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Who here is also like a big anime fan?


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Me too (perhaps not the biggest fan but oh boy! Toradora, Beastars and Anohana they got me good) :D


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I don't watch it nearly as much as I used to, but it's fun every once in a while. :)

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Yeah, I've been a fan since I was a kid and I get back into it now and then! Recently I watched Harukana Receive, and started up BNHA again.

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6 hours ago, Hizzoner duh Mare said:

I used to be, but not anymore:watsup:

Me either. I guess since i moved to Germany i haven't gotten back into it. I wouldn't know where to start really! 

But i used to watch a lot in high school.

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Me! I love anime, manga, and webtoons 

Some of my more recent favs that basically are all around fun: Mob psycho 100, one punch man, tower of God, my hero academia.

But I also like shoujo too - from beastars to chiharufuru to fruits basket. 

My anime interest has become a bit of a webtoon craze recently so if anyone else loves those you aren't alone! 😁 

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I dabbled until recently!! And now hooooooly💩!! My Hero Academia!!! ***Whistles*** HooverDAM have I hit it hard!! 🤣🤣🤣

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On 7/28/2020 at 12:40 PM, Vintagedarling said:

I dabbled until recently!! And now hooooooly💩!! My Hero Academia!!! ***Whistles*** HooverDAM have I hit it hard!! 🤣🤣🤣

I’m watching MHA season 3! It really got its hooks in me. I don’t know why I sort of resisted for so long, people kept recommending it to me and I put it off until a couple weeks back and I couldn’t stop. 
I'm also watching SAO Alicization, it’s good but it hasn’t hooked my like the very first season did. 

I started watching Arifureta, the premise was really interesting to me but in only on episode 3 so far. 

I think I feel a little intimidated when I see a popular series with hundreds of episodes, because I simply don’t gave the free time I once had to enjoy hours and hours of anime and I’m afraid if I start I’ll be depressed if I don’t finish. Can you imagine starting One Piece from season 1 episode 1? That’s like, relationship level commitment. 

What are something shorter but very enjoyable anime you all recommend?

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I’m a huge anime fan! I’ve been watching it for years starting with things like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. My top favorite is probably Yu Yu Hakusho which I have watched 6 times all the way through. All 112 episodes of it. And yet I’d be more than happy to watch it again if I could find someone who was interested. As for more recent favorites, How Not to Summon A Demon Lord and Interviews with Monster Girls are really good. I also love Junjo Romantica and am really hoping for a fourth season. 

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Idk about "big" buuut I have a few favorites of my own.

Take a wild guess what my #1 fave anime is 😂

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I like anime! Lately I’ve been reading this BNHA  sickfic and it’s really getting good! 

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