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A sneeze that feels like a relief?


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I just started to cough, which has been happening a lot recently, because of an anxiety reaction I have. It's not the virus, it often happens, but due to current circumstances it happens more than normal.

But unusually, it caused me to have a massive buzzing, tickling feeling inside my nose The sort of feeling where you need to really fight against it, or just surrender and sneeze. And my sneezes are quite loud, so I was glad to be at home.

I would ususally have a handkerchief in my pocket, but I haven't been carrying one recently. I managed to get a tissue, and as I was at home I allowed myself to have a very loud sneeze:


It was an amazing relief to be home alone and have the luxury to sneeze loudly, so there was no one around to see or hear.

I sneezed two times more, I couldn't stop myself.


The big sneezes finally gave me some relief, and the tickle had gone. I felt a bit embarrassed about how loud my sneezes had been, but also I enjoyed having the pleasure and relief.

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Thanks for sharing that!

It's great to feel that relief, isn't it?

No need to feel embarrassed, if you were alone, though. That's when I let my best sneezes out so u can feel that relief!

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