired of sneezing.  His nose was not giving him a break.  He picked up his napkin and gave his nose a loud blow, only to be rewarded with a forceful double.  HahrahshooRahhshoo.  Ughhhhh.”   He slumped down in the chair.  


Freddie took in the purple circles under Tim’s eyes and his red, raw nose.   The surprise allergies this morning on top of his cold had really done a number on his friend.    Standing up, he  picked up the bowls, emptying Tim’s and placing them in the sink.  


Tim grabbed his water and curled up on the couch, wrapping himself in a green fleece blanket and coughing.   Freddie took his place back on the floor and resumed playing with Cashew and his jingly ball, which of course, Cashew knocked behind the couch.   


Freddie fished around behind the couch to get it for him, stirring up the cat hair that had accumulated back there.   Tossing the ball out for Cashew, he buried his nose in his sleeve.   HuhChusshh, Chushh-Chussh-Chushh, HuhChushh, UhhChushooo!”  He blew his nose several times, strong crackling blows, and sniffled.


“Bless you.”  Tim said, surprised by the fit.   It was rare for Freddie to sneeze like that.   “You ok, man?”


Freddie shrugged.  “No idea what that was,” he lied again.


“Maybe you’re allergic to dust now.”  Tim wondered aloud, knowing his house wasn’t as dust free as Alex’s or Freddie’s.  With Alex and Jamie’s allergies, there was constant cleaning; at his place, not so much – he couldn’t remember the last time he vacuumed.  


“Maybe.” Freddie agreed, thinking that something else to make him sneeze would be wonderful, yet knowing it was just the cat without allergies meds.  


“You should probably get off the floor.”  Tim suggested, as Freddie pulled Cashew into his lap.   “I haven’t vacuumed in a long time.”


Freddie went along with Tim’s suggestion and joined him on the couch.   At least now he could see his friend sneeze up close.   He didn’t have to wait long.   Huhhuhshoo, uhhshoo.”  Tim muffled two sneezes into a tissue and let loose with a long gurgling blow.  “Sorry,” he apologized again.  “I know that’s gross, but…”


“Just do what you need to do.”  Freddie reassured him, petting the cat.   UhhhChushoo!”  Freddie sighed as his nose continued to itch.  He was going to need a Claritin for the drive home, and then, his sneezing would be over.   Huhchushh.”


“Bless you.  That Claritin doesn’t seem to be helping you much.”  Tim commented.


Freddie shook his head, sneezing again, “guess not.”  He commented.   He excused himself to the bathroom...and the Claritin Tim kept on hand for him and Alex.   He swallowed a pill without water and returned to the living room, curling up on the opposite end of the couch with Cashew.


Again, Tim shot him a curious glance.  The glance clearly read ‘why is my very allergic friend snuggling my cat?’    


Freddie ignored it.   It’d be about 45 minutes before the Claritin kicked in, so he only had so many sneezes left to enjoy.  Instead he engaged Tim in conversation over how he was feeling.


“Com…mrrashoo, hehhrahshoo.  Completely miserable.”  Tim admitted.  “Headache, sore throat, cough…”


UhChushh, Chushooo, HeyChushh.”  Freddie interrupted.


Tim reached over and plucked Cashew from his lap.   “That’s enough cat.”  He said firmly.  “You’re matching me sneeze for sneeze.   And back to your question, I’m exhausted.  This sneezing is wearing me out.”


Freddie nodded, as enjoyable as Tim’s symptoms were for him, he did look miserable, and Freddie felt a twinge of sympathy for his friend.   HehChushhoo!”   He blew his nose into a crumpled tissue.


Tim shook his head, yawning.  “You’re gonna be sneezing the rest of the day.”  He yawned again.


Freddie nodded, “probably.” He shrugged.   “You should get some sleep.”  He stood up.


“If you don’t mind.  I- ihhhehshoo, ehhshoo…I don’t want it to seem like I’m kicking you out.”


“I’ll stop over tomorrow.”  Freddie promised, heading for the door.  He heard Tim sneezing again as he closed the door.   Freddie, grinning widely, headed to his car, sneezing loudly, 4 times on the way there.   It had been a most enjoyable afternoon.


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Thank you SO MUCH for this.  I certainly do not mind both 😁

Indulgence is the perfect title for this!  Freddie is spot-on with all his observations and reactions.  I can see myself taking the same mental notes that he is.  The descriptions are amazing - the way you describe Tim's sneezing pattern and compare his sniffles to Jamie's, and the way Freddie is purposely spending time with Cashew just so he can enjoy a few sneezes of his own... 😈😍

I've read this, like, 5 times already.



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