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I might be doing something wrong (can't access certain boards)

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I think I just recently got validated which is GREAT! no really, I'm super thankful that I can now pm people and stuff, but there's just one problem. I'm above 18 and ranked "poster", yet when I try to access the trading post or the adult board, it says that I need to be above 18 and be ranked poster. Now, I did click "contact us" to request access and it worked, because I was able to enter and look around. However, if I exit and try to re-access, it gives the same error message. I don't have to require permission ever time I want to visit it, right? Just wondering if anyone had the same issue or I haven't done something correctly. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi iojo. 

Adult board access is not automatically given when you're validated. It's something you need to request from a senior member of staff and they will then grant you access. I'm happy to do this for you now, so you won't need to ask permission each time, but this is why you are unable to see those boards. 

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