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Desperately tickly sneezes, some relieving sneezes induced by stroking the bridge of my nose

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The ragweed pollen has been irritating my nose lately, but today was the most pronounced so far.  I woke up quite thickly congested and the nose blowing triggered something.  I rarely have fits, but this morning while I attempted to get ready in my bathroom, I experienced three forceful, wet sneezes in succession, followed by two half sneezes (my throat spasmed but my itchy, runny nose itself was unresponsive).  I felt absolutely at the mercy of the tickles... tilting my head up and relaxing my face, just hoping my nose would do its thing quickly, whimpering softly as the tickles rose to a climax and then sighing in relief (and some frustration) afterwards.

I went out with a friend, then came back home in the afternoon and listened to gentle music, wondering why my nose still seemed to feel itchy, as usually these symptoms dissipate over the course of the day.  My thoughts drifted to a guy I don't know very well who has been a bit chivalrous to me, and I wondered if I had these tickles in his presence, if he would slowly stroke the bridge of my nose up and down with the side of his finger to coax out the sneezes and relieve me... I managed to sneeze (desperate but slow, breathy and wet) at least two times in this manner, running the side of my finger horizontally up and down the bridge of my nose, and dreaming that some warm, chivalrous gentleman was sitting beside me and reaching over, or holding me from behind with one arm, and stroking my nose with his free hand... either way, taking very good care of me and my helplessly itchy nose. 💓

It still makes me feel melty to type this... my stomach is doing little flips.  I feel embarrassed to share, but also I hope I am not alone in this wish... and I hope that it is sufficient as an observation, even though it is mostly the observation of a fantasy.  (I do feel guilty for appropriating a stranger, but my mind goes funny places when men are chivalrous to me...  :blush:)

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It's a very beautiful story, beautifully illustrated, with a lot of sweetness, tenderness, romanticism. In short, everything I like. I understand you well, I am like you too. Especially in the times when I am feeling alone, my thoughts are directed to a particular woman whom I do not know specifically. And so I imagine how the situation might have turned out if I had experienced those sneezes with her who had been so gentle with me.

A big thank you to you for this sharing. It's normal if you feel embarrassed when you start sharing. But we're all like that. Me too at the beginning, I felt terribly embarrassed during my Self-obs, but you quickly feel understood and accepted by the community. ^_^

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