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Part 34:

"Haa Tshi!" Lin just couldn't catch a break from sneezing.

"You're sick" Alyssa told her. Alyssa was the relatively latest addition to the lingerie store's staff. She wasn't exactly "the new girl", because she's been working at the store for some time, but Lara, Lin and Donna all worked there longer than her.

"It's just sobethig id by dose *sniffle* that's all" said Lin.

"Yeah, right. You've been sneezing since yesterday" said Alyssa.

"HurrrrrShoosh, Hu ReShoo!" bellowed Donna.

"And whatever you have you clearly passed on to Donna" Alyssa continued.

"I have do idea what you're talkig about" said Donna. "I dever get Hurrrr Shoooo! sick. You kdow that".

"You keep saying that every year" said Alyssa. "Do you really think any of use believe that? I doubt you believe that yourself".

"Ha Ha Tshi, Ei Tshi!" sneezed Lin. "So what's your *sniffle* poidt"?

"Her point is that you're both disgusting" said Lara.

"Could you all just shut op for five bidutes? You're givig be a headache" Lin said, rubbing her temples.

"Ha Ri Shoosh!" sneezed Donna.

"Especially you, Dodda" said Lin.

"Thed why dod't you go sobewhere else, away frob us He Reshoo! healthy people?" asked Donna.

"Oh you've got to be A Tshi! kiddig be" said Lin.

"You two won't admit you're sick, but I'm sure pretty soon you'll have proof" said Alyssa.

"What's He Tshi! that supposed to bead" asked Lin.

"It means I'll probably catch your stupid cold" Alyssa replied. "I never seem to escape germs going around in this place".

"Well I do, and I intend to keep doing it" said Lara. "So you both better keep your nasty germs away from me".

"Hearrrsh Shoosh! I'b dot worried about gerbs *sniffle* I dever get sick" said Donna. The other three girls all rolled their eyes.


Their miserable colds forced Elizabeth and Marylin to stay bedridden for the foreseeable future.

"He He Tshoooo! *cough cough* Oh by. I've seed people with bad cases of the flu who looked better thad I feel with this cold" said Elizabeth.

"Poor dear. I wish there was bore I could do to bake you feel better He Tsha!" sneezed Marylin.

"Dod't waste tibe add edergy worrying about be, Barylid" said Elizabeth. "I'll feel better if you dod't edd up as bad as be Hea Tshoooo"!

"As bad as I Ha E Tsha! feel right dow *sniffle* I'b still dot sure that's Ha Ha Tsha! possible" said Marylin.

"Oh you'd be He Heash Tshoooooo! surprised, dear" Elizabeth said before bursting into a fit of coughing.

"I'll adbit - I've dever seed you Hea Tsha! sdeeze like that before" Marylin said before blowing her nose.

"I kdow *cough cough*. I'b such a Ha E Tshoo! bess" said Elizabeth. She then blew her nose as well.

"At least we're Ha He Tsha! id this bess together" said Marylin.


"Hai Shoo!" sneezed Katie. It was late in the afternoon and she has been a sniffling and sneezing throughout the day.

"Bless you" Alexandra told her. She has been nothing but nice to Katie and did her best to bless her each time she sneezed, which was a lot. Still, Katie couldn't help but feel that Alexandra would've much preferred to work alongside someone who wasn't so obviously sick and contagious. Not that Katie could blame her.

"Thadks" Katie said and sniffled.

"I don't think we have much left to do today" said Alexandra.

"That's *sniffle* good" said Katie. Her nose then demanded blowing, which she did.

"You know what - Why don't you go home?" Alexandra suggested. "I can finish the rest on my own and you're clearly not feeling well".

"Really? That's Hei Shoo, Ha Ishoo! so dice of you" said Katie.

"Sure, no problem" said Alexandra. "And bless you".

"Thadk you" said Katie. "I'b so lucky to have sobeode like you to show be aroudd".

"Don't mention it" said Alexandra.

Katie blew her nose again. She was glad that she could finally go home to the warmth and comfort of her bed, but then she remembered there was one last thing she needed to do before leaving. Sniffling, she went to Priscilla's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in" said Priscilla. "Ah, Katie" she said when the young woman entered. "I take it you'll be going home soon"?

"Yes, Priscilla Ai Shoo!" sneezed Katie.

"Here - help yourself" Priscilla said, gesturing towards a box of tissues on her desk. "They're the expensive kind, extra soft".

"Oh *sniffle sniffle* thadk you" said Katie. She took a tissue from the box and gave her nose a wet blow.

"Anytime" said Priscilla. "Now, have a sit and tell me about your day".

"Well..... ubbbbb...... there's dot too buch to tell" said Katie. "I've beed workig dext to Alexaddra for bost of the day, like you told be".

"Very well" said Priscilla. "What about your cold"?

"It's Haei Ishoo! gettig worse I'b afraid" said Katie.

"You've been sneezing a lot then?" asked Priscilla.

"Ye..... Hei Shoo, Hi Ishoo! yes" Katie replied. "Cad I Ishoo! excuse be *sniffle* cad I please have adother tissue"?

"Of course dear. Take as many as you want" said Priscilla.

"Tha... Hi Shoo! thadk you so buch" Katie said before taking another tissue and blowing her nose.

"Were you sneezing this much the entire day?" asked Priscilla.

"Dot all the tibe" replied Katie. "Sobetibes it's worse, like dow. I try to cover theb as best as I cad".

"But you don't always manage to cover them now do you? Don't worry - it's all normal" said Priscilla.

"I really hope I dod't get adyode Hai Ishoo! sick, especially dot Alexaddra. She's beed dothig but dice to be" said Katie.

"Whatever happens - we'll learn from it" said Priscilla. "I'm pleased to hear you and Alexandra get along well. She's a fine young woman who has a bright future ahead of her. There's much you can learn from her and if you do - I'm sure your own future will be promising as well".

"I'b glad you thidk that way" said Katie.

"Alright, that's enough for one day" said Priscilla. "Go home and rest. Tomorrow you'll continue to work alongside Alexandra".

Katie nodded and left the office. She was relieved that she could finally go home.

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Part 35:

Shelly sat by her desk and blew her nose. It didn't do much good, for her nose just kept filling up the moment she finished blowing it. She was in her office, though to call this room an office seemed like some kind of a joke to her. Shelly had seen supply closets bigger than her so called "office".

"Owwwww......" she groaned. Her head was really starting to hurt, mostly due to the pressure in her sinuses. Sitting in her office with the potential of a student walking in was alright most of the time, but with her bad cold and her growing headache the last thing she wanted was to see other people.

Shelly rubbed her aching temples when she heard a soft knock on her door. The door was partially open, but it was the polite thing to do to knock all the same and Shelly appreciated it. She sniffled and braced herself.

"Cobe id" she said. The sound of her own voice made her shudder from the inside. She couldn't imagine someone entering the office after hearing how congested she was, but a girl named Serenity, one of the students in Professor Hopkins' class, walked in and sat in front of her.

"Is this a good time? I hope I'm not bothering you" said Serenity.

"Dot at all. That's what by office hours are for" said Shelly.

"Are you feeling alright? If you don't mind me saying - you don't sound so good" said Serenity.

"I'b a little udder the weather *sniffle* but I'll do what I cad to help you" said Shelly.

"I appreciate that" said Serenity. "Honestly, I'm a little nervous about the test".

"Have you beed goig to *sniffle* all classes this sebester?" asked Shelly.

"Yes, every single one" Serenity replied.

"Add do you feel like you kdow the baterial? HeAtsh Choo! Excuse be" Shelly said before blowing her nose.

"Bless you" said Serenity. "I think I understand everything pretty well, but I'm just not sure if that'll be enough for the test".

"That should be edough" said Shelly.

Serenity still looked worried.

"Are you afraid you're godda have a blackout durig the test?" asked Shelly.

"I really hope not" said Serenity. "This my first semester in university, so I don't really know what to expect".

"It's perfectly datural to be worried" Shelly said before clearing her throat and giving her nose a quick blow.

"What do you recommend me to do?" asked Serenity.

"Try dot to overwork yourself while gettig ready for the test. It's ibportadt to have baladce add you deed to rest whed you cad. That way, you'll be bore relaxed durig the test Ha Eish TshChoohooo!" Shelly let out a huge sneeze which she only partially managed to cover with her hands.

"Bless you again" Serenity said, sounding somewhat alarmed.

"Thadk you" said Shelly. You dod't seeb to be reassured by what I said".

"Oh no, it's not that" said Serenity. "What you said helped a lot, it's just that your sneeze startled me a little. I've never seen anyone sneeze like that".

"I'b sorry" Shelly said, feeling terribly embarrassed.

"No don't be. It's not your fault. I shouldn't have said that" said Serenity. "Thanks for all your help. I'll try to do what you told me" she said before she got up from the chair and left the office. Shelly used this opportunity to blow her nose again.

"Hue TshChoo!" she sneezed right after she finished blowing her nose.

"This cold is goig to be the death of be" she grunted quietly to herself.


"Ha Yeshoo, Ye Shoo!" when Katie walked into the apartment she found Brie in the kitchen, sneezing openly.

"You really should cover your bouth or you bight get others sick" Katie told Brie.

"It's you add Isabella who got be Yi Shoo! sick, so dod't lecture be" said Brie. "Besides *sniffle* Jill's the odly ode of us who hasd't caught a cold yet add with three sick roobbates - what chadce do you thidk she has"?

"Ei Shoo, Ha Ishoo! Well *sniffle* I guess you've got a poidt" Katie said before blowing her nose.

"So how was your first day at work?" Brie asked after blowing her own nose.

"It would've beed buch better if I did't have this cold Haei Shoo!" sneezed Katie.

"Hae Shoo, E Shoo, Heshoo, Ha Esh, He HeshShoo!" Isabella then walked into the apartment, sneezing her head off.

"Oh look, Katie - it's the girl who gave her roobbates her cold aga...... agaid He Ye Shoo, Yei Shoo!" sneezed Brie.

"Give be a break *sniffle* Brie *sniffle* I'b sick" Isabella said before she took a tissue and blew her nose wetly into it.

"Add dow I ab too, thadks to you *sniffle* add so is Katie" said Brie.

"I was as careful with by gerbs as ode could be, but whed we're sharig a close space there's odly so buch I could do" said Isabella.

"Did't you say you were godda get over this Ishoo! cold before you get us Ha Ishoo! sick?" asked Katie.

"E Shoo! I tried, I really Heshoo! did, but I just keep Hea Eshoo, He Eshoo, Hesh Shooo! sdeezig" said Isabella.

"Whatever Yie Shoo! I'b goig to bed" said Brie.

"I'll be goig too very sood" Katie said and sniffled. "It's what I've beed waitig for all day lodg".

"Tell be about it" Isabella said before giving her nose another loud and wet set of blows.

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Part 36:

Lin's cold only got worse the following day. She was sneezing, sniffling, congested and always on the verge of a terrible headache, but she came to work nonetheless. Donna's cold also got much worse and her continuing denial did nothing to help. Lara kept scolding Donna and Lin, especially after several customers complained about Donna's huge sneezes, which she kept unleashing everywhere without even trying to cover since she was "dot sick" and therefore "dot codtagious".

"Ha E Tshoo!" oh yes - Alyssa now had a cold as well, just like she said would happen. She was a sniffly mess since she came to work that morning and the sneezes weren't far behind. As it turned out, Alyssa had a nasty habit of leaving her snot-filled tissues everywhere rather than throwing them away.

"Gross!" Lara called as she put her hand on the counter and accidentally touched one of Alyssa's used tissues that was on it. "Alyssa - I swear that if you don't start throwing your disgusting tissues away I will make sure you get fired".

"It's because of Lid add Dodda that I got sick He Tshoo!" sneezed Alyssa. "If you have a probleb *sniffle* take it up to theb".

"Hu Rushoo! Cobe od you guys, stop sayig I'b Herrrrr Shoosh! sick" said Donna.

"Stop sayig you're Haa Tshi! dot sick E Tshi! Dodda" said Lin. "You're dot Ha A Tshi! foolig adyode".

"Whatever, Lid Ha Re Shoosh!" sneezed Donna.

"Cover your big fat mouth, Donna! Half of the customers have been complaining" Lara said angrily.

"So get theb to chadge that stupid Urrrr ShushShoooo! air - spray" said Donna.

"Oh do, you dod't get to use that excuse adybore Ha Tshi!" sneezed Lin. "Dot after I adbitted I'b Heai Tshi! sick".

Without saying another word, Donna went to the back of the store. The sound of loud, gurgling nose blows soon came from there.

"Ha Hae Tshoo! You add your stupid E Tshoo! cold *sniffle* Lid" said Alyssa.

"Well dow it's your cold too Hae Tshi! so Ha Haaaa Tshi! edjoy" said Lin.


"Ishoo, Ha Ishoo, Hai Shoo!" Katie's sneezes were only getting worse.

"Bless you" Alexandra told her in a quiet voice.

"Thadk you" Katie said with a thick sniffle.

It was Katie's second day at work and she continued to work alongside Alexandra, as she was ordered by Priscilla. Even though Katie's cold was pretty distracting, Alexandra kept being nice and polite. She never said anything to Katie about her cold, other than blessing her whenever she sneezed. Katie was grateful to her for that, since she was feeling bad enough as it was. As the day went by, Katie noticed that Alexandra was occasionally sniffling or rubbing her nose with the back of her hand. When Alexandra spoke, Katie could very clearly hear the congestion that was starting to build up in her nose. She felt bad about giving Alexandra her cold.

"Ha Ashoo!" it was around noon when Katie saw Alexandra sneeze for the first time.

"Excuse Eshoo! be" said Alexandra. Katie feared her coworker was about to be sneezing a lot more before too long.

"I'b really sorry I gave you by Hei Ishoo! cold" said Katie.

"Dod't Ha Eshoo! worry about it" said Alexandra.

"Do *sniffle* really - you've beed so dice to be add all you got for it is by cold" said Katie.

"Really *sniffle* It's O.K." said Alexandra.

"Haei Shoo! Do it's dot" said Katie.

"Well there's dot buch we cad Ashoo! do about it He Eshoo! dow" said Alexandra.

Katie and Alexandra worked for the rest of the day, sniffling and sneezing.

"Alexaddra caught by cold" Katie reported to Priscilla at the end of the day.

"Did she now? Well, that's not exactly unexpected" said Priscilla.

"I feel really Haa Ishoo! bad about it" said Katie.

"Now Katie - what did we talk about yesterday? Everything that happens allows me to study the spread of germs amongst my workers" said Priscilla.

"Still *sniffle* I dod't like beig the ode who get others sick" said Katie.

"That's because you're afraid they will be mad at you" said Priscilla. "Just think of it this way - next year, during cold and flu season, we'll be seeing a lot less cases of sick workers and it will all be thanks to what you're doing right now".

"Whed you put it that way - it does soudd better" Katie said before blowing her nose with a tissue from the box on Priscilla desk.

"Exactly" said Priscilla. "Now it's time for you to go home. I understand Alexandra already did"?

"Yes" Katie replied. "I told her she should go hobe as early as she could to take care of her cold".

"Smart thinking, Katie" said Priscilla. "And now it's time for you to do the same".

Pleasant thoughts passed through Priscilla's mind as she watched Katie leave the office.

"Oh my sweet, innocent Katie" she thought. "If you only knew how your precious little cold is going to help me. Don't worry dear - next year I'll make sure we don't go through cold and flu season without at least one bug making its way into this firm".

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Part 37:

"Ohhhhh god *sniffle* what is that doise? Elizabeth asked Marylin. It was evening and the two of them were in bed, obviously.

"It's the door" Marylin replied. "I'll go see who it is He Tsha"!

"Jadet? What are you doig here?" Marylin asked in bewilderment when she opened the door and saw Doctor Ross.

"Ho Eshoo! Oh, hello Barylid" said Janet. "Is Elizabeth hobe"?

"Yes, because she's sick id bed, where you should be as well" replied Marylin. "He A Tsha! Add where I should be too".

"I'b dot sick, Barylid Hu Ashoo!" sneezed Janet. "By dose has just beed botherig be this past few days, that's all".

"Elizabeth told be all about the cold that's beed goig through your clidic, Jadet" said Marylin. "I kdow everyode id there caught it, idcluding you".

"Dod't be Ho Ashoo! ridiculous".

"You're the ode beig ridiculous Ha E Tsha!" sneezed Marylin. "It's obvious that you're sick, so why did you cobe here"?

"Sidce Elizabeth hasd't beed id the clidic id a while *sniffle* I was hopig to go over sobe thidgs with here" said Janet.

"Are you kiddig be?! Elizabeth is id bed with a fever! Of course she hasd't beed id the clidic! I cad't believe you wedt there" said Marylin.

"Sobeode deeds to keep this clidic Hu EshHoo! ruddig" said Janet.

"If you dod't go hobe to bed, the odly thig you'll be ruddig sood is a Hae Tsha! fever, like Elizabeth" said Marylin.

"I take it that's dot a good tibe thed Ho Ashoo, Hua EsheHoo!" sneezed Janet.

"Go hobe, Jadet. Gooddight" said Marylin.

"Heo AshShooshHooooo! *sniffle* Gooddight, Barylid" said Janet.

"He Tshoo, Hea Tshoo, He He Et Shoo!" Marylin went back to the bedroom and found Elizabeth in the midst of a sneezing fit.

"Bless your soul, dear" Marylin said before rushing to her sick wife's side.

"Thadk you" Elizabeth said before bursting into a fit of coughing. "Who was that at the door? Did I hear sobeode He A Tshoo! sdeeze? Was that Jadet"?

"Do, it was odly by owd Ha He Tsha! sdeezes" said Marylin. "It was do ode ibportadt".


"Hu Choo! Oh, excuse be" Shelly said before blowing her nose into a tissue. Her trash bin was overflowing with used tissues and her head was starting to hurt, but she soldiered on through her office hours. Currently, she was assisting a student named Arya. Of all the students in Professor Hopkins' class, there was probably no one who was so obsessed about grades as Arya was. Normally, Shelly appreciated an ambitious student, but right now she just wanted to go home.

"So you were talking about the second part of the test" Arya said as if the person in front of her wasn't a completely sick mess.

"The secodd part of the test will be worth twedty poidts add it will idclude two Haetsh Choo! questiods, each worth ted poidts" said Shelly.

"Could you please tell me more about what those questions might include?" asked Arya.

"You kdow I cad't do that *sniffle* Arya" said Shelly. "I cad't say buch bore about the He Yish Choo! test thad I already did".

"It's just that even if this is the shortest part, I don't want to be too surprised by the questions" Arya said, clearly not reading the room.

"The whole poidt of the questiods is to surprise you" said Shelly.

"I know" said Arya. "But still"

"Haeish ChooHoo! Excuse be agaid" Shelly said and blew her nose.

"Allergies bothering you already?" asked Arya. Shelly had no idea how Arya knew she had allergies. She always made sure to take her medications so she practically never had fits in front of her students. But anyway, that was not the case.

"Do *sniffle* I'b afraid I caught a Hue TshChooHoo! cold" Shelly replied.

"Oh, I see" said Arya. "Well then, I better go and study for the test now. Thank you for your help".

Shelly knew exactly why Arya was in such a hurry to leave all of a sudden. Someone like Arya couldn't afford to be sick during exam period, especially not with a nasty cold like Shelly had. In fact, Shelly knew that if she was in Arya's place she probably would've done the same.

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Part 38:

"Ha Ishoo, Ishoo, Hi Ishoo! Alexaddra *sniffle* could you *sniffle* pass be a tissue please?" asked Katie. Her nose was running and she was miserable.

"Of course Ha Eshoo!" sneezed Alexandra. She wasn't sneezing as much as Katie, but her sneezes were louder.

"Thadk Ishoo! you Ai Shoo! Ugh, we cad't get buch work dode if we're both sick" said Katie.

"You're right, but we'll just have to do the E Shoo! best we cad" said Alexandra.

"Hai Tshoo!" Katie turned her head to the sound of as sneeze that didn't come from her or Alexandra. It was Annabel.

"Bless you Ha Eshoo! Addabel" said Alexandra.

"You're sick too, Alexaddra? Well, that's dot really surprisig Hei Tshoo!" sneezed Annabel.

"Oh do! I'b sorry I got you He Ishoo, Ha I Shoo! sick too, Addabel" said Katie.

"Leave it to Priscilla to let the dew girl work sick" Annabel said and sniffled. "This is how we get half the firb sick every year".

"Is there sobethig we cad He Eshoo! help you with?" asked Alexandra.

"I just cabe here to give Katie her Hei I Tshoo! dew worker forbs to fill" said Annabel.

"Thadk you" said Katie. "I'll get started od theb right away".

"Hoa Ashoo, E Shoo! Excuse be" said Alexandra. "This cold has got be sdeezig like crazy".

"It's the sabe for Hai Tshoo! be" said Annabel. "We should all be hobe idstead of workig sick".

"Priscilla seebs to idsist we keep workig" said Alexandra.

"That's the Hei Tshoo! probelb" said Annabel. "I thidk I'll take a sick day toborrow, whether Priscilla likes it or dot. You two should probably do the sabe".

"Baybe you're right Ha Ha Eshoo!" sneezed Alexandra. "What about you *sniffle* Katie"?

"I dod't kdow" Katie replied. "I'll have to Hi Shoo, I Shoo, Hai Ishoo! talk to Priscilla about it".

"That's dew girl talk, but you do what you thidk is best Ha Ai Tshoo!" sneezed Annabel.


"He Tshoo, E Tshoo, Ha E Tshoo!" Alyssa's cold was quickly becoming just as bad as those of Lin and Donna.

"Hu ORushShooshShooooo!" While Alyssa sometimes tried to cover her sneezes, Donna never did. She would let her monstrous sneezes out loud and free, spraying everything in her path. Customers complaining didn't bother her, since she continued to insist that she wasn't sick.

"Haaa Tshi, Ha Ei Tshi! Lin did her best to cover her sneezes, but she was sneezing so frequently it almost didn't matter.

"Costubers have beed Ha Ersh Shoo! cobplaidig about your sdeezes *sniffle* Lid" said Donna.

"Shut up Dodda Haei Tshi!" sneezed Lin. "You're the ode who's beed sdeezig all over the store".

"You're both He Tshoo! sdeezig all over the place *sniffle* add sidce you got be Ha Etshoo! sick too so ab I" said Alyssa.

"Tshoo, Ha N'Tshe, Hah Tshoo! Lara, who has been unusually quiet that morning, suddenly sneezed. She tried to stifle the second one, but it didn't really work. The other girls turned to look at her.

"Well dow we kdow why you've beed so Hae Tshoo! quiet this bordig, Lara" said Alyssa.

"You're gettig sick, Lara? That's Hurrrr Shoosh! gorss" said Donna.

"It's because of your disgustig sdeezes that I'b gettig sick *sniffle* Dodda" said Lara. "You, Lid add Alyssa gave be your dasty He N'Tshoo! cold".

"I cad't give you a cold because I'b dot sick Ha Ur Shoo!" sneezed Donna. "It bust've beed Lid or Alyssa".

"Ei Tshi, He A Tshi! Stop preteddig you're dot sick *sniffle* Dodda" said Lin.

"Hodestly, I have do idea what you're Hu Rushoo! talkig about" said Donna.

"There is dothig hodest about what you're sayig Hahhh He E Tshoo!" sneezed Alyssa.

"I would've had all three of you fired *sniffle* but I'b dot goig to work alode sick He Tshoo, Ae Tshoo, Hih Tshe!" sneezed Lara.

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What a treat to come back after a busy stretch at work and find so many great new additions here!

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On 10/5/2020 at 7:38 AM, elizachoo said:

What a treat to come back after a busy stretch at work and find so many great new additions here!

I'm really glad you like it 😀 There's more to come 😊

Part 39:

"He Shoo, He Eshoo, Ei Shoo! I'b so jealous of you, Jill. I cad't believe you haved't caught this cold yet" Isabella told her roommate that evening.

"I've been lucky so far" said Jill. "I hope I can stay that way, what with the three of you sneezing all over the place".

"Best dot hold your breath Hae Shoo, Eshoo, Hesh Shoo, Ha Eshoo, He Esh Shoo!" sneezed Isabella. "Od secodd thought *sniffle* baybe you should hold your breath. I wish I could've just stopped breathig whed this cold first started ragig through the clidic add baybe dow I would've beed able to breath through by dose".

"Hai Shoo! Ugh *sniffle* Udfortudately *sniffle* it looks like I'b the ode who brought a cold to work" said Katie.

"So you got other people sick?" Isabella asked after thoroughly blowing her nose.

"Yes, I did Ishoo, Hi Shoo, Ha Ishoo!" sneezed Katie. "I gave by cold to Alexaddra *sniffle* the girl I've beed workig dext to, as well as Addabel frob H.R.".

"Maybe you and Isabella shouldn't have gone to work with your colds" said Jill.

"I wish I could, but by boss idsists I keep cobig to work eved though she kdows I'b He Ishoo! sick" said Katie.

"By the tibe I caught by cold practically everyode else at the clidic were already sick, so it did't really batter" said Isabella.

"At least the two of you seem to be a little more responsible than Brie" said Jill.

"Ye Shoo, He Yei Shoo! Did sobeode say by dabe?" Brie asked when she entered the kitchen.

"Jill was just about to tell us how you're dot beig respodsible about your cold" Isabella replied.

"Though I dod't see how buch dadage you cad do *sniffle* sidce you dod't have to go to work" said Katie.

"But she's planning to go to a party" said Jill. "You should see the dress she's going to wear - she's probably going to end up with pneumonia, not to mention that she's really contagious and will definitely give other people her cold".

"Is that Hai Shoo, Ishoo, Ha I Shoo! true *sniffle* Brie?" asked Katie.

"I dod't see how it's ady of your He Yi Shoo! busidess Yey Shoo! but yes *sniffle* I'b godda He Yeshoo, Yei Shoo! go to the Hi Yishoo! party add I'b goig to Ye Ishoo! wear whatever I wadt Hi Yei Shoo, Ha Yeshoo!" sneezed Brie.

"That's a really bad idea, Brie" said Isabella. "Jill was right - you're dot beig respodsible at all".

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This is probably a good time to say something about the whole lingerie store setting. I know colds in retail have been a recurring theme in stories before. Girls with colds in a lingerie store were even a part of the story which inspired this thread. I said I would acknowledge inspirations from other stories, so there's that. This is probably the reason why I didn't feel the need to spend a lot of time with the characters in the lingerie store, so this is going to be the last we'll see of them (unless I'll have a sudden change of heart).

Part 40:

"Esh Tshoo, Hae N'Tshoo, Heh Tshoo!" Lara has never felt so disgusting in her life. She despised the other girls at the store for being sick and sneezing and now that she was as well she despised herself, which made her an even less pleasant person to be around than she usually was.

"Lid *sniffle* get those shelves ordered right dow!" Lara practically barked at poor Lin.

"Cad you dot shout? By head is killig be He Tshi, Ha A Tshi!" sneezed Lin.

"Why did you eved bother cobig to work today if you're dot Ha Esh Tshoo! bakig yourself useful?" Lara said before blowing her nose.

"Believe be *sniffle* I wish I could've stayed hobe" Lin said quietly to herself, so Lara couldn't hear her over the sound of her own nose blows.

"Hurrsh Shoo!" Donna let out another one of her trademark obnoxious sneezes.

"Cover your bouth, Dodda! Stop sdeezig all over the place!" Lara scolded Donna.

"I cad't help it" said Donna. "Sobethig is always ticklig by He Re Shoosh! dose these days".

"That would the cold you still pretedd you dod't have Ha Etshoo, He E Tshoo!" sneezed Alyssa.

"You're just as bad as Dodda!" Lara snapped at Alyssa. "I keep fidig your He N'Tshoo, Tshoo! disgustig tissues everywhere".

"Thed why dod't you just throw theb away? You dod't have to worry about gettig sick dow" Alyssa told Lara.

"What did you just Hae Tshoo! say to be?" Lara asked furiously.

"You He Tshoo, Ha He Tshoo! heard be" said Alyssa.

"Oh I did" said Lara "add you're goig to regret that". She turned away from Alyssa and went to attend to a customer who entered the store.


"N'Tshoo! Excuse be" Lara told the customer a little while later. She did her best to keep her cold from being obvious, but it wasn't really working.

"Are you sick?" asked the customer.

"Do *sniffle* just a little dust id the air, that's all" said Lara.

"Ha Reshoo!" Donna sneezed so forcefully she almost knocked over the shelf she was working on.

"Must be a really dusty store" said the customer.

"We'll be sure to clead it up" said Lara.

"Why are there used tissues on the shelves?" another customer approached Lara, looking angry. "This is unacceptable"!

"You're He Tshoo! right, of I Tshoo! of course Ha A Tshe!" Lara's nose was acting up at the worst possible time.

"I'll have a word with the manager of the store" said the angry customer. "Someone is going to pay for this".


It was Alyssa who paid the price. Donna was the real health hazard, but the manager was her uncle so there was no chance she would get fired. Alyssa hasn't been working at the store for a long time and she talked back to Lara, which was not something that Lara was about to put up with. The fact that Alyssa had a nasty habit of leaving her used tissues everywhere was the prefect excuse for Lara to get her fired.

"Ha Tshoo!" Alyssa was on her way out of the mall when she ran into Devin, who just left the electronics store sneezing into a tissue.

"Looks like our store is dot the odly ode that has workers with colds" Alyssa told her.

"Do I kdow you?" asked Devin.

"I dod't thidk so" Alyssa replied. "I work at the lidgerie store, or at least I did right udtil just dow Hae Tshoo"!

"So they fired you because you have a cold? Haa Tshoo!" sneezed Devin.

"Everyode id the store has colds right dow *sniffle* I just drew the short straw" said Alyssa.

"I dever really liked the girls id the lidgerie store" said Devin. "Too bad it's you who got fired add dot ode of theb".

"Well *sniffle* at least I wod't have to Ha E Tshoo! see ady of theb agaid" said Alyssa.

"What's you're dabe?" asked Devin.

"Alyssa. What's yours"?

"I'b Aa Tshoo! Devid".

"It's beed a really shitty day for be, Devid" said Alyssa. "I lost by job add I have a terrible cold. What I deed right dow is sobeode who will take care of be".

"Why are you tellig be this?" asked Devin.

"Because I thidk that sobeode should be you" Alyssa replied.

"Add why is that? We've odly just bet add id case you haven't doticed I have a Haaa Tshoo! cold of by owd" said Devin.

"I cad be very He Tshoo! persuasive *sniffle* eved whed I have a bad E Tshoo! cold. I thidk you'll cobe with Ha E Tshoo! be" said Alyssa.

As it turned out - Alyssa was right. She and Devin left the mall together. They went out of this story and into somewhere we can't follow.

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Part 41:

When Katie arrived at work the following morning she did not find Alexandra there. Annabel was also not there and Katie soon found out that the two of them took sick days and stayed home to nurse their colds.

"Haa Ishoo!" Katie's cold was getting worse with each passing day, so she thought it might be a good idea to take a sick day as well. Since she was already at work, she decided to talk to Priscilla about the matter.

"Good morning, Katie. How is your cold today?" Priscilla asked when Katie entered her office.

"He Ishoo, Ei Shoo!" Katie answered the question by sneezing twice.

"I see" said Priscilla. "It's not getting any better then".

"Do *sniffle* it's dot" said Katie. "Id fact *sniffle* that's what I wadted to talk to you about".

"Go on" said Priscilla.

"Alexaddra add Addabel both took sick days add I was wondering if it Ishoo! bight be a good idea for be to do the sabe" said Katie.

"Both Annabel and Alexandra stayed home today? I was not informed of this" said Priscilla. "Of course: it is their right, as is it yours".

"To be hodest *sniffle* I'b feelig terrible" said Katie. "I'b Hi Ishoo! sdeezig add *sniffle* sdifflig add I already got two girls sick so we both kdow I'b codtagious. All I really wadt is to be hobe id Hai Shoo! bed".

"Come closer dear" said Priscilla. "Sit down. Don't be afraid. Take a tissue, you clearly need it".

"Thadk you very buch" Katie said before sitting down and blowing her nose with a tissue from the box on Priscilla's desk.

Priscilla got up from her chair, moved closer to Katie and gently pressed the back of her hand to her forehead.

"I think you might be running a small fever" she said. "Poor dear - you are really sick".

"Ei Ishoo! You probably should't stadd so close to be" said Katie.

"Oh I'm not afraid of your cold, Katie" said Priscilla.

"You should be" Katie thought but said nothing.

"I've seen your work these past few days and I like what I've seen" said Priscilla.

"I'b glad to Hi Shoo! hear that" said Katie.

"Still, I would've liked it if you spent a few more days working alongside Alexandra" said Priscilla. "Since Alexandra is sick at home and since you're clearly not feeling well - maybe it's best that you go home as well and rest until you're feeling better".

"Really? You would't bidd?" asked Katie.

"Don't be silly dear - of course I wouldn't" Priscilla replied.

"Thed I guess I'll be goig hobe dow" said Katie.

"I guess you will" said Priscilla.

"Thadk you for beig so udderstaddig Heai Ishoo!" an unexpected sneeze irrupted from Katie's poor red nose and she had no time to cover it.

"Gesundheit, Katie" said Priscilla.

"I'b so sorry I'b sdeezig all over your office like that" Katie said and sniffled.

"It's alright - you're sick and you can't help it" said Priscilla.

Katie blew her nose with another tissue from Priscilla's box before she left her office and headed back home.

"Well then" Priscilla thought "I guess it's up to me to take care of the rest".


Meanwhile, Alexandra was at home with the cold she caught from Katie. Her nose was constantly running and was quickly getting more and more red from all the times she had to blow it. She was lying on the couch in her small living room, covered in a blanket and watching T.V.

"Ha Eshoo, He Eshoo!" her sneezed were harsh and loud. Even though she was at home by herself, she still did her best to sneeze into a tissue or at the very least into her hands. After blowing her nose and groaning softly, she reached for the remote and changed the channel.

Alexandra coughed lightly when suddenly she heard someone opening her apartment door. The only person other then Alexandra who had a key to the apartment was Reya, Alexandra's younger sister. Sure enough, Alexandra soon heard her sister's voice.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" Reya called as she entered the apartment. She knew Alexandra was usually at work this time of day, but she saw the lights were on.

"I'b right here, Reya" Alexandra called in a tired an slightly hoarse voice.

"Hey there, sis" Reya said as she appeared at the entrance to the living room. "You're not at work"?

"Do *sniffle* I stayed hobe because I'b Hu Eshoo! sick" Alexandra replied.

"Ew! Say it, don't spray it" said Reya.

"What are you doig here, Reya?" asked Alexandra.

"Can't a girl just drop by to say hi to her older sister?" Reya said with fake innocence.

"It doesd't look like you were Eshoo, Ha Eshoo! expectig be to be here" said Alexandra.

"Fine, you caught me" Reya said, forsaking her innocent façade. "There's a party tonight and I thought I could crash here after".

"You cad sleep id the livig roob if you wadt E Shoo!" sneezed Alexandra. "I'll deed the bed, sidce I'b sick".

"No thanks" Reya said after taking a good look at the used tissues scattered across the living room. "I'll find somewhere else to stay".

"Are you He Eshoo! sure?" asked Alexandra. She had a little fun watching Reya flinch every time she sneezed.

"Yeah, it's no big deal" Reya replied. "I have a photo shoot in a couple of days, so I'm sure they'll find me a place to sleep".

Reya was a model at the beginning of her career. She often had photo shoots in town and she was more than happy to flaunt it in front of Alexandra. Being a model meant that she also got plenty of invitations to various parties, a fact that she was also very happy to talk about with Alexandra.

"Hu Eshoo! I guess they will" said Alexandra.

"Well, I better get going. Lots of things to do before the party" said Reya. "See you around, sis. Take care".

"Thadks Ha Eshoo, Eshoo, Hoa Eshoo!" sneezed Alexandra.

Reya was in a pretty big hurry to leave once she saw what a nasty cold her sister had. Getting sick was the last thing she needed right now.

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Part 42:

"Hey, are you alright?" Shelly raised her head at the sound of the voice. Her office hours had just ended and she was about to head back home. She had just finished giving her nose a long and wet blow that she hoped would last her for the road back home. After that, she threw the tissue away and was looking down at the bin when she heard someone talking to her. Shelly feared it would be another student from Professor Hopkins' class, but it was a girl she didn't know.

"Were you talkig to be?" Shelly asked the girl.

"Yes" the girl replied. There was something sweet about her, as if she was beaming with positive energy. "I didn't mean to bother you, it's just that the door was open and I heard a noise. If you don't mind me saying, you look a little"

"Hetsh Choo!" sneezed Shelly.

"Bless you" said the girl. "You look a little off. I guess now I know why".

"Excuse be" Shelly said and then gave her nose a gurgling blow. "I have a cold".

"Yeah, that's pretty obvious" the girl said.

"Is there sobethig I cad help you with?" asked Shelly. She really wanted to go home, but the girl was nice and she didn't want to be rude.

"Actually, I just wanted to see if YOU needed MY help" the girl replied.

"That's sweet, but I'b Hu TshChoo! fide" said Shelly.

"Looks like you should be at home" the girl said.

"I was just about to go there *sniffle* actually" said Shelly.

"Oh, then don't let me keep you waiting" said the girl. "I just wanted to see you're alright".

"Well thadk you, ubbbbb....." Shelly said, realizing she had no idea what the girl's name was.

"Tara" the girl completed Shelly's sentence.

"Thadk you for your codcerd, Tara" said Shelly. "If you dod't bidd *sniffle* I'll be Hu Eish Choo! goig hobe dow".

"Yes of course. Bless you" said Tara. "Feel better".

Shelly clutched a tissue to her leaking nose and headed home. It was nice of Tara to be worried about someone she had never met, Shelly thought. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Shelly was going to feel better anytime soon.


Priscilla has been closed in her office the entire day. Her workers thought she was probably very busy and didn't dare disturb her. The truth was Priscilla just didn't want any of Katie's precious cold germs to go to waste by opening the door or the windows. She sat there the whole day, breathing the air that was filled with Katie's sneeze spray, before she finally went home. When she parked her car in her driveway, she got out and took a long breath of the cold evening air. Priscilla knew that it won't be long before she won't be able to breath through her nose for some time. Still, there was more that needed to be done to ensure that she catches Katie's cold. In a couple of days, Priscilla had a meeting with her rival, Deborah. By that time, she had to be sick and contagious so when she walks into Deborah's new office she would do so with a cold to give her.

"Deborah could consider this cold as my present for her new role" Priscilla thought with a devilish grin.

All the windows were closed when Priscilla walked into her house. She kept it that way and turned on the A.C. Next, she took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the cold floor. She went to the bathroom and washed her hair in the sink with freezing cold water. When she had dinner, she did so while sitting right in from of the A.C. Her wet hair was blasted with cold air. Later, Priscilla took a shower with cold water. She was shivering lightly when she got out of the shower.

"Ha Yeish Tshoo!" she let out a loud and wet sneeze, spraying her surroundings.

"Oh yes *sniffle* this is goig to be ode hell of a cold" she said to herself, pleased with the congestion that was already present in her voice.

"Deborah has do idea what's cobig Heish Tshoo!" sneezed Priscilla. "She's goig to be Ya Eish Tshoo! sick add sdeezig id frodt of her dew worker's".

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Part 43:

"Look at you - if you go to the party in this dress you'll end up in a hospital" Jill told Brie that evening.

"Oh would you relax? Hei Yishoo!" sneezed Brie. "I'b goig to the part add I'b godda be just fi... Yi Shoo! fide".

"Alright, I guess there's no stopping you" said Jill. "Could you wait 10 minutes though"?

"What for?" asked Brie.

"I need to change clothes" Jill replied. "If you're going to the party I'm coming too".

Brie wanted to protest, but Jill quickly went to her room. When she returned a few of minutes later, Jill was wearing a dress.

"So - what do you think?" she asked Brie.

"If you wadted ad idvitatiod to the party *sniffle* you could've just asked" said Brie.

"I wasn't planning on going to any party tonight, but if you're going with a cold like that you need someone to watch over you" said Jill.

"Ha Yeshoo! Watch over be frob what?" asked Brie.

"The state you're in? Just about anything" Jill replied.


"You're shivering! With those high heels on top of that dress - you must be cold all over" Jill told Brie when they arrived at the party.

"Dod't tell be you're godda be like this the whole dight" said Brie. She blew her nose and fixed her makeup.

"O.K. stubborn girl - let's go in" said Jill. "What were they thinking having a party OUTSIDE on a cold night like this"?

"It's dot a real party if a lot of people cad't see you the whole tibe" said Brie. "Do I have to teach you everythig"?

"Are you sure you want a lot of people to see you TONIGHT?" Jill asked, slightly teasing.

"Ye Shoo! Did't you say we're goig id? Cobe od!" Brie called, leading Jill into the party.

"There you are, Brie" a young woman said as she approached Brie and Jill. "I was beginning to think you aren't coming".

"What are you talkig about? Do way I'd biss this party" said Brie.

"Who's your friend?" the young woman asked.

"This is Jill, by roobbate" Brie replied. "Jill, this is Crystal. She's the ode hostig this party".

"Nice to meet you, Crystal" said Jill.

"What's with your voice, Brie?" Crystal asked, ignoring Jill. "Are you sick"?

"Do, of course dot" said Brie. "There bust be sobethig id the air todight".

"Good, because I don't want people spreading germs in this party" said Crystal. "Oh hey, Reya" she said, turning to a girl that had just arrived.

"Hey Crystal" said Reya. "I like what you did with the place".

"Thanks" said Crystal. "Let me introduce you to my friend Brie, and this is her roommate.... ummm..... what was your name again"?

"Jill. Nice to meet you, Reya".

"Yeah *sniffle* dice to Hei Yishoo! beet you" said Brie.

"Is she sick?" Reya asked Crystal.

"Something in the air, she says" Crystal replied.

"I get it" said Reya. I have bad allergies if I don't take my pills, but usually not this time of year".

"Yei Ishoo! Sorry *sniffle* I dod't kdow what's gotted idto by dose" said Brie.

"Well, as long as you're not sick" said Reya. "I can't afford to be sick right now - I have a photo shoot in a couple of days".

"You're a photographer?" asked Jill.

"Don't be ridiculous, ummmmm....."


"Yeah sorry, I keep forgetting" Crystal said, not sounding sorry at all. "Anyway - Reya is making her first steps in the modeling world".

"That's abazig!" called Brie. "I'b sure you'll do well Ha Ye Shoo"!

"Thanks, but do you mind not sneezing on me like that? It's kinda gross" said Reya.

"Yeah Brie - what is the matter with you?" Crystal asked, sounding angry.

"I'b sorry" said Brie. "I probise - do bore sdeezes frob dow od".

"That better be true" said Crystal. "I can't have you running around here grossing out all my guests".

"I'm gonna go talk to some other people" said Reya.

"Be too A Yey Shoo, Ye Shoo, Hi Yishoo, Hih Yesh Shoo!" Brie started sneezing uncontrollably.

"Didn't you say something about no more sneezes?" asked Crystal.

"Yey Shoo! Sorry! I'b godda Yi Shoo! stop Yeshoo! sdeezig ady Ha Yei Shoo! bidute dow" said Brie.

"Haa Ptshiiiii!" Jill suddenly let out a loud, wet sneeze.

"And now your roommate is sneezing too? I can't have that" said Crystal.

"By dabe is He A Ptshii! Jill *sniffle* add we dod't deed your stupid party adyway".

"Dod't listed to her Ye Shoo! Crystal" Brie said, still unable to stop sneezing.

"I'm done listening to either of you" said Crystal. "Now - I'm gonna got back to my party and if I see any of you sneezing around I'll call security".

"Crystal, wait! Ye I Shoo! Cobe back" Brie called, but Crystal just kept walking away from them.

"Cobe od" Jill told Brie. "Let's get you back hobe where you cad take care of your cold He Ptshi! Ugh, dow I've got by owd cold to take care of".

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Part 44:

The following day Isabella finally stayed home from work. She was feeling like she might be at the beginning of finally getting over her cold, but she was still congested and sneezing a lot. Katie also stayed home, after her boss told her she could come back to work when she's feeling better. Now that Jill finally caught the cold, she and Brie stayed home as well, so all four girls could keep each other company.

"He Ptshi!" sneezed Jill. Her sneezes were loud and wet and her nose had already gotten quite red.

"Here *sniffle* dridk this" Isabella said as she brought her roommate a steaming mug of tea. "It'll help you feel a little better *sniffle* trust be".

"Thadk you Ha Haa Ptshiiii! I just hope I cad stop sdeezig lodg edough to dridk it".

"Ha Eshoo, He Heshoo, He Shoo, He He Eshoo, Hea Eshoo! At least you dod't have lodg sdeezig fits like I do" said Isabella.

"That's true He He He Ptshiiiii! It's really dice of you to brig be tea" said Jill.

"Hey - what are roobbates for, right? Besides *sniffle* I'b the ode who brought this cold to our apartbedt, so that's the least I cad do" said Isabella.

Jill finished drinking her tea before she said: "It's true that you're the ode who brought this cold, but I"b pretty sure I caught it frob Brie".

"Yei Shishoo, He Yeshoo, Ha Yey Shoo! Ugh, does adyode have ady bore tissues?" Brie asked when she walked into the living room, as if the fact that Jill had just said her name somehow summoned her. "I'b all out of bide".

"Agaid? I saw you opedig a dew box just this bordig He Ishoo, Hei Ishoo, Hi Shoo!" sneezed Katie.

"Add sidce thed all I've beed doig is blowig by dose He Yei Shoo, Ye Ishoo! Whed I badage to stop sdeezig for ode bidute, that is" said Brie.

"That thig you said was id the air last dight still botherig your Haa Ptshi! dose *sniffle* Brie?" Jill asked jokingly.

"Very Ha Yishoo, Yi Ishoo! fuddy" said Brie.

"Baybe your cold would't have beed so bad had you listeded to be add He He Ptshi! stayed hobe last dight" said Jill.

"You're lucky you already caught this Yey Shoo! cold" Brie told Jill.

"Oh really? *sniffle* Add why is that?" asked Jill.

"Because otherwise I would've beed sdeezig all over you right dow, just to get you off by back He Ye Shoo, Ye E Shoo, Hi Yi Shoo!" sneezed Brie.

"That's childish add He Shoo, Ha Eshoo, Heshoo, E Shoo, He Eshoo! disgustig" said Isabella.

"Dot to bedtiod udfair" said Katie. "Jill was odly tryig to help you by prevedtig your cold frob Ei Shoo, Hi Ishoo, Hai I Shoo! gettig worse".

"Yeah *sniffle* add all I got for by trouble was this Haaaa Ptshiiiii! horrible cold" said Jill.

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Part 45:

Reya sniffled. Her nose had been bothering her all morning. That was not a good sign. She spent the night in an airbnb apartment, payed for by the company which was funding the photo shoot she was about to attend soon. All Reya had to do today was visit the location where the photo shoot would take place, meet the people who will be working on this project and find out if there was a theme to the project, so she could get ready if she has to.

"He Tshoo!" just was she was about to enter the location, Reya suddenly sneezed. Her sneezes were usually pretty delicate, unless she had a bad cold or a terrible allergy fit. Still, she felt gross when she sniffled again before finally entering.

"Nice of you to show up, Reya" said Ryleigh, a fellow model.

"I was at a party last dight so I slept id a bit. It's do big deal" said Reya. She didn't like the sound of congestion in her voice, but Ryleigh didn't seem to notice it.

"You're the last one to get here, so all the others already picked a theme from the ones the management gave us" Ryleigh said.

"What thebes?" asked Reya.

"The main theme is 'everyday life', or something like that" Ryleigh replied. "I, for one, picked sports. I'm sure it'll help my career in the future if I can get some photos of myself wearing sports clothes, not to mention that I can totally rock that kind of outfit".

"Oh Bad, I wish I could pick sports Ha E Tshoo!" sneezed Reya.

"Hey! Watch it!" Ryleigh called. "It's not my fault you got here late, so don't take it out on me with your gross sneezes".

"Sorry" Reya said and sniffled. "By dose has beed botherig be a bit today".

"Then get your nose away from me, because you're gross" said Ryleigh. "You're also out of luck".

"What's that supposed to bead?" asked Reya.

"You got stuck with the theme no one else wanted" Ryleigh replied.

"Add what thebe would that be?" asked Reya.

"Something about working in the garden" Ryleigh replied.

"Seriously?! You all kdow I have Hea Tshoo! allergies" said Reya.

"Tough luck. That's what you get for showing up last" said Ryleigh. "You better get your pills ready if you don't want to be sneezing all over the set".


Reya was not the only one who felt the aftermath of the party the following morning.

"Ei Tshoo!" sneezed Crystal. Since the moment she woke up she knew she was getting sick. Her nose was running, her throat was scratchy and she knew just who to blame for the fact that she was getting sick.

"That's the last tibe I'b ever idvitig Brie to ode of by Hai E Tshoo! parties" she said to herself. Crystal always had a habit of talking to herself when she was alone.

"Stupid girl just had to go add Ei Tshooo! sdeeze all over the place yesterday. Dow I'b godda biss so bady parties".

Crystal wiped her nose with a tissue and then just placed it on the nearest surface,  not even bothering to throw it away. She was frustrated.

"Why should I stay hobe add sdeeze whed everyode else gets to He Itshoo! go to parties? This is so E I Tshoo! udfair"!

She went to get a fresh tissue, when suddenly she noticed the one she had just used. An idea started building in her head.

"If I cad't go to parties thed do ode else should. I should't be sick add jealous whed they all have fud Ai Tshoo! Hey, I kdow! I cad idvite people to adother party here add by the tibe they leave bady of theb will catch by Ei Tishoo! cold. Perfect! Do ode will have ady fud udtil I'b Ha Ei Tshoooo! healthy agaid".

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Part 46:

Professor Sophia Hopkins coughed harshly into her fist. Despite the fact that she was very sick, she dragged herself to the university. The students in her class would be tested in a few days, so she had to come to campus and make sure everything was ready. Truth be told - she wished she could've stayed home in bed. The pressure in her sinuses was giving her an almost constant headache, which was worsened every time she sneezed. On top of that, she was developing a nasty cough.

"Hai PtsheShooooo!" she let out an extremely messy sneeze, which made her groan.

On the table in the faculty lounge, where Sophia was currently sitting, was a box of tissues. She reached out to it, grabbed a handful of tissues and gave her nose a wet blow. Unfortunately, all it did was tickle her nose.

"He Heish Ptshoo!" she sneezed and then burst into a coughing fit.

"Oh my, Sophia - you sound terrible" said a woman who walked into the faculty lounge. Her name was Clara Dunham. Clara was a young professor, a bit younger than Sophia, who taught classical music. She was also the head of the university's musical band.

"Hello, Clara" Sophia said before coughing again and blowing her nose. "I'b a little udder the weather, I'b afraid".

"Poor dear - you seem to be more than just 'a little' under the weather" Clara told her. "Are you sure you should even be here"?

"Believe be - if I could stay at hobe I would Ha Haipsh Tshoo! Excuse be" said Sophia. 

"Bless you" said Clara. "I know what you're talking about though - there's a lot to do right now".

"Your studets bust be goig through exabs as well" said Sophia.

"It's more than that" said Clara. "We have a band tour coming soon. We'll be preforming in several concerts in different cities in the area".

"Good for you" said Sophia. "That is HuaEipsh Tshooooo! excitig dews".

"Thank you" said Clara. "It is exciting, but it's also a lot of work".

"I'b sure you cad *cough cough* haddle it" Sophia said before blowing her nose.

"It's nice to hear you say that" said Clara. "I should get going though. Just came here to grab a quick cup of coffee. Feel better".

"Thadk you" said Sophia.

"He Hue Epsh Tshoo!" Clara heard Sophia sneezing loudly behind her as she walked away from the lounge.


"He Eish Tshoo!" Priscilla sneezed openly in her car, spraying her steering wheel. Fortunately, she already parked her car. It was a cold and grey day when Priscilla arrived at her meeting with Deborah. She fixed her makeup before going out of the car.

"Can't have Deborah suspecting I'm sick until it's too late for her" she thought.

It wasn't easy, but Priscilla managed to make her way into Deborah's office without sneezing, sniffling or showing any signs of sickness.

"How nice of you to finally drop by" Deborah told Priscilla as she closed the office door.

"You just sealed your fate, Deborah" was what Priscilla thought.

"Always dice to visit ad old friedd" was what Priscilla said. "I love what you did with the place".

"Don't tell me you've been here before" Deborah said in a condescending tone.

"I have beed" Priscilla said. "Back id the days of the old badagebedt".

"You sound a little funny. Don't tell me the famous Priscilla Carter lets herself get sick" said Deborah.

"Of course dot" said Priscilla. "I wore a dew perfube today add by dose doesd't seeb to agree with it".

"Clearly you should be more careful with the perfume you decide to wear, though I don't smell anything special" said Deborah.

"He Ish Tshoo! Well *sniffle* it's defiditely ticklig by dose" said Priscilla. "I'll have the wobad who recobbedded be od this perfube fired".

"It's so cute that you take advices from your employees on matters like that" said Deborah.

"I'b dot afraid to codsult by ebployees od various batters, but they kdow I bake the fidal decisiod Ha Ye Ish Tshoo!" sneezed Priscilla.

"Well then, I sure hope you don't regret all your decisions as much as you regret wearing that perfume" said Deborah. "So, shall we talk business"?

"He Haaaaa IshTshoooo! Yes *sniffle* busidess is what I cabe here for" said Priscilla.

"But mostly to give you this cold" she thought.

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Still enjoying this! Looking forward to more!

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Part 47:

Arya sniffled, yet again. She hasn't been feeling very well - her nose was running and her head was starting to ache a little. This was really not the time to be feeling off. She needed to be at her best. Today was the test she's been studying for these past few days. Arya was very determined to be at the top of her class and this test was the first step towards getting there. She needed to be focused, but her nose was constantly distracting her.

"Hueipsh Tshooo!" when Arya entered the lecture hall where the test was about to take place, she heard the sound of a loud sneeze. The sneezer turned out to be none other than Professor Sophia Hopkins, the very same person who taught the class Arya was about to be tested on.

"Hu ChooHoo! *cough cough*" next to Professor Hopkins was Shelly, her T.A., who looked just as sick as her.

"She was sick when I talked to her a few days ago" Arya thought as she sniffled again. "I hope I didn't catch anything from her".

"Pleas sit dowd, everyode" Professor Hopkins told the students. "Your exab shou... shoul.... HeaIsh Ptshoooo! excuse be *sniffle* your exab should start sood".

"It's a good thing that she's not standing close to the students, because she's definitely contagious" Arya thought as she watched the poor professor sit back down in a chair, cough several times and blow her nose loudly.

"Here's your exab forb. If you have ady questiods durig the exab, raise your hadd add I'll see what I cad do Hu Hu TshChooo!" Shelly sneezed into a tissue right after handing Arya the exam form. As Arya watched her walking away, letting out a series of gurgling nose blows into her tissue, she couldn't decided if she looked worse than Professor Hopkins or not. Normally, Arya would've been happy to use the help of a T.A. during the test, but the last thing she wanted was to be near someone so sick.

It was very difficult to concentrate during the test, for every other minute there was a loud noise coming from the front of the lecture hall. Professor Hopkins and Shelly were constantly sneezing, coughing and blowing their noses. It was especially difficult for Arya to concentrate: She was sniffling more and more with each passing minute and her head felt fuzzy. As time went by, Arya's nose started to tickle.

"Oh no" she thought. "Not now".

Arya tried to struggle with the tickle in her nose, but in vain.

"Ho Ashoo, Hai Sha!" she sneezed twice, trying her best not to ruin her test form. Her sneezes weren't extremely loud, but she was in the middle of a test, so every noise she made felt like she was shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Excuse be" she quietly said to the people who gave her angry looks. She couldn't blame them for being mad at her.

"Ashioo! Ex..... excuse b..... be aga..... agaid Ha A Shooo, Ai Sha! I'b sorry" Arya kept apologizing to the people around her. She left her tissues in her backpack, which was at the front of the lecture hall, so she sniffled her way through the rest of the test.

"Tibe's up" Professor Hopkins said after what felt like forever to Arya. "Please put dowd your exab forbs add Hai PtsheShoooo! Shelly will cobe add collect theb".

"Haetsh Choo, Hue TshChooHoooooo!" Shelly sneezed as she made her way through the lecture hall.

Arya wondered how long will it take her to become a sick mess like Shelly was. Judging by the way she felt - not very long.

After Shelly finished collecting all the test forms, Arya practically ran to her backpack for the sweet relief of the tissues inside it.

"Oh dear *sniffle* did you also catch the *cough cough* horrible cold that's beed goig aroudd?" Professor Hopkins asked Arya.

"I'b Ha Ashioo! afraid so *sniffle* Professor Hopkids" Arya replied.

"Bless you, dear" the professor said. "I'b sorry to HeaIpsh Tshooooo! hear that".

"Excuse be, Professor Hopkids - I thidk I'll be goig hobe dow" Shelly told the professor.

"Of course, dear. Thadk you for all your help today" said Professor Hopkins. "I'll be HaaaIpsh Tshooooo! goig hobe sood byself".

"Hu U Choo, He Yish Choo!" Shelly sneezed into a tissue as she left the lecture hall.

"Bless you" she raised her head and found herself looking at Tara, who was standing outside the lecture hall talking to Serenity.

"Thadk you" said Shelly. "You were dot id the exab right dow".

"No, I'm not taking this class" said Tara. "I just came by to ask my friend, Serenity, how did the test go".

"I hope it wedt well" Shelly said before blowing her nose.

"She thinks so, but she told me it was hard to concentrate because there were lots of sneezes around" Tara said before turning to Serenity. "No I see what you meant".

"I'b sorry" said Shelly. "Both the professor add I have Ha Etsh Choooo! colds".

"Don't be sorry - it's not your fault that you're sick" said Serenity.

"She's right" said Tara. "You need to focus on getting over this cold".

"That's what I'b about to do odce I get hobe" said Shelly.

"It would've been better if you had someone to take care of you" said Tara.

"Well, I'll have to take care of byself, udless you wadt to be the ode to take care of be" said Shelly. This was not something she would normally say, but she was sick and tired and when Tara mentioned someone taking care of her she suddenly realized just how much she wanted that.

"Sorry, but I can't" said Tara. "I'm already late to meet my girlfriend and she wouldn't like it if I go take care of another girl. Hey, I have an idea - why don't Serenity take care of you? She told me how much you helped her before the test, so now she can help you".

"Me?" asked Serenity.

"Why not? You just said you have some free time for the next few days, now that the test is over" said Tara.

"I do....... but I'm not sure Shelly would want me to take care of her" said Serenity.

"Ha Eish TshChoooooHoooooo!" Shelly let out an exceptionally messy sneeze.

"Bless you" said Tara. "You see, Serenity? She needs your help. Go on - take care of her".

"Well *sniffle* I'b goig hobe dow" said Shelly. "If you wadt to take care of be you better cobe alodg".

Serenity hesitated for a moment, but Tara gave her an encouraging look so she started following Shelly.

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The next part is going to introduce a new story arc, one that's inspired by what was one of my all time favorite stories in this forum: "The Band Trip". I haven't read this story in years, because some of the characters are underage, but its spirit stayed with me. Obviously, since this band trip is of a collage band there is no problem of underage characters. Before I introduce this new story arc I'll show you more of an existing one.

Part 48:

It was a bright and sunny day when Reya showed up to start her photo shoot, but she still felt cold. By now she had to admit to herself that she was coming down with a cold. She didn't know if she caught it from her sister or at the party she went to, but it didn't matter. Normally she would've had second thoughts about showing up sick for a photo shoot, but since she got stuck with this whole "garden" theme she was bound to be sneezing anyway, so she decided to blame her allergies. It wouldn't be lying, she thought - her allergies always got worse if she was sick, so even with her pills her nose would still bother her.

Since it was a clear and beautiful day, it was decided that Reya will be wearing some beautiful dresses from the upcoming summer collection while sitting in a garden. The problem was summer was still very far away, so even though the day was relatively warm for this time of year Reya found herself almost shivering. She knew that the fact that she was getting sick probably had quite a lot to do with it.

"O.K. are you ready?" the photographer asked Reya. She nodded and sniffled quietly.

"Alright" said the photographer. "Can you sit in various positions which will show different parts of the dress"?

Reya did as she was told. She was used to this kind of job and knew just what to do. When the photographer started taking pictures of her she found herself in a problem - the flashes from the camera made what was already a challenging struggle nearly impossible. With the flashing lights, the flowers around her and her cold, Reya found it very difficult to fight the tickle that was growing in her nose.

"Ha Atshoo, He Tshoo, Ha E Tshoo!" she sneezed.

"Don't do that!" the photographer called. "It ruins the photos. Now we're gonna have to start over".

"Sorry" Reya said and sniffled. "It's by allergies".

"Well get it under control" the photographer said.

"He Haa Tshoo! 'scuse be" said Reya. "I'll do by best".

Reya continued the photo shoot and managed to sniffle her way through it for a while. When she finally had a break, she rushed to find some tissues.

"Whoa! Where's the fire?" Ryleigh asked Reya as the latter ran passed her in a frantic search for tissues to blow her leaking nose with.

"Do you kdow where I cad fidd sobe Ha Etshoo, He Hetshoo, Hae Tshoo! tissues?" she asked Ryleigh.

"Gross! I told you to keep your sneezes away from me" said Ryleigh.

"I cad't he..... He Tshoo! help it" said Reya. "I've beed id the garded add by dose is goig Hae Tshoo, Ha Etshoo! crazy".

"Try the back room" said Ryleigh. "I think I saw some tissue there".

"Thadks" Reya said with a thick sniffle.

"Yeah whatever" said Ryleigh.


"I'm really excited - this our first big tour" Miley told her friend, Sage.

"Yeah, I hope everything goes well" said Sage.

The two of them have been playing in the university's music band for over a year, but there hasn't been a band tour since long before they joined. Now, the head of the band, Professor Clara Dunham, managed to arrange a tour for her band, which was about to perform in various halls in the area. All the expanses were payed for by the places where the band was going to perform, so they had a special bus to drive them around and they were going to sleep in nice hotels. Sage and Miley were going to be sharing a room, like all the other band members who had to pair up. Professor Dunham was the only one who was going to be sleeping in a room by herself. Don't let that fact fool you though - her interactions with the members of her band were very warm, close and personal. She asked them not to call her "professor", since it made her feel old, so they all called her Miss Dunam, because she couldn't get them to just call her Clara. Miley and Sage watched, alongside the rest of the band, as their special bus stopped in front of them. Clara stepped out of the bus. She looked tired.

"Alright everyode- get od the bus please" she called. Her voice was softer than usual and she sounded even more tired than she looked.

"Do you think she's alright?" Miley asked Sage. "She doesn't sound like her usual self".

"She's probably pretty stressed" said Sage. "This tour is a very big deal for her since she worked so hard to make it happen".

"Yeah, you're probably right" said Miley.

As Miley got on the boss she looked at Clara, who gave her a warm smile.

"You're excited about this tour, huh Biley? I cad tell" said Clara. "I ab too. I'b sure it's godda be great".

"Are you feeling alright, Miss Dunham?" asked Miley. "Your voice sounds a bit strange".

"I'b a bit *sniffle* sdiffly this bordig, but I'b alright" said Clara. "Thadks for askig".

"Of course" said Miley. "We all want to be in our best for this tour. You worked so hard for it to happen".

"That's dice of you to say Ha Ishoo!" Clara turned her head away from Miley and sneezed into her shoulder.

"Bless you" said Miley. "I hope you're not coming down with something.

"Thadk you, Biley" Clara said and sniffled. "I hope so too".

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The last part had me feeling nostalgic, so I went over most of "The Band Trip" again. I couldn't find any clear indication of the characters' ages, so I can't say for a fact that there are any underage characters in that story, but it looks like the band is some sort of a high school band, so better safe than sorry. Just thought I should clear this one out before writing this next part, which will not be following this story's band tour (but don't worry - more on that in other parts).

Part 49:

"Ha Eish Chooooooo!" Shelly brought a tissue to her face and sneezed into it. She was in her living room, and since Serenity was by her side she covered her sneeze rather than just letting it out freely. Serenity came to take care of her, but when Shelly raised her head from her tissue she saw Serenity backing out a bit.

"Are you havig secodd thoughts about takig care of be?" asked Shelly.

"No....... it's just..... your sneezes kinda scare me" Serenity said and blushed. "I know you can't help it" she quickly added. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable about sneezing, but I'm just not used to seeing someone sneeze like you do".

"I kdow by sdeezes are kidda Hu Choo! gross *sniffle* especially whed I *cough cough* have a cold" said Shelly. "That's why I hate gettig sick".

"Well, I think most people don't like getting sick" said Serenity.

"If you're serious about takig care of be, there's a good chadce you'll edd up sick yourself" said Shelly.

"Yeah, I know, but I said I'll take care of you and I'm not someone who backs away from a promise" said Serenity.

"Good" Shelly said before bursting into a fit of coughing. "Why dod't you start by checkig the bedicide cabidet id the bathroob add see if I have ady cough drops left"?

"Sure" said Serenity.

Shelly blew her nose while Serenity went to search for cough drops.

"You're in luck" Serenity said when she returned to the living room. "I found two boxes of cough drops. Here's one".

"Thadks. That's great" Shelly said before taking some cough drops. "That should ease by cough for a while".

"Glad I could help" said Serenity. "What do you think I should do next"?

"Haetsh Choooooo! If there was sobethig you could do about by *sniffle* sdeezes *sniffle* that would be great" Shelly replied.

"Hold on, I think I have and idea" said Serenity. She went to the kitchen and returned with a bowl full of hot water and a towel.

"Try breathing in the fumes" she told Shelly. "This might help with both your sneezes and your congestion".

"Good idea" Shelly said before putting the towel over her head and breathing in the fumes.

"How are you feeling?" Serenity asked her when it looked like she was done.

"Better" Shelly replied. "Hu Etsh ChooHooooo! Add just like that dy dose is codgested agaid".

"Looks like I've got a lot of work ahead of me" said Serenity.


"Hhhhhh Ha Ashoo, Hi Ashiooo, Ho Hasha!" Arya was sneezing her head off when she came back to her dorm room.

"What's with you?" asked her roommate, Trinity.

"I'b catchig a cold" Arya replied. "I was odly Haaa Sha! sidfflig this bordig, but durig this test I just had this cold hit be like a Ha Shioo! tod of bricks".

"That sucks" said Trinity.

"Haaa Shoooo! I had to keep byself frob sdeezig durig the test, so dow I just cad't Ho Asha! stop" said Arya.

"Just don't sneeze on me, O.K.? I can't get sick right now" said Trinity. "I'm taking more shifts at work lately and I have exams of my own".

"I kdow" said Arya. "I'll try to be Hai Shioooooo! careful".

"You do that" said Trinity. "I'm off to work. Try not to fill this room with germs, would you"?

Arya nodded from behind the tissue she was blowing her nose into.

Trinity and Arya usually got along well, but Trinity was a very busy girl and she didn't have time to get sick. Not only was she working lots of hours at one of the campus bars, she was also aiming for the top of her class, just like Arya. The two of them were studying different subjects, but it didn't mean that Trinity could afford herself to spend too much time worrying about her sick roommate.

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Part 50:

The first hotel the band was about to stay at was a bit far from the campus, so by the time they got there it was already past noon. Fortunately, the only other thing the band had to do that day was visit the concert hall where they would be playing in a couple of days.

"Listed up everyode" Clara said when they got off the bus in front of the hotel. "We wod't be stayig here for lodg, so go idside, check idto your roobs, put your bags id your roobs add thed cobe back to the bus".

Miley was worried by the sound of Clara's voice, but she didn't have time to talk to her. The band had to move quickly to keep up with the schedule for the day, so Miley and Sage checked into their room as quickly as they could.

"This is NICE!" Sage said enthusiastically when they got into the room.

"I'll say. The beds look so comfortable" said Miley.

"Yeah, we should be very well rested, which is important if we're gonna perform" said Sage.

"Come on - we better hurry back to the bus" said Miley.

"If the concert hall is half as fancy as this hotel - we're in for a treat" said Sage.

"Ha Ishoo, IshYoo!" just as Miley and Sage closed the door of their room behind them, they heard two sneezes coming from the room right across the hall from them.

"Was that" Sages started.

"Miss Dunham? I think so" said Miley.

A few seconds later, the head of the band went out of her room, her face buried in a tissue.

"Are you alright, Miss Dunham?" asked Sage.

"Oh hey you two" Clara said when she raised her head from the tissue. "Yes, Sage *sniffle* I'b fide".

"I don't think so" said Miley. "You've been congested since this morning and we just heard you sneeze. I think you're coming down with a cold".

"Thadk you for your diagdosis *sniffle* doctor Biley, but you should't be worried about be" said Clara.

"We just want you to feel good, that's all" said Miley.

"I kdow, hud" Clara said, softening her tone. "Thadk you for your Ei Shooo! codcerd".

"Bless you" both girls said.

"Oh *sniffle* thadk you" said Clara. "Dow cobe od, girls - we deed to get back to the bus".


"Hhhhh Ha Pchoo!" Tara sneezed into her hand.

"You alright, babe? You've been sniffling and sneezing all morning" said Mona, Tara's girlfriend.

"I'b O.K. *sniffle* but I thidk I'b cobig dowd with a bit of a cold" said Tara.

"Don't think I ever saw you with a cold" said Mona.

"That's because I dod't usually get bady colds" Tara said and sniffled. "I've beed talkig to this girl the other day tough, Seredity's T.A. *sniffle* add she was really sick add sdeezig a lot Haaa Pchooo! so I probably caught what she had".

"That'll teach you not to talk to strange girls" Mona said and winked.

"Really? You wadda do this dow?" Tara said after wetly blowing her nose.

"I'm just kidding babe" said Mona. "Your timing is great though".

"I kdow - I'b sorry I'b gettig sick right whed we're supposed to go out od this trip" said Tara. "I kdow how buch you wadted to go".

"Oh we're still going" said Mona. "I wasn't being sarcastic - this is really a great time for you to be going to this trip".

"Whed I'b catchig a Haaa Phooo! cold?" asked Tara.

"Exactly" Mona replied. "Have you ever seen me with a cold"?

"Dow that I thidk about it - I haved't" Tara replied.

"That's because of trips like this one" said Mona. "The power of mother earth runs through us all and we all come back happy and healthy".

Mona was a part of a group of girls who believed in the healing powers of mother earth. The girls in this group used to meet in the nature from time to time and every once in a while they would go out on camping trips together, lasting a few days. This trip was the first one Tara was supposed to go to with Mona and her friends.

"I'b dot sure a cabpig trip id this seasod is what I deed to Ha Pchooo! get over a cold" said Tara.

"Trust me - by the time this trip is over you won't even remember you had a cold" said Mona.

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Part 51:

Priscilla checked herself in the mirror: Her nose was red, but it wasn't something she couldn't mask with some makeup.

"Eish Tshoo!" hiding her big sneezes wasn't quite as easy. Then again - she didn't really have to hide them anymore.

"I'b sure Deborah has caught by disgustig cold by dow" Priscilla said to herself when she wiped the sneeze-spray off her mirror. She wanted to hear just how congested she sounded and imagine what Deborah's voice might sound like.

During their meeting the other day, Priscilla made sure to expose Deborah to her germs as much as she could, disguising her cold as allergy to a new perfume. Deborah didn't flinch when Priscilla was sneezing all other the place, since she didn't want to appear weak in front of her rival. Priscilla used it to her advantage.

"Ho Yeish Tshoo, Yeaish Tshoooo!" Priscilla couldn't remember the last time a cold made her sneezes so huge and messy. She wondered if Deborah was sneezing by now and how embarrassed she might be if she has to sneeze in public. Fortunately, Priscilla knew she was about to have all her questions answered soon. She was invited to a game of the women basketball league. Deborah recently became the owner of the local women basketball team, so in order to show off her new status she invited Priscilla to watch the game. Little did Deborah know that this was the perfect opportunity for Priscilla to get her to sneeze in front of a crowd.

"Yei Tshoo!" Priscilla sneezed openly as she got out of her car in front of the stadium.

"Priscilla! Glad you could bake it" Deborah said as she came to greet her. Priscilla was very pleased to hear the congestion in Deborah's voice.

"Would't biss it for the world Aei Tshoo! Your owd basketball teab - so Heish Tshoo! excitig" said Priscilla.

"Looks like your dose is eved bore excited thad you are" said Deborah. "Still wearig that perfube"?

"Do *sniffle* it's just the cold evedig air that's gettig idto by dose" said Priscilla.

"Let's get idside the stadiub thed" said Deborah.

The two of them walked into the stadium and took their seats at the VIP chamber without speaking. Priscilla was sniffling from time to time to keep her nose from running. Occasionally, she could hear Deborah sniffling as well. Deborah's sniffles were quiet but they sounded urgent, as if she was trying to fight a persistent tickle in her nose.

"Heaaaaaaaaa IshTshoooooooo!" Priscilla let out a huge sneeze some time later.

"Gooddess, Priscilla" Deborah told her. "Are you sure you're dot cobig dowd with sobethig? Hu Chooo! Oh, excuse be".

"Baybe I should be askig you the sabe questiod" Priscilla said and sniffled.

"Dod't be silly *sniffle* Sobethig id this chabber bust be ticklig by dose Hu A Choooo!" sneezed Deborah.

"Well thed it bust be ticklig by Ye Ai Tshoooo! dose as well" said Priscilla.

As the game went on, the two women were sniffling constantly. Priscilla noticed that Deborah looked like she was always fighting an impending sneeze. Whenever Deborah let out a loud sniffle or a slightly hitching breath, she looked around, clearly worried that someone else might notice her embarrassing state.

"Ha Yei Tshoooooooo!' the game was drawing to a close when Priscilla let out another big sneeze.

Unlike Deborah, Priscilla didn't really mind sneezing. She was just a guest, not the owner of one of the teams. No one was really interested in her, but if Deborah starts sneezing uncontrollably Priscilla knew that there was a chance this might even make it to the sports news. For the first time since she got to the stadium, Priscilla took out a tissue and gave her nose a long, very much needed, blow. She knew Deborah was dying to do the same, but was too worried about how it might look.

"Haaaaaa Chooooooooo!" right after the final whistle was blown, Deborah's nose erupted with a huge sneeze. The sneeze was so big she had no chance of covering it, so she ended up spraying her surroundings. People around her gave her angry and disgusted looks.

"Excuse Hu Chooooo! be" Deborah told the people around her, but her nose wasn't done.

"Hu Utsh Choooo, Haaatsh Choooo, Heatsh ChooHoo, Hu Hu Hu ChooHooHoooooooo!" Prsicilla watched with pleasure as Deborah succumbed to the cold she has given her. The sight of her rival so helpless and defeated was worth every sneeze and sniffle Priscilla had to suffer and will continue to suffer for the next few days.

"Oh by *sniffle* I have absolutely do idea where that cabe frob" said Deborah. "I'll have to talk to the stadiub badagebedt - cad't have by teab playig id a stadiub where the VIP chabber cad do that to a guest".

"Yo do that" said Priscilla. "I'b goig hobe dow *sniffle* before this chabber affects by dose as well".

"You're leavig so sood? I was about to idtroduce you to the teab" said Deborah.

"Adother tibe, perhaps" said Priscilla. As much as she wanted to see Deborah sneeze her head off in front of the team she had recently bought, she knew that she better not be around when that happens. That way, if someone from the team catches a cold they'll be blaming Deborah for that. A cold could be devastating to a sports team trying to make a name for themselves. Priscilla could only imagine how shameful it would be for Deborah if the team she owned under-performs because of a cold they caught from her.

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Great post!

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Part 52:

"Oh no, this is going to be terrible" Reya thought. She had to model summer dresses in the garden again, only this time she had a new photographer. The new photographer hadn't seen Reya's allergies in action the other day and thus Reya found herself holding a bouquet of flowers from the garden, which were supposed to look good with the summer dress she was wearing. On top of that, the new photographer was impatient and wanted to wrap up the day's work as quickly as possible.

Reya did her best to smile and look fabulous, but as the photographer was taking more and more pictures she felt like the inside of her nose was on fire.

"Hhhow bbuch heh.... lodger?" she asked the photographer after a while, struggling to control her itching nose.

"Not long" the photographer replied. "Just a couple more photos and we'll be done for the day".

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the photographer told Reya that they were done.

Reya felt miserable: She was cold in her short dress, her eyes were filled with allergic tears and her nose was seconds away from exploding due to the irritation from both her cold and her allergies. Almost blinded by tears, she ran to where she hoped she could find some tissues.

"Ha Ha Ha E Tshoo!" Reya managed to find a tissue and bring it to her nose just in time.

"He He Tshoo, Hae Tshoo, Ha Atshoo, E Tshoo!" her nose had no intention of giving her a break.

"Haaa Etshoo, Hea A Tshoo, He He He He Tshoooo!" the fit left her breathless.

Once her nose finally calmed down a bit, Reya took a pack of tissues, pulled out some of them and blew her nose wetly into them.

"Ha Ha Pchioo, Aa Pchioo! *sniffle* Give be that" Ryleigh walked into the back room where Reya was and snatched the pack of tissues from her hand.

"He Pchioo, Ah Pchioo!" she sneezed twice more, this time into a tissue.

"Bless you" Reya told Ryleigh, who was blowing her nose.

"You just had to go add sdeeze all over be, did't you? Dow I'b Haaa Pchiooooo! sick" said Ryleigh.

"I'b sorry to hear you're sick, but I was odly sdeezig because of by allergies Haaa Tshoo, Ha E Tshoo, He Tshoo!" sneezed Reya.

There's do way I'b godda believe you're dot sick He Pchioo!" sneezed Ryleigh. "I'b supposed to be bodelig bathig suits this afterdood. How ab I supposed to do that with a cold? I'b godda Haaa Pchioo, Ah Pchioo! catch by death".

Reya blew her nose but said nothing. She might've felt bad for Ryleigh, had she not been teasing her about her sneezes these past few days.


"Hei Ishoo! O.K. everyode - let's have a quick look aroudd before the tour starts" Clara told the band as they got off the bus in front of the concert hall.

The band followed Clara off the bus and into the entrance to the hall. Miley then noticed a small shop, not too far from where they were standing.

"Wait here" she told sage. "I'm gonna go get something from the shop over there".

"Could you maybe buy us some snacks while you're at it? I'll pay you back when you come back" said Sage.

"Sure" said Miley. She wend to the shop and came back with snacks, a bottle of water and a travel-size pack of tissues. After giving the snacks to Sage, she went over to Clara.

"Here Miss Dunham - I though you might need those" she said as she handed Clara the water and the tissues.

"Oh thadk you dear. I thidk you're right" said Clara. She opened the pack of tissues and blew her nose into one.

"You should drink the water too" said Miley. "If you're sick you need fluids".

"Thadks Biley Haei Choo!" sneezed Clara. "Whoa, excuse be" she said and sniffled.

"Bless you, Miss Dunham" said Miley. "Is your cold getting worse"?

"I'b afraid so" Clara replied. "That would explaid why by sdeezes are gettig so bessy. Sorry about that".

"It's not your fault" said Miley. "You're sick and can't help it".

"You're very kidd for sayig that, Biley" said Clara. "I wish I could just shake this cold off".

"I'll do what I can to help you do just that" said Miley.

"That's dice of you dear, but you dod't ha.... Ha IshYooo, Hai Choo! have to" said Clara.

"But I want to" said Miley. "And bless you again".

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