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Hayfever is here... (Self)


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We’ve been following the quarantine rules, been going out for a walk for exercise once a day, only going out shopping once a week. We will all get through this together! ❤️

We’ve had the gardeners come round the past few weeks, and have starting mowing the grass. I’m massively allergic to freshly cut grass, so I’ve been a huge allergic mess for all that time, and antihistamines are really hard to come by at the moment! Definitely have to get them online, I normally get prescription ones. 

1st self ob: I had the windows open most of the day. It has warmed up a bit in the UK, I had noise blocking headphones on so I didn’t hear the lawnmower. Me and my partner MD were chilling on the sofa, when out of nowhere, I sneezed 11 time’s in row, they were very rapid. The first one sounded like ‘HAISHOO’ but I stifled the other 10. MD blessed them all, cute.

I went into the bathroom to grab some tissues, and blew my nose. I sneezed 4 more times ‘ISHCHOO... HAISHOO.... ISHOO... ISHOOO’ MD blessed me from the living room. I blew my nose again. I probably sneezed about 100 times that day, MD rubbed my back and comforted me the whole time 🥰 

2nd ob: I was taking the rubbish out to the communal bins, one of my neighbours called out and asked how I was, we had chat about day to day life and what was going on in the world, I was about 10ft away from her. I felt a tickle in my nose, turned away and sneezed 4 times into my arm ‘HAISHOO... ISHOO... ISHCHOO.... HAAISHOOO’ she said ‘bless you, blimey!’ I replied ‘thanks, it’s hayfever I promise!’ She laughed and said ‘yeah, mines been bad as well’ We said our goodbyes and I carried on with taking the rubbish to the bins. 

Ive been sneezing all week, far too many obs to write. So I wrote 2 haha. 

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Nice to hear about your sneezy ventures during quarantine, thank you for sharing!

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On 4/16/2020 at 3:08 AM, Justasneezygirl said:


Bless you!!! Nice self obs thanks for sharing! It is definitely that time of year!


Thank you, it’s been bad, and it’s only April. 

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On 4/16/2020 at 10:22 AM, poiub said:


Bless you Leas and good to hear from you :)


Thank you, I appreciate that. 😊

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I'm glad your neighbor didn't go into a coronavirus freak out after the sneezes. There have been some crazy stories in the news about people overreacting. Great obs tho!

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