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Request: Luther from Umbrella Academy (my well has run dry T_T)

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Hey guys. Just wanted to let y'all know that, if any of you want to write a Luther Hargreeves fic, I will love you forever and absolutely go buck wild over it. Season 2 just re-emphasized my love for one big sensitive super strong himbo :D I know at this point there's some lovely content for him (courtesy of Spoo :3) and I have written some stuff that I know some of you liked, but I'm greedy and I WANT MORE. Given his body image issues I just imagine he'd be so sneeze shy and just overwhelmingly uncomfortable about it. PLUS big boy = big sneeze, AND I personally believe that him being on the moon for 4 years = compromised immune system, and possibly new/worsened allergies. I just find him very very whumpable okay!??!

I know I used to write a ton for him but my creativity well has run dry (plus I'm busy with a new job). Anyway, just wanted to let you know, if you write content for him i will absolutely 100% read it and love it. ❤️ 

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