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SF Chat idea


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I'd lke to step up to the plate for once. I'm wondering if I could set up a general SF chat or discord or something. I have no idea what I'm doing but for COVID times?

I'm just throwing the idea out there- I need a project. I may be a software developer but I don't understand some web software - oops

Look, how close might we get to this? What might be the drawbacks? How might we do it?

We're going to be in lockdown for a while.

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Anyone who's interested in joining a sneeze community discord server can follow me on tumblr. I run a server for the community, and I post there whenever we're having an open enrollment period. we've had two so far, and i'm planning on opening another one as soon as i have the time and energy to oversee it. We're not allowed to post contact information publicly, but my tumblr URL is listed on my profile. 

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We had a chat long ago, but it went with one of the updates. In the last years there were not many participating, but those who did enjoyed it.


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Yeah, I just wondered if it was something new we could set up for support during this time - but it's a blue sky idea now because my mind is still all over the place at the moment.

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I also have a discord for validated members of this community 18 or over. The link is in my profile.

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