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Before I start - yes, I know that there is an original story with the same title. This story will be very different and I thought about the title before I remembered the other story, but I just wanted to acknowledge the title similarity and how it might be confusing.

This thread is inspired by this story:

A few days ago I felt nostalgic and read it again. It was a story which I really liked back in the day and I thought I might try a similar project, meaning - a story which will follow a cold going around between different characters. The reason I decided to write this story as a drabble thread is that it would allow me to experiment in various ways and change characters, focal points and writing styles if I want to (much like the story above). Instead of a story with a linear plot and predetermined characters, this thread will be more about me exploring various ideas and ways to write about my favorite aspect of the fetish - sick sneezing women. Writing this story as a drabble thread will also allow me to leave it for unknown periods of time, work on other projects and return to it whenever I want to. There will be some similarities to the story above, mostly at the beginning, but as I go along I'll try to write this in a way that's more my own. Some of the ideas I'll try will most likely be ones I came across in the works of others, but I have no intention of stealing anyone's work, so if something I write feels a little too familiar to you and I haven't said anything about it myself - feel free to let me know. I'm always happy to give credit when credit is due. Speaking of credit, a lot of it should be given to James (ellamalaka) for the story that inspired me. I know that he hasn't been an active member of the forum for a long time, but his work has contributed a lot to my writing and it is important for me to mention that. Like I said - at the beginning this story will be similar to the one above in many ways, until I muster the courage to venture into new territories. So, shall we?

Part 1:

It was that time of year again.

"Finally" Stella thought.

She had been waiting for this moment since she first started working as a receptionist in a medical clinic for women. Stella started working at the clinic at the end of April, the very last days of cold and flu season. Most people would think that this is an ideal time to start working at a medical clinic, since there will be fewer chances of catching something from one of the patients. Stella, however, had a somewhat different perspective. Since her late teenage year, Stella found herself very attracted to the concept of women sneezing because of a cold or flu. She couldn't quite explain why she felt like that and honestly she didn't really feel any need to do so. The things that turned her on were her own private matter. There were a lot of different fetishes around the world and Stella's was just another one. It was quite a harmless fetish, since Stella would never do anything to get someone sick on purpose. She didn't even actively wish for women to get sick. Her only desire was that should an attractive woman happen to be sick and sneezing, she could be there to witness it. Stella liked coughs sniffles, nose blows and stuffed up voices, but sneezing was what she liked most. There mere thought of a sick woman sneezing was enough to excite Stella, so you can only imagine what seeing and hearing one do so in real life did to her. That's why when Stella heard about an opening in a women's medical clinic she didn't think twice about applying for the job. Not only were the patients all women but the staff was as well - doctors, nurses, fellow receptionists. It was like a dream come true for Stella. Unfortunately for her, timing is important. It was the middle of spring when she started working at the clinic, so there were almost no cases of colds or flu for her to witness. She got to see some patients with allergies, but it was just not the same for her. Colds and flu were what she wanted to see most. As if to rub it in, some of the other receptionists told her about an awful cold that was going around the previous year.

"It was terrible" said her fellow receptionist, Bella. "I don't know what kind of bug was going around that winter, but people were sneezing and coughing left, right and center. There was no way you could've gotten through that winter without getting sick. You're lucky that you didn't have to work here during that time".

"Did you catch it as well?" asked Stella, trying very hard to sound casual.

"Oh yes" Bella replied. "It landed me in bed for a week. You better hope the next cold and flu season won't be as bad that one".

As a matter of fact, Stella was hoping for quite the opposite. She didn't enjoy her own sneezes as much as she did other women's, but if she did get sick it would be a small price to pay. Thinking about what Bella said, Stella knew that if she ends up sick in bed it would be better to do so with the memory of other women sick and sneezing keeping her company.


A short exposition with no sneezing this time. Bear with me. Since this is a drabble thread the parts will vary in length. Let me know what you think.

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Another little part. Taking baby steps:

Part 2:

The days were growing shorter and colder. Women coming to the clinic were wearing longer and warmer clothes. Stella was searching, as discretely as she could, for possible signs of her favorite illness amongst the clients - a little cough, a sniffle, a quick nose blow or, what she desperately wanted to see, a sneeze. For a while she didn't have much luck. Clients came and went but none of them showed any signs of a cold or the flu. Stella knew she would have to be patient.

One day, around mid-morning, a client came and went to the counter where Gabriella, one of Stella's fellow receptionists, was sitting. Gabriella was relatively new. She started working at the clinic at the end of summer and was the only receptionist who started working there after Stella. There was a total of five receptionists working at the clinic, and when Gabriella started working there it turned out that all five of them had something in common. The other two receptionists who worked alongside Stella, Bella and Gabriella, were called Ella and Isabella, so all of the receptionists' names ended the same way. It was a funny coincidence, and they all laughed about it a little at the beginning, but after a while it didn't really matter. There weren't many clients that day, so Isabella was the only one with a client by her counter. The new client chose to go to Gabriella's counter and Stella was free to see and hear everything that was going on. She was at her mid - late 20's and when she came closer Stella could see that her nostrils were quite red.

"Excuse be" said the young woman.

"Yes, how may I help you?" asked Gabriella. She was cheerful and smiling, as she usually was.

"Are ady of the doctors free?" asked the woman.

"Why don't you tell me why you came here and I'll see who could see you?" Gabriella suggested. "It'll be easier that way".

"Alright" said the woman. "I have a E Shoo! cold" she said as she sneezed towards her shoulder. Those were the words that Stella have been waiting for months to hear, accompanied by an even more anticipated sneeze.

"God bless you" said Gabriella.

"Thadk you *sniffle* Sorry about that" said the woman. "It's beed pretty cold aroudd here lately add I started feelig a little dowd yesterday".

"Poor dear" said Gabriella. "Can you please describe your symptoms"?

"Sdeezig, as you've seed, add a ruddy dose" said the woman. She took a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her nose with it.

"Sounds like a cold alright" said Gabriella.

"I kdow, but I just wadted to bake sure I'b dot developig adythig worse thad a cold He Esh, He Shoo!" the woman sneezed into a tissue.

"Bless you twice" said Gabriella. "You have a cold alright and it's wise of you to come here early".

"*sniffle* Thadks" said the woman. She blew her nose wetly into the remains of the tissue and then threw it away.

"Let me check who's free" said Gabriella. When she returned to her counter she told the sniffling woman: "Nurse Hathaway will see you now".

The young woman thanked her and went to see the nurse. Stella didn't see her again until she was on her way out of the clinic, sneezing a wet "He Eshoo!" into her hands just before she went out the door.

"Looks like cold season is upon us again" Nurse Hathaway informed Gabriella after the woman left.

"I just hope it's all she had" said Gabriella.

"Oh it's just a cold, but she better cover those sneezes of hers or others are bound to catch it" Nurse Hathaway said.

Later that day, slightly after lunchtime, another cold-ridden client entered the clinic. It was a woman in her late 30's or early 40's who announced her arrival by unleashing a loud and wet "Ho Tshoo!" into a handkerchief. All five receptionists were talking to clients when the woman entered, so she waited for a counter to be free. She stood there, coughing and blowing her nose into her handkerchief, until Isabella was free to see her. Stella, who was talking to a client, only heard fragments of the conversation.

"*cough cough* Hello, I'b U Tshoo, Ho EshTshoo, Hush Tshoo! here to see a doctor about this *cough cough* cold I have" the woman said in a deep voice.

"How long have you had this cold?" asked Isabella.

"About *cough cough* two or three days dow, sidce I had to go to a gala evedt for work" the woman replied.

"Easy to catch something with lots of people around" said Isabella.

"Do, it's dot Hu Tshoo! that" said the woman. "I have a good ibbudity systeb, but it was really cold that dight add I had to wear a dress add high-heels add I was freezig all the *cough cough* tibe. It's do wodder I got Ho Etshoo, Hu UshTshoo, Hosh TshooHoo! sick".

Isabella sent the ailing woman to see Nurse Jenkins. Later that afternoon, when there were fewer clients, Stella heard a conversation between nurses Hathaway and Jenkins about the patients they had that day.

"I heard you had your first cold patient of the season" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Yes, it's that time of year again" said Nurse Hathaway.

"I'll say" said Nurse Jenkins. "I had one as well".

"Mine only had a regular cold, nothing too serious" said Nurse Hathaway.

"I wish I could say the same about mine" said Nurse Jenkins. "She had a bad cold and a cough to go along with it".

"Poor thing" said Nurse Hathaway. "I just hope whatever she has doesn't start going around".

"If it does - we'll be in over our heads with bad colds" said Nurse Jenkins. "It'll be like last year's winter all over again".

"Oh gosh I hope not" said Nurse Hathaway. "It was one of the worst cold seasons I ever saw".

"Tell me about it" said Nurse Jenkins. "We almost had to close the clinic".

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Great start, looking forward to more!

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Part 3:

As cold and flu season went on the weather was getting colder as well. One particularly stormy morning, Stella and the others at the clinic were listening to the roaring sound of thunder cracks and hard rain falling outside. It has been raining for a few days, but that day was a full-blown storm and they were happy to be inside, where it was dry and warm. There weren't many clients when that day started, just like most days, but as the hours went by an increasing stream of women made it's way into the clinic. Some of the women who walked in from the pouring rain were holding umbrellas and wearing heavy coats. Others were not so fortunate and got drenched to the bone. The floor was getting wet and slippery from all the water dripping from the poor clients and every once in a while one of the receptionists had to bring a mop and dry the floor so that no one would slip and fall. A considerable part of the women who came to the clinic that day seemed to have a cold, much to Stella's delight. Days like these were one of the main reasons she took this job.

"He E Tshoo!" a shivering brunette almost sneezed her glasses off.

"God bless you Ei Tshoo!" said a young blond next to her, sneezing as well.

"Thadks *sniff* Cachig a cold as well?" asked the brunette.

"Oh yeah" the blond replied. "I guess we're both sick girls today Ei Yitshoo"!

"Bless He Tshoo! you" said the brunette.

"Thadk you" said the blond. "Do you have sobe tissues by ady chadce? I'b all out of bide".

"I have sobe bore left, but I'b afraid it wod't be lodg before I'b all out as well" said the brunette. She gave the blond a tissue and they both blew their noses.

Stella was a little sad when both young women moved on to see a doctor or a nurse, but her fun for that day was far from over. The steady stream of women with colds kept coming in and the sound of sneezes and sniffles became somewhat of a constant background noise.

Around noon, three college girls entered the clinic from the rain outside. They all looked cold and wet.

"Ye Eshoo!" one of the girls sneezed loudly. Another one looked at the verge of a sneeze of her own and the third one was sniffling.

"I hope we wod't have to wait a lodg tibe" said the sniffling girl. "I have to be id class this afterdood".

"Eg Shoo!" sneezed her friend, who tried in vain to hold back her sneeze.

"You should't go to class" the loud sneezer told her sniffling friend. "You'll odly get bore people sick, like you did to us".

Next to them, their friend was trying to fight off more sneezes, but failed miserably: "N'Tshoo, Gshoo, He Netshoo, N'g Tshoo! God, I hate havig a cold"!

"I'b sorry I got you both sick Ha Ep Shoo! but what did you expect whed sharig a dorb roob with a girl with a cold Haap Shoo!" sneezed the sniffling girl.

"You could've He Yeshoo! beed bore careful" said the loud sneezer.

"Cobe od, whed are they godda let us id? By socks got wet frob walkig id the raid add I'b Hapsh Shoo! freezig" said the sniffling girl.

"I'b really cccold as well He Geshoo, Hun'g Shoo, Eng Tshoo! add I'b Tshoo, N'Tshoo, Heg Shoo! sdeezig up a storb" said her shivering friend.

"We should all be id Ye Shoo, E Yeshoo! bed" said the loud sneezer.

"I wish I could, but I cad't biss by afterdood class Hu Apshoo!" sneezed the sniffling girl.

"Ng'tsh, Eng Tshoo, He Ge Tshoo! Ugh, beig sick sucks" the shivering girl complained.

By the end of that day, Stella had seen a fair share of sick and sneezing women. She knew she would have a hard time falling asleep that night, because the thought of everything she had seen that day made her very excited. Stella was not the only one who noticed the influx of women with colds that day.

"Oh boy, what a day" an exhausted Nurse Hathaway told Nurse Jenkins, who looked every bit as tired as her.

"I'm so glad it's over" said Nurse Jenkins. "A few drops of rain and everyone and their sister catch a cold".

"Well, to be fair - it was more than a few drops of rain" said nurse Hathaway.

"I guess it's true what they say" said Nurse Jenkins.

"What?" asked Nurse Hathaway.

"When it rains - it pours" Nurse Jenkins replied.

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Loving this!

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I am also looking forward to more of this. The thing were one of the girls just can't miss a class despite being really sick is great, I wonder who will catch her cold there...

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Part 4:

Cold and flu season showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. If anything - it seemed that more and more people were catching colds. Naturally, Stella was very happy about it. Almost every day there would be women coming into the clinic with dripping noses, sneezing and coughing. Flu cases were less common but colds were abundant. At nights, Stella had a lot to think about when she was lying in bed.

One day, as Stella and 3 more receptionists were busy working at the clinic, Ella walked in from the cold and windy morning. It wasn't typical for Ella to come to work this late and after she took off her coat and scarf Stella noticed that she looked very tired.

"Hey, are you alright?" Gabriella asked Ella.

"Yeah, just a little tired" Ella replied. Stella wasn't sure, but she thought she heard the faintest of sniffles coming from Ella.

As the day went on, it became pretty clear that Ella wasn't feeling very well. Stella heard her sniffle from time to time and when she spoke her voice was soft and weak. She made herself a cup of tea before she started working, but it didn't seem to make her feel much better. Stella felt sorry for her fellow receptionist, but she was also very interested in seeing if she might get worse.

"He Ishoo!" sneezed Ella later that day. There was a slight pause between the buildup and the release, which Stella thought was adorable.

"God bless you" said Gabriella. "Are you sure you're feeling alright"?

"Yeah, I'b fide *sniffle* thadks" said Ella.

"You don't sound too good" Bella told her.

"I'b feelig a little udder the weather today *sniffle* but it's dot too bad" said Ella.

"Well, if you're getting sick - stay away from me" said Isabella. "I have no intention to get sick this winter".

"I don't know how you could manage that" said Stella. "I mean - you're working in a medical clinic and it's cold season".

"As long as people around me are careful with their germs I should be fine" said Isabella. "I maintain a healthy lifestyle, so it's just a matter of"

"Ei Shoo!" sneezed Ella. This sneeze was stronger than the previous one and it made her glasses slide down her nose.

"Avoiding other people's germs" concluded Isabella.

"Bless you, Ella" said Gabriella.

"Thadk you" said Ella.

"Do you need a tissue?" asked Stella.

"Yeah *sniffle* I thidk I do" Ella replied. Stella grabbed a box of tissues on her counter and placed it on Ella's.

"Hhi Eshoo!" Ella grabbed a tissue and sneezed into it.

"I hate to tell you this Ella, but it looks like you're catching a cold" said Gabriella.

"*sniffle* I guess I ab" said Ella. "It's dot very surprisidg, dow that I thidk about it. I bead - there are sick people wherever you go these days".

"Like I said - just be careful not to get anyone else sick" said Isabella.

"Yeah, I would really hate it if I catch anything" said Bella.

"I'll *sniffle* do by best to be careful" Ella said before wiping her dripping nose with a tissue.

"Looks like things are about to get interesting in the clinic" Stella thought.

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Part 5:

"He Ishoo!" sneezed Ella the next day.

Stella could tell that Ella's cold had gotten worse - she was sneezing more frequently than she did the previous day and her sneezes were wetter. Ella looked pale and sounded tired and congested. She was constantly sniffling and blowing her nose, which was getting red.

"Looks like you're coming down with a full-blown head cold" said Bella.

"I'b afraid so" said Ella.

"Here, Ella - I made you some tea" Gabriella said before handing Ella a steaming mug.

"Thadk Hei Eshoo! you" said Ella. She tried to turn away from Gabriella when she sneezed, but Stella could see that Gabriella was hit by some spray.

"God bless you. Poor thing" said Gabriella.

"I feel biserable" Ella said before blowing her nose.

"Then why did you come today?" asked Isabella.

"Hhe Hei Shoo! What choice did I have? I cad't afford to biss work - I have bills to pay" said Ella.

"You really should be in bed" said Gabriella.

"Oh if odly I could" said Ella.

As much as she hated the fact that Ella was feeling bad, Stella couldn't help but feel glad that she got to witness such a wonderful cold.

Later that day, Stella heard a little conversation between Nurse Jenkins and Doctor Buckley.

"I noticed a sharp increase in women coming in with a cold or the flu" said Doctor Buckley.

"The terrible season is upon us once more" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Well, it's good for business thought" said Doctor Buckley. "We have a lot more clients this time of year".

"True, but if one of them gets someone here sick we'll be in trouble" said Nurse Jenkins.

"It's an occupational hazard, I suppose" said Doctor Buckley.

"You don't seem too worried about it" Nurse Jenkins stated.

"My dear - you won't make it very far in medicine if you worry over every little bug" said Doctor Buckley.

"It doesn't hurt to be careful though" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Indeed" said Doctor Buckley. "I'm sure we'll be fine - this is not our first time dealing with cold and flu season".

Stella wondered what this cold and flu season will be like. Quite a lot of patients have come in with colds or flu so far and now Ella had a cold.

"The way I see it-  things can only get better" Stella thought.

"HaiptsChioo!" the sound of an unfamiliar sneeze snapped Stella out of her daydreaming that afternoon. Naturally, she turned to look at Ella, who was blowing her nose, but then it turned out that it was Gabriella who had sneezed.

"Bless you, Gabriella. I hope you're dot catchig by cold Heha Hei Eshoo!" Ella said and let out a particularly wet sneeze.

"I hope so too" Gabriella said and sniffled.

Stella noticed Gabriella sniffling for the rest of that day. She couldn't wait to see what the next day would bring.

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Part 6:

When Stella arrived at the clinic the following day she found Ella, Bella and Isabella there.

"Ai Shoo, A Eshoo!" Ella let two tired sounding sneezes into a tissue.

"Bless you" said Stella. "Still working hard through your cold I see"?

"I ha..... Hie Eshoo! have to" said Ella. She then blew her red nose into the tissue she was holding.

"She's been like this since she got here this morning" said Bella.

"Then it's a shame I didn't come here sooner" Stella thought but simply smiled towards the ailing Ella.

"Good morning girls" said Doctor Ross as she entered the clinic behind Stella. Doctor Janet Ross and Doctor Elizabeth Buckley were the two doctors running the clinic, with the help of nurses Dahlia Jenkins and Mary Hathaway.

"Hhe Ishoo, Ei Eshoo, Ai Shoo!" Ella launched into another sneezing fit. Her nose seemed to be giving her a particularly hard time that morning.

"Oh my.... Bless you" said Doctor Ross.

"Thadk you, Doctor Ross" Ella said before blowing her nose again.

"Caught yourself a cold, have you?" asked Doctor Ross.

"I'b afraid so" Ella replied.

"Well, it is the season" said Doctor Ross. "How long have you been sick"?

"Sidce yesterday, I thidk, but by cold is buch worse today Haei Ishoo!" sneezed Ella.

"I'll say" said Doctor Ross. "Do you want me to examine you"?

"Do, that's dot decessary, thadk you" said Ella. "I'b dot feelig too bad, just He Ishoo, Ha Eshoo! sdeezig, bostly".

"Alright, then I guess you can keep working if you want to" said Doctor Ross.

"Aren't you worried about her getting other people sick?" asked Isabella.

"Obviously, precautions need to be taken" said Doctor Ross. She then turned to Ella: "Personally, I never get sick, but do cover those sneezes of yours".

"Yes Doctor Ross Haei Shoo!" said Ella, sneezing into a tissue.

"That's the way to do it" said Doctor Ross. "Keep covering your sneezes and we should all be fine". She then went to her office.

"I wish I shared her confidence" Isabella said while Ella was blowing her nose.

"Hei Pchioo!" Gabriella entered the clinic, sneezing into her hands. "Guess who caught herself a cold?" she said.

"You did, obviously" said Bella.

"That's right" said Gabriella. "I'b officially a sick girl today Haish Pchioo!" she sneezed into her hands once more. Her sneezes were very loud and wet, with a girly ending. Stella found Gabriella's sneezes to be exceptionally delightful.

"Bless you, Gabriella" said Ella. "I'b really sorry you caught by cold. You were so dice to be yesterday, brigig be tea add tissues add dow look at you".

"Dod't worry about it - it's dot your fault" said Gabriella. "Hesh Pchioo! Ooh, bless be. I've beed sdeezig by head off all bordig".

"See? That's exactly what I've been talking about" said Isabella.

"You've beed talkig about by sdeezes?" asked Gabriella.

"No, of course not. I've been taking about why people shouldn't be working when they're sick" said Isabella. "Had Ella not come to work sick yesterday you wouldn't have caught her cold".

"Ai Shoo!" Ella sneezed into a tissue.

"If you ask be - it was odly a batter of tibe before I caught a cold" said Gabriella. "There are colds goig aroudd everywhere add I've dever beed kdowd to have a very strodg Hi PtshiChioo! ibbudity systeb".

"Nevertheless - with two sick receptionists, the risk of the rest of us catching it is doubled" said Isabella. "Both of you should be extra careful".

"I'm with Isabella on this" said Bella. "The cold you have seems pretty bad and I don't want to catch it".

Stella had a different agenda, but she kept it to herself.

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On 6/5/2020 at 9:38 AM, Likesn said:

She then turned to Ella: "Personally, I never get sick...".




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Part 7:

"Hhei Shoo! Ugh, this cold is killig be" said Ella later that day. Her nose was very red and she looked very tired. She blew her nose into a tissue.

"Haaa Pchioo! I hope by cold doesd't get as bad as yours, Ella" Gabriella said before blowing her own nose. She bad been sneezing throughout that morning and her nose was quickly becoming red. Her sneezes were loud and wet and so were her nose blows. Stella noticed that Gabriella wasn't very careful with her sneezes and didn't always cover them properly. Unlike her, Ella did her best to sneeze into a tissue or her shoulder. Ella's counter was full of used tissues and her bin was overflowing with more of them.

"Dext please" Gabriella called. A young woman walked to her counter.

"Hei Pchioo!" sneezed Gabriella, without covering. "Excuse be" she told the young woman. "Good thig there's a widdow betweed us".

"Oh dod't worry" said the young woman "I dod't thidk you could get be ady Hap Tchoo! sicker". She blew her nose into a tissue and Stella noticed it was very red.

"Poor girl. Got a cold as well?" asked Gabriella.

"You betcha" the young woman replied. "I work id a codvediedce store add people are Ha Ap Tchoo! sdeezig all over the place these days".

"Tell be about it Eish Pchioo!" sneezed Gabriella. "By coworker cabe id yesterday with a cold add I caught it frob her".

"Ha Eshoo!" both Gabriella and the young woman turned to look at Ella, who had sneezed.

"I guess it's hard to escape a cold whed you work id a bedical clidic Hap Tchoohoo!" the young woman sneezed.

"You cad Hash Pchioo! say that agaid" said Gabriella. "I'b dot bad at her though - it's just a cold".

"By cold is gettig Ha Apsh Tchoo! worse by the Hap Tchoo! bidute, which is why I cabe to see a doctor" said the young woman.

"Good call" said Gabriella. "I hope you feel better sood".

"Thadk you Hapsh Choo! I hope you will too Ha Ap Tchoohoo! Oh god, I'b so tired of sdeezig" the young woman said before blowing her nose.

After blowing her own nose, Gabriella sent the young woman to see Nurse Jenkins.

That evening, when they were about to close the clinic for the night, Stella heard Nurse Jenkins talking to Doctor Ross.

"Looks like our patients' colds are getting worse" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Are they now?" asked Doctor Ross.

"I had this patient earlier who had a terrible head cold. Poor dear" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Some cases are worse than others. It doesn't mean they're all bad" said Doctor Ross.

"Of course. I just hope we won't be seeing more colds like she had" said Nurse Jenkins.

"I've seen plenty of colds come and go and I have yet to see one that worried me much" said Doctor Ross.

"Well, I'm not ashamed to admit that I did see some cases that worried me" said Nurse Jenkins.

"Just be careful while you do your job" said Doctor Ross. "As long as you do that you have nothing to worry about".

Stella was the last person to leave the clinic that day. It was a cold evening outside, and she shivered as she made her way home. Later that night, she lay on top of her bed and thought about the passing day. It was a pleasure to see both Ella and Gabriella sneezing with their colds, although she might've gotten a closer look at Gabriella's cold then she would've liked. The conversation between Gabriella and the sick you woman was certainly the peak of Stella's day.

"Haaa Tshoo, Aaaaa Tshoo!" Stella suddenly sneezed.

"Huh" she thought.

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Part 8:

"Aaaaa Tshoo!" sneezed Stella the next morning. Yup, she had definitely caught herself a cold. It was safe to assume that she caught her cold from Gabriella, but it was just as possible that she had caught it from Ella. Between two of her fellow receptionists sneezing with colds and many clients coming to the clinic with colds of their own, it was not really surprising that Stella ended up getting sick.

"Hea Tshoo!" she let out another sneeze, a bigger one this time. If her sneezes were already getting bigger, she knew she was heading towards one hell of a cold. Stella didn't really enjoy her colds, especially not as much as she did other women's, but it was a price she was willing to pay for all the fun she had these past few days. There was also a positive aspect to her cold -if she wasn't contagious already, she will be soon, which meant she would have an opportunity to pass her cold to other women and watch them sneeze with it. Since she already had a cold, she decided she might as well make the most of it and use it to her advantage. She just needed to be careful and not make it too obvious, because even though the thought about other women catching her cold excited her, it wasn't worth losing her job because of it.

"Ha Haaa Tshoo!" Stella sneezed as she was about to enter the clinic.

"Hea Pchioo!" a loud sneeze from inside let her know that Gabriella was already there, clearly still dealing with her big cold.

"Oh good, Stella, you're here" Doctor Buckley said when Stella entered the clinic. The other receptionists were already there, as well as Doctor Ross and the nurses.

"I was just telling everyone that it looks like we're about to have a sharp increase in the number of patients coming in the next few days" said Doctor Buckley. "It's not really unexpected, considering the time of year we're in, and it's also a good thing, but it means that we'll need all hands on deck. That's why Doctor Ross and I have decided to allow Ella and Gabriella to keep working and not force them to take a sick leave. They promised to be careful with their colds, but the rest of you should also be careful. We'll need everyone to do their best and I believe we'll get through these days just fine. The bottom line is - do try not to get sick".

After Doctor Buckley finished talking, she and Doctor Ross went to their offices and the nurses went to their stations.

"Hi Tshoo!" Stella sneezed all over Gabriella on her way to her counter.

"God bless you" said Gabriella. "Dod't tell be you caught a cold already".

"Betweed your cold add Ella's - is it really that surprisig?" asked Stella.

"Do, I guess dot He Hei Pchioo!" sneezed Gabriella.

"Ha Eshoo, Hei Eshoo! *sniffle* The doctors add durses wod't be happy if they fidd out you're also sick" said Ella.

"Well, you heard Doctor Buckley- we deed all hadds od deck" said Stella. "If you two cad work here with a cold, thed I cad Aaa Tshoo! too".

Stella's nose was running frequently as the day went on. She mostly dealt with it by sniffling, but every once in a while she would excuse herself and go to the bathroom to blow her nose. The paper in the bathroom was rough and hurt her nose and she decided to buy soft tissues at the store on her way back home.

"We Eshoo! Oh, I'b sorry" a patient with a big red nose said to Stella later that day. "I have this terrible Wa Eshoo! cold We Sho! You better dot get close to be or you bight Wa Eshoo! catch it" the patient said before letting out an almost ridiculous sounding set of gurgling nose blows.

"I would't worry too buch about it Haa Tshoo!" sneezed Stella. 

"Oh by We Eshoo! I hope it's dot as bad as bide" said the patient.

"It's odly by first day with this cold, so I cad't really tell" said Stella.

"At least I dod't have to worry about gettig you sick Wa Eshoo!" sneezed the patient. "I've beed Waaa Shoo! sdeezig by Wea Sho! head off for two days dow. I dod't kdow how bady people caught by cold, but I'b sure sobe people did".

"Looks like you'll be Aaa Tshoo! seddig bore cliedts our way sood thed" said Stella.

"You cad coudt od that Wa Eshoo, We EshooWa Eshoo!" sneezed the patient.

Stella couldn't help but wonder if that woman even tried to avoid giving her cold to others. It didn't look like she did.

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Very nice part this last one. Plans for deliberate contagion by Stella and careless or possibly deliberate contagion by this patient? Lovely!

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Posted (edited)

Part 9:

When the long day at the clinic was finally over, Stella was left with a leaking nose. She felt tired and wanted to get back home to bed.

"A Tshoo! *sniffle*" Stella's nose reminded her that she needed tissues, badly.

Sniffling, Stella dragged herself to a convenience store on her way home. She remembered the woman who came to the clinic the previous day, the one who talked to Gabriella about her terrible cold. The woman did say she worked at a convenience store and Stella wondered if there was any chance it was the same one she was headed to. If she had to spend some more time away from her warm and comfortable bed, it would at least be fun if she got to see another woman suffering as she did. Alas, the woman Stella thought about was not at the store. Stella figured she might as well buy what she needs and make her way home. Then, she remembered something the woman said the previous day, about her getting sick because of clients sneezing at the store without covering. Since she wasn't at work, this was the perfect opportunity for Stella to spread her cold germs.

"TshooTshooTshooTshooTshoo!" Stella was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of sneezes which, surprisingly, were not her own. The source of the sneezes turned out to be a sniffling woman, who entered the aisle Stella was in a few seconds later.

"Clearly I'm not the only one who came here to buy tissues" Stella thought.

The woman gave a couple of wet sniffles and then launched into another fit of sneezes: "TshooTshooTshooTshooTshooTshoo"!

There seemed to be no buildup to the woman's sneezes and she let them all out completely uncovered. Arms flying uncontrollably by the sides of her body, head bobbing with each sneeze, the woman was in the complete grips of her fit.

"Bless you Haa Tshoo!" Stella told her, sneezing herself.

"Thadks" said the sniffling woman. "I caught a dasty cold add I rad out of tissues".

"Tell be about it" said Stella. "I've beed blowig by dose with rough toilet paper all day".

"Ugh, it's the worst!" said the woman. "If you dod't bidd - I wadt to buy sobe tissues add get back hobe to bed".

"Be too" Stella said, but she let the woman pass her, get a few boxes of tissues and make her way to the cashier stations.

"TshooTshooTshooTshooTshooTshooTshooTshoo!" Stella saw the woman spraying a cashier as she was paying for the tissues. The young cashier stood there helplessly as the woman drenched her with her fit.

"Poor girl doesn't stand a chance against a fit like that" Stella thought. She realized that the "part" of the person infecting people at the store was already taken by the sniffling woman who was leaving the store as Stella approached the young cashier.

"I wish people were more careful with their sneezes, especially during cold season" said the cashier.

All Stella could do was smile and say: "I hope you dod't catch what she has".

"Yeah, I hope so too" said the cashier. She didn't seem to notice the congestion in Stella's voice.

"A Tshoo, E Tshoo!" Stella sneezed on her way home. She barely had time to catch her breath before she sneezed again: "Hea Tshoo"!

The dark and cold streets were empty. Stella wished there were some women around to get hit by the spray of her uncovered sneezes, but what she wanted most of all was to get back home and give her runny nose a good blow with the tissues she had just bought. Thinking back about the woman at the store, Stella wondered if she was intentionally trying to get people sick or just powerless against her sneezing fits.

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This is amaziiiiing.

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Part 10:

"He Eshoo, Ha Ashoo, E Shoo"! Stella walked into the clinic the next morning to the sight of Ella sneezing.

"Bless E Tshoo! you" said Stella.

"Thadk you" said Ella ."By cold is so bad I'b sdeezig triplets dow".

"Hea Pchioo! Dod't talk too buch about sdeezig or by dose will wadt to joid the party" said Gabriella.

"Well *sniffle* it will be hard dot to talk about sdeezig if the three of us have Haa Tshoo! colds" said Stella.

"Let's hope it'll just be the three of you" said Bella. "I do not want to catch this".

"Deither did we, but what cad you do Haaa Pchioo!" sneezed Gabriella.

"Why don't you start by covering your sneezes?" Isabella suggested.

"I'b tryig" Gabriella said and sniffled. "It's just that they keep sdeakig up od be".

"A Shoo, Ha E Shoo, Ha Ashoo! Ugh, I'b so tired of sdeezig" said Ella.

"Which is exactly why I don't want to catch your cold" said Bella.

"Do you really thidk you cad avoid it?" asked Stella.

"I know I can" said Isabella "as long as you all cover your sneezes".

"You're forgettig about the patiedts" said Stella. "Bady of theb will probably cobe id here with cold of their owd. It's a bad place to be id if you dod't wadt to get Haa Tshoo, E Tshoo! sdeezed od *sniffle* especially this tibe of year".

"Hoa Pchoo!" as if to prove Stella right, one of the first patients Isabella attended to that day was a woman with a bad cold. Her big nose was red and her sneezes were loud and wet. Stella was sure Isabella would've preferred to be attending to someone else, but she was out of luck.

"Hu Pchoo!" the woman sneezed into her hand, but her sneeze was only partially covered.

"I'b a bess today" the woman said after giving her nose a long gurgling blow into a tissue. "I've beed Ho He Ep Choo! excuse be, sdeezig by head off sidce yesterday".

"Looks like a bad cold" said Isabella, clearly trying to speed things up.

"Ho Epchoo! I just hope it's dothig bore serious thad that" said the woman. "I have to get back to work sood".

"You should probably stay home if you're sick" Isabella told her, not resisting the urge to try and educate her.

"I'd love to, but I cad't afford to biss work right dow Hu Upchoo!" sneezed the woman.

Isabella sent the woman to see Nurse Jenkins. A little while later, Stella heard the nurse talking to Doctor Ross about that woman.

"I can't believe this woman is going back to work with a cold that big" said Nurse Jenkins.

"As long as she feels like she can work it's not your place to tell her otherwise" said Doctor Ross.

"But what if she gets other people sick?" asked Nurse Jenkins.

"Then that is her fault, but not your problem" said Doctor Ross.

Stella was somewhat surprised, not to mention disappointed, to see that as the day went one Isabella seemed unaffected by all the germs and sneezes around her. However, it seemed that Bella had finally started to succumb to the cold going around. She was sniffling and showing signs of being congested since lunchtime and late that afternoon Stella finally got to see her sneeze.

"Ha Ap Choo, Aap Choo! Bella let out a nice juicy double.

"Ugh! I hope I'b dot catchig a cold" she said. "I thidk I'll go hobe add take a dice warb bath Hip Choo, Ap Choo"!

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This is fantastic writing. I really love the way you spell out the sneezes and how it effects how they talk. I could never get that down when writing myself.

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On 6/28/2020 at 1:42 PM, SneezeManDE said:

This is fantastic writing. I really love the way you spell out the sneezes and how it effects how they talk. I could never get that down when writing myself.

Thanks! Maybe try writing more. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Part 11:

The moment Stella arrived at the clinic the following day she knew she was in for a treat. Ella and Gabriella were still suffering from raging colds and on top of that it seemed that Bella's attempts of nipping her cold in the bud failed miserably.

"Hap Choo, Ap Choo, Hiap Choo! Ugh, I hate this stupid cold! It's kickig by butt add I odly have it for less thad a day" Bella complained to whomever was listening, which at that early stage of the morning was the other receptionists and especially Stella.

"Just ibagide how Stella, Gabriella add I feel He Eshoo, Ha Ashoo, E Shoo!" sneezed Ella.

"I'b dot sayig I'b the odly one who suffer, but I bead - look at be" said Bella. "It took you a while before you were sdeezig as buch as you do dow add I'b He Ap Choo, Ip Choo, Haaap Choo! sdeezig triplets already".

"Hie Pchioo! Well *sniff* by sdeezes are so big that I thidk ode of theb is like three regular odes" Gabriella said before giving her nose a gurgling blow. Stella almost had to pinch herself to make sure that this conversation was really happening.

"Aap Choo, Hep Choo, He Hi Hap Choo! How od earth ab I supposed to work whed I cad't stop sdeezig?" Bella wondered in a whiny voice before blowing her nose.

"You'll just have to A Tshoo, He Tshoo! deal with it, like the rest of us" said Stella.

"Uuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!! I feel like I'b dyig Hip Choo, Hiep Choo, Aaap Choo!" sneezed Bella.

"Keep your distance" said Isabella. "Just because the four of you have caught a cold doesn't mean I have to".

Bella and the other sick receptionists did their best to keep their germs away from Isabella. Even Stella was careful - as much as she wanted to see Isabella defeated by the cold that plagued the clinic, she didn't want to risk being the one who takes the blame for infecting the only receptionist who was still healthy. It didn't bother her too much though. After all - working alongside four sick women was a sure way to end up with a cold. Fortunately for her, and very much unfortunately for Isabella, later that morning two women with red streaming noses approached the latter's counter.

"Hu Pchoo! Ugh!" one of the women sneezed and groaned. "I'b sorry" she said. "By friedd add I have Hu Ip Choo! biserable colds".

"Yeah *sniff* we work id a dider add so bady of the cliedts are Hui Tshoo, I Tshoo! sdeezig these days" said her friend.

"If you're looking for a note from the doctor you came to the right place" said Isabella. "You definitely shouldn't be serving food with those colds of yours".

"Oh, I wi..... I Tshoo, Hi Tshoo, Hui I Tshoo! wish" said one of the women.

"You should tell that to our boss Hu Ep Choo!" sneezed the other. "He wadts us to get ad 'all clear' frob a doctor so that we could keep *sniff* workig".

"That's very irresponsible of him" said Isabella.

"Tell be Hup Choo! about it" said the woman.

"Sadly *sniff* we cad't afford to lose this job Hei Tshoo, I Tshoo, Hu I Tshoo!" sneezed her friend.

"The other receptionists here might sympathize with you" said Isabella. "They all have colds but they're still working".

After the two women filled the clinic with the sounds of gurgling, honking nose blows, Isabella sent them to see Doctor Ross, knowing that if there was any doctor who would agree to send two women so visibly sick back to work it would be her.

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Part 12:

"Ho Eshoo!" Stella raised her head from a pile of paperwork she was looking at the next morning. She assumed that the sound of a booming sneeze signaled the arrival of a patient suffering from a cold and she looked forward to see who that was. However, the woman who walked in was no other than Doctor Ross.

"Good bordig girls" the doctor said through a stuffed up nose and then, without another word, went straight to her office.

"Looks like Doctor Ross caught a cold as well Haa Pchioo!" sneezed Gabriella.

"Do you thidk she Ashoo, Eshoo, Ha Eshoo! caught it frob ode of us?" asked Ella.

"It's possible" said Isabella. "Then again - I did send two patients with bad colds her way yesterday and we've bean dealing with patients with colds for days, so she could've caught it from a patient".

"Baybe she caught it sobewhere outside the clidic" Stella suggested.

"That doesn't seem likely" said Isabella.

"Do A Tshoo, Ha He Tshoo! I guess dot" said Stella.

"Bella's late again" said Isabella. "Do you think she took a sick day? She was constantly complaining about her cold yesterday".

"Aap Choo, Hep Choo, Heip Choo!" as if to answer Isabella's question, Bella walked through the door with her trademark triple sneeze.

"Good bordig, Bella. How is your Heai Pchioo! cold today?" asked Gabriella.

"Horrible" Bella replied before giving her nose a wet blow. "I kept Hip Choo, Ep Choo, Haap Choo! sdeezig all dight lodg add got albost do sleep".

"Soudds E Shoo, Hei Shoo, He Ishoo! awful" said Ella.

"Oh you have do idea" said Bella.

"Well... she does have Hai Pchioo! sobe idea" said Gabriella. "Bost of us do".

"I don't, and I'd like it to stay that way" said Isabella.

"Aa Tshoo, Ha A Tshoo, E Tshoo!" sneezed Stella. "Well good luck with that" she said to Isabella.

"How many time do I have to tell you? It's not a matter of luck" said Isabella. "Just cover your sneezes and my immunity system can take care of the rest.

"Hello girls, good morning" Nurse Hathaway greeted them as she walked in.

"I've had better bordigs" Bella said before blowing her nose again.

"So your cold isn't getting any better, huh Bella? I guess I better check you all quickly before we start taking in clients, just to see you're all capable of working today" said Nurse Hathaway. "If it's just colds you have then we can manage, but if one of you has something worse we need to know about it now".

"You can skip me, since I'm not sick" said Isabella.

"Then keep it that way" said Nurse Hathaway. "Now - let's see about the rest of you".

None of the sick receptionists had any signs of fever, which was good news. All four of them had a sniffly runny nose and were sneezing. Ella and Gabriella also had a bit of a cough, which was a little worse for Gabriella than it was for Ella. Nurse Hathaway didn't seem too worried about their coughs though, as long as they were covered.

"A Tshoo, He Tshoo!" Stella sneezed as Nurse Hathaway came to check her. She covered her nose and mouth with her hands, but kept little gaps between her fingers, hoping that some of the spray would hit the nurse and help her catch her cold.

"Careful there" said Nurse Hathaway. "It's always better to cover your sneezes with a tissue".

"I'll keep that id bidd" said Stella. Indeed, she then took a tissue right away, but it was only to blow her nose wetly into it.

"The four of you have pretty serious colds, so just make sure not to sneeze or cough on anyone" said Nurse Hathaway.

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I'm still not done with the clinic, but I do want to start setting other stories in motion. You should note that different stories don't necessarily happen at the same time. 

Part 13:

"Ha Ashoo!" Lexi wasn't rally surprised when she let out a wet sneeze that morning. She had been sniffling for most of the previous day after being sneezed on by a clearly sick customer the night before that, at the convenience store where she worked.

"I don't like the sound of that sneeze" her girlfriend said. "You had a runny nose yesterday and now this? I think you're catching a cold".

"I'b pretty sure you're right" said Lexi, congestion already present in her voice. "Lots of people have beed sdeezig all over the store lately. This wobad whob I served about two days ago sdeezed right od be ad she was clearly sick".

"Then maybe you shouldn't go to work today?" her girlfriend suggested. "Take a sick day".

"cad't" said Lexi. "Ode of the other cashiers is already hobe sick add adother ode is gettig Hu Ashoo! sick too. We're godda *sniffle* deed ady workig hadds we cad get".


"Ha TshiShoo! Oh gosh, Ella, I thidk I'b gettig your cold" Sasha informed her sick roommate that morning. Ella had been sick and sneezing for days. Every night, when she got back to the apartment from the clinic where she worked, she would tell Sasha about how other receptionists were also sick or how she saw a client with a bad cold. Sasha has been sympathetic, but she really hoped not to catch a cold as well. It seemed that she was out of luck.

"I'b He Ishoo, Eshoo, Ha Eshoo! sorry, Sasha" said Ella. "I did't "*sniffle* bead to get you sick".

"I kdow you did't" said Sasha. "I guess it was pretty idevitable whed I'b sharig ad apartbedt with sobeode who's sick. Still, I hoped I could Hip Tshoo! avoid catchig it".

"So what will you *cough* do A Eshoo, Ashoo, Hei Shoo! dow?" asked Ella.

"Probably *sniffle* stay hobe id by pajabas add listed to PtishooHa It Shoo! busic" Sasha replied.

"I'b a so jealous of you" said Ella. "I wish I could stay hobe id bed".

"Ode of the perks of beig able to work frob hobe" Sasha said before blowing her nose.

"You dod't have to *cough* rub it id" said Ella.

"Sidce you gave be your cold - I thidk I've earded the right" said Sasha.


"Hu Eshoo!" Giana, Lexi's fellow cashier, sneezed into a used tissue, destroying it completely. The two of them have been working in the store between constant sniffles and sneezes, both from them and the customers.

"Bless you *sniffle* Giada*" said Lexi.

"Tahdks" said Giana. She took a fresh tissue and gave her nose a gurgling blow. This cold is dasty. I just cad't seeb to shake it".

I kdow how you feel He Ashoo!" sneezed Lexi.

"*sniffle* Bless you" said Giana. "I'b dot surprised you Ha Eshoo, Hue Ashoo! caught a cold as well".

"It did't Ha Ashoo! surprise be either" said Lexi. "By girlfriedd said I should take a *sniffle* sick day".

"Girl, if ady of us could take a sick day right dow you cad be dabd sure we both would've beed hobe id bed idstead of here Hua Eshoo!" sneezed Giana.


P.S.: I know I've written a drabble about a couple named Ella and Sasha in the past, but that's not them. They're not a couple, just roommates. It's just that when I started writing about Ella's roommate she really felt like a Sasha to me, so I stuck with that name.

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Still enjoying this!

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So much contagion and hinting at possible future contagion, very nice. I particularly liked Stella's sneaky attempt to get the nurse sick.

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Part 14:

Ella arrived at the clinic just a little later than her fellow receptionists. Aside from Isabella, who somehow still looked as if she had managed to stay healthy, all the receptionists had at least two boxes of tissues on their counter, since they constantly needed to blow their overflowing noses.

"Ha Eshoo, He Ishoo, Ha A Shoo! Ugh! I cad't believe by cold isd't gettig ady better" said Ella.

"Bides is odly Heip Choo, Ip Choo, Aaap Choo! gettig worse" said Bella.

"I'b afraid bide is *cough cough* gettig worse as well Hai Pchiooooo!" sneezed Gabriella.

"As if thigs ared't bad edough, by roobbate caught by cold as well" said Ella.

"Well, I guess it was kidda A Tshoo, Hea Tshoo! predictable" said Stella.

"Because she's *cough* sharig ad apartbedt with sick be? Yeah, that's basically what she said as well" said Ella.

"Ho Eshoo!" all five receptionists turned towards the entrance to the clinic, where a loud sneeze announced the arrival of Doctor Ross.

"Bless you *sniffle* Doctor Ross" said Stella. "How's your cold today"?

"Cold? Oh do, I dod't have a cold. It's just the weather outside that's gotted idto by dose, that's all" said Doctor Ross. "It's dice of you to be worried about be though, Stella. You're a sweet girl, but you're the ode who has a cold add you should be bore worried about that".

Doctor Ross wished them all a good day and went to her office. A little while later, they heard the sound of "Hua Eshoo, Ho Ashoo!" coming from said office.

"I cad't believe she's dedyig her cold whed she sdeezes like that Hap Choo, Ep Choo, Hip Choo!" said Bella, sneezing herself.

"It's not really that surprising actually" said Isabella. "You know her about as long as I do and you know how stubborn she can be".

"Cobe to thidk about it *sniffle* you're right" Bella said before blowing her nose.


"Ha Ha Psthoo, Hai TshiShoo, Ha Pti Shoo! Oh by dose" called Sasha. She spent the morning in bed but her cold just kept getting worse.

"*sniffle* I better go *sniffle* fidd sobe bore *sniffle* tissues" she said holding the back of her hand against her runny nose.

"Oh do! Ella has used albost all of the tissues!" Sasha called while sniffling furiously. She always had a habit of talking to herself when she was home alone and now that she was sick she did so even more, since she had no one else around to complain to.

"Hhi TshiShoo! Ugh, I better go to the store add buy sobe bore tissues" she said.

"Hhhh... oh Hhhhh.... do, here I go Hhhhh agaid Heai Ptshoo!" she sneezed, not bothering to cover her nose since Ella and her were already sick.

"This cold is *sniffle* terrible Ha TshiShoo!" Sasha sneezed again.


"Hua Ashoo, Ha Ashoo!" Lexi's cold was getting worse. Today she was running the store by herself, since Giana somehow managed to get a sick day.

"I wish I was back hobe right dow, like Giada is" she told herself quietly and sniffled. Fortunately for her, the weren't many clients at the store that day.

"Hu Ptishoo!" Lexi looked up from her used tissue and saw a young woman sneezing into her hand. She was about to pay for a few tissues boxes, which she clearly needed, as well as some other sick day supplies.

"Bless you" Lexi told her. "That cold goig aroudd got you as well"?

"Oh yeah" the young woman (who was, in fact, Sasha) said and sniffled. "By roobbate had this cold for a few days add dow I caught it frob her".

"Ha Shoo! Oh, excuse be" said Lexi. "I'b dot sure who I caught bide frob. So bady people cobe to the store with a cold these days".

"Ha Ha TshiShoo! Well *sniffle* at least I kdow I wod't get you sick" said Sasha.

"I just hope do ode catches this cold frob be Hua Eshoo!" sneezed Lexi.

Sasha headed back home with her tissue boxes. Lexi wished she could've done the same.

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Part 15:

Around noon things calmed down a bit and the receptionists had time to do some much needed paperwork. Bella and Gabriella had huge piles of paperwork to go over and piles of used tissues almost just as high.

"Hei Pchiooooooo!" Gabriella was about halfway done when she unleashed a huge sneeze, which sent papers flying everywhere.

"Watch it!" called Bella. "You blew sobe of by papers away as well. Dow I'b godda have to Pchoo, Hei Pchoo, He Pchoo! started theb over".

"I did't do it od purpose" said Gabriella. "Besides, I'b also godda have to start a lot of by papers over agaid".

"This cold of yours is getting absurd" Isabella told them. She stayed away from the other receptionists as much as she could, not wanting to catch their cold.

Stella managed to finish her paperwork rather quickly, so while Gabriella and Bella were still busy with theirs she had time to talk to Ella.

"So do you thidk your roobbate's cold is godda get as bad as yours?" asked Stella.

"Ha Ishoo, Ha Shoo, Ha Eshoo! I hope dot *sniffle* for her sake" Ella replied. "Do you have ady roobbates"?

"Do *sniffle* I live alode. Do ode waitig back hobe to catch by cold Haa Tshoo, He He Tshoo!" sneezed Stella.

"You're lucky you wod't have to feel guilty about *cough* gettig sobeode who lives with you sick" said Ella.

"Oh Yeah Hea Tshoo! I feel so very lucky right dow" Stella said sarcastically. Ella thought that Stella was just upset about being sick. Of course, the truth was that what really bothered Stella was that she wished she had such an easy way to give someone her cold.

"Ho Eshoo!" the sound of a loud sneeze came from Doctor Ross' office. She didn't sneeze frequently, but when she did the receptionists could almost feel the walls of the clinic shaking with the sheer force of each sneeze.

"Do you thidk Doctor Ross is ever goig to adbit that she's sick?" asked Ella.

"It'll be really weird if she does't, sidce it's so obvious that she is" Stella replied.

"Ha Ishoo!" Stella and Ella both turned their heads to the sound of an unfamiliar sneeze, followed by a wet sniffle.

"Is it just be or that sdeeze cabe frob the durses' stationd?" asked Stella.

"I thidk you're *cough* right" Ella replied.

Stella didn't get a chance to see any of the nurses for some time, until she had a chance to send a patient their way. It was a young woman with her nose buried in a tissue - Stella's favorite kind of patients.

"He Eshoo! Ugh, I hate this tibe of year He Ashoo!" sneezed the patient. "It's like the bobedt it starts gettig cold I Eshoo! catch a cold".

"He A Tshoo! It's goig aroudd" said Stella.

"Yeah do He Shoo! kiddig" said the patient.

Stella sent the sniffling woman to see the nurses. When the woman left the clinic she was still holding a tissue to her nose.

"That woman you saw earlier had one heck of a runny nose, didn't she?" Stella heard Nurse Jenkins ask Nurse Hathaway a little while later.

"Yes she *sniffle* did" Nurse Hathaway replied and then sneezed: "Hi Ishoo"!

"Looks like you might be catching what she has" said Nurse Jenkins.

"I'b probably catchig what the Ishoo! girls at the receptiod have" Nurse Hathaway said and sniffled. "I've beed *sniffle* sdifflig sidce this bordig".

"Oh I noticed" said Nurse Jenkins. "Just try not to sneeze my way, alright"?

"I'll Ha I Shoo!" do by best" said Nurse Hathaway.

Stella then knew exactly what was the source of the sneeze she and Ella heard earlier.

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Part 16:

"Alright girls - I'm heading home a little early today, but I'm trusting you to hold the fort" Doctor Buckley announced that afternoon.

"Dod't worry, I cad Hu Eshoo! stay a little lodger if I have to" said Doctor Ross.

"Janet! You sound terrible dear! With all those sneezes around I didn't notice some of them were yours" said Doctor Buckley.

"It's dothig to Ho Eshoo! worry about, Elizabeth" said Doctor Ross. "By dose is just *sniffle* actig up a little bit today".

"Oh don't you start. This is last year all over again" said Doctor Buckley.

"What do you bead? Hoa Ashoo!" sneezed Doctor Ross.

"Last year you had a terrible cold that you insisted you didn't have and eventually you gave it to me" said Doctor Buckley.

"Ho Eshoo! Well *sniffle* I defiditely dod't have a cold dow" said Doctor Ross.

"You are unbelievable Janet" said Doctor Buckley. "I'm going home and you should too".


Doctor Ross didn't listen to her colleague and continued to work, occasionally letting out a booming sneeze or a gurgling nose blow. The sniffling Nurse Hathaway left the clinic shortly after Doctor Buckley did. Nurse Jenkins told her to take care of her cold and left the clinic herself when it was dark, shortly after Doctor Ross finally went home. Stella and Bella were the last ones to leave, since they were  on closing duty that day.

"Haap Choo, He Hep Choo, Ip Choo! Ugh! What a terrible day to be od closig duty" Bella complained.

"It's dot like it's super fud ady other day Ha Ha Tshoo!" sneezed Stella.

"Yeah *sniffle* but with this terrible cold it's eved Hap choo, Hip Choo, He Ep Choo! worse" Bella said before blowing her nose.

"Just help be out here so we cad both go He Tshoo! hobe" said Stella.

"Whatever gets be *sniffle* back hobe id bed sooder" said Bella.


Lexi sniffled, knowing that she would have to blow her nose soon. She hated the fact that she had to work with a cold. Fortunately, it was almost time for her to go home. She didn't have to deal with a lot of customers that day, but some of them gave her dirty looks if they noticed her cold. If she had to sneeze or blow her nose it was worse, but with her boss refusing to let her take a sick day there was really nothing she could do.

"He Khoo!" Lexi snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of a sneeze, which came from what looked like the last customer of the day. It was a woman who had to bring her hand to her face to keep her glasses from falling off her nose from the force of the sneeze. The edges of that nose, Lexi noticed, were tainted red.

"Good evedig *sniffle*. How bay I help you?" asked Lexi.

"Oh I just cabe here to by this spray for by E Khoo! dose" the woman replied.

"Bless you" Lexi told her. "You're lucky - this is ode of the last bottles we have *sniffle* left".

"I bust adbit I dod't *cough cough* feel very lucky, dot with this cold I have He A Khoo, Hie Khoo, Ha EKhoo! Ohhhhh!" the woman sneeze and groaned.

Lexi thought about telling her that she was in a similar state, but the woman was busy blowing her nose and looked like all she wanted was to pay and leave. Sympathizing with this state of mind, Lexi let her do just that.

"Ha Ashoo! Ew! Gross!" Lexi called when she sneezed all over her counter after the woman left.

"Great *sniffle*. Dow I'b godda have to He Ashoo, Hua Eshoo! clead the coudter before I cad go hobe".


"Ha TsheShoo, Ptishoo!" the sound of Sasha sneezing welcomed Ella to the apartment that evening.

"Bless He Ishoo! you He E Shoo, A Shoo!" Ella called while almost falling off her feet from her own sneezes.

"Hey Ella" Sasha came down to greet her roommate, her nose showing clear signs of her worsening cold. "How was Ha TshiShoo! work today"?

"It would've beed buch better if I did't have this Ha Eshoo, Hie Eshoo, Ha Shoo! awful cold" Ella replied.

"Well *sniffle* the good dews is that I bought us sobe bore ti.... Pti Shoo! tissues" said Sasha.

"That's *cough* good, because we're defiditely goig to *sniffle* deed theb" said Ella.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I haved't beed able to stop blowig by dose sidce this bordig Ha Tshoo, Ha TshiShoo, Aaa Tshoo!" sneezed Sasha.

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