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Fanfic Requests anime

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Hi everyone long time no see 😚 I have been rewatching some anime (old and new 😉) and was just wondering if someone would want to write a fic about some of these anime, if not it’s fine, just thought I’d ask. I was also wondering how many of you have seen these series.😆 
Anime.                                                             Character 
Peacemaker Kurogane.                                Souji Okita
Hakkenden : eight dogs of the east            Rio Satomi

07 Ghost                                                          Castor

Idolish7                                                             Nagi 

The Case of Jeweler Richard                        Richard 

Tsukipro the Animation                                 Koki Eto        

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru                             Yagen 

Fire Force.                                                        Takehisa Hinawa

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Removed underage characters from list.

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