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Youtuber Spicy Mukbang (2, F)


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Queen Beast doing a spicy mukbang challenge and sneezes twice.  The first one is shown at the very start of the video.  The other one is around 10min 20, but she starts struggling and sniffling from 9.30.


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I have to say, 9:30 onwards was cute. It's so obvious her nose is very irritated.

About 7-8 years ago or so, where I worked, a bunch of us would sometimes go for some drinks and a curry on a Friday night. I once saw a rather pretty young woman in our group sneeze because of the spices in the curry, which was rather nice. Clearly the tingling spices were getting up her nose, she looked for a moment like she was trying to stop it- then sneezed a feminine "Kah-HOOO!"


On another note - I kind of despair about how some of YouTube has become the "I'll do/eat the crazy thing challenge!"

Stuart Ashen (Ashens) who I think is great, and did great retro gaming videos and videos about obscure pop culture objects, now often also does things like "Me eating 15 year old tinned meat!"

I keep thinking, come on Stuart, you're not a circus act!

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