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Jessica & Lily (1/?)

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Rock And Roll Boy

Jessica felt her girlfriend's warm breath on her neck as they laid in bed together, followed by deep breaths as she heard her build up for a set of sneezes. Lily, her sweetheart, had always been dealing with her allergies ever since she was a teenager. Jessica smiled sweetly as she heard Lily's breaths get longer and more desperate.

'Bless her; she's trying to hold her sneezes in. She thinks I'm still sleeping' Jessica, mentally, spoke.

The morning sun peeked through the gap in the curtains, catching Jessica's eye. She felt Lily's bosoms press against her back, followed by a desperate hitch before;


Lily's body shot up, Jessica catching the sweet sight as she turned around during Lily's fit. With each sweet sneeze, Lily doubled over, her blonde hair obscuring part of her face. Jessica could just about see all the spray Lily was releasing, albeit not very well since she wasn't wearing her glasses. The bed shook for a moment as Lily crashed back down onto the bed, sighing softly.

"Bless you, gorgeous" Jessica whispered, stroking her cheek, Lily looking slowly in her direction.

"Thank you, sweetie. Sorry about that..." She started before Jessica put a finger to her lips.

"Lily, we've been together for two years. Every time this happens, you apologise. It's sweet and sincere but I'm used to it. Even liking it now". A small blush appeared on Jessica's cheeks, making her grateful for Lily not having her glasses on as well. Lily leaned in, locking lips with Jessica and having a long, deep kiss, soon cuddling with one another and was soon turning into something more intimate before Lily starts hitching again.

"Just sneeze on me, sweetheart; I don't mind" Jessica stated, Lily trying to turn to the side.

"I... I don't... w... want... to..." Lily managed to get out, Jessica stroking her nose with her finger like a paint brush.

"If you don't want to, love. I'm not going to force..."

"HA'CHYYEEWW! HA'CHYYYYEEWW! HA'CHYYSSHH"! She roared out, Jessica feeling her cleavage get more moist than earlier as Lily coated her with spray. Planting a delicate kiss on her forehead, Jess held her love close.

"Bless you" She cooed, caressing her cheek again.

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Rock And Roll Boy

Damn. Got part 2 done as well. That's a new record for me. I hope you all enjoy it. 



J: "Bless you, beautiful".


J: "Bless you, again".

L: "Heegghh... heh... HE'CHYYEEWW"!

J: "Gesundheit".

That was pretty much how Jessica and Lily's morning transpired, with promise.

Lily, seated at the kitchen table, a now empty cup of tea in hand, blew her nose for the dozenth time as her pink nose continued to get assaulted by her relentless allergies. Jessica handed her another tissue as she heard her beloved build up for another sneezing fit, before returning to continue washing the dishes, her back facing her. A long sigh of relief, a minute later, confirmed that Lily had finally caught a break from her sneezes. 'The Look Of Love' by Dusty Springfield played from the radio set on the kitchen windowsill.

"Do we have anymbore allergy pills, Jess"? Lily asked, through a stuffed nose and congested voice, despite blowing her nose a moment ago.

"You used the last ones yesterday, baby. Don't worry, I'll nip out and get some in a minute".

"Do, dod't, love, thadks. I deed to get to work".

Facing her direction again, Jessica set her towel aside, after drying her hands. She knelt down beside Lily, feeling her forehead.

"I'mb dot sick, Jess".

"I know but you're sounding quite bad, even on days like these when the pollen count is through the roof. It hasn't been this bad before".

Lily rolled her eyes nonchalantly, seemingly annoyed.

"If there's do change whed I get hombe, thed I'll go to the doctor. But I'mb dot... missigg... heegghhh... haaahhhh..."

Jessica pressed a tissue against Lily's nose gently, in an effort to quell her need to sneeze. She felt Lily's nostrils quiver against the delicate fabric. Lily's body became rigid as Jessica pinched her nose shut with the tissue, Lily trying her best to hold it back as well. It was just then that Jessica felt a little tickle in the back of her own nose, which caught her off guard a little, as she rarely sneezed. She scrunched her nose up as she instinctively started to hitch, the itch soon becoming a miniscule presence to overwhelming. Her grip on the tissue nonexistent at this point, Jess brought her hands up to cover her face as she turned aside.

"HU'CHYYSSHHOOOO"! She screamed out a deep sneeze, her cupped palms soaked in thick spray and a sliver of mucus. Lily soon chimed in with two sneezes of her own, although Jess's was the loudest. The itch was immediately snuffed out after the sneeze was done, although Jess sniffed harshly to make sure. Regaining her bearings, she checked on Lily, who was staring at her in disbelief.

"Mby god, Jess. Bless. You".

"I don't know what the hell happened there. I never sneeze".

"You do whed cats are idvolved".

"But we don't own a cat. It was just a one-off, surely".

Lily chuckled through her congested voice, leaning over and adjusting Jessica's glasses, that were slanted.

"Well, I'mb off to work. I'll call you later, love, okay". Lily gave her beloved a peck on the lips before grabbing her blazer and heading out.

"Take care! Love you"! Jess sounded just before Lily closed the door behind her, hearing a muffled "love you mbore".


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This  is a good one i like it! I like the way you write the buildup and all that!

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Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Excited for the next part :)) 

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Liking this so far

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Cat allergies are my favorite. Qoq good job. 

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Matt alacran

I really loved the scenario where she was ho,ding back 2 sneezes that was incredible 

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Rock And Roll Boy

Thank you for all the nice comments, everyone. Next part will be up soon.

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Sorry for the late reply I love this story definitely continue this awesome story and keep up the amazing work 

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Rock And Roll Boy

Another part is here. Thank you all for the positive comments. 


"Is my darling in a sneezy mood today"? Jessica cooed, caressing Lily's cheek as passed her a tissue. The morning sun began to illuminate Lily and Jessica's bedroom, bringing the promise of blooming pollen with it. 
"Bless you, gorgeous".
"Blesses. Does my sneezy sweetheart want morning
"... cuddles? Gosh. Bless you". 
Lily nodded slowly, rolling over to face her beloved, Jessica enveloping her in soft hugs. Brushing up against Jessica's shoulder, Lily hitched softly for another sneezing fit. Placing her finger against Lily's nostrils, Jess felt around for some tissues on her nightstand. Her hand made contact with her glasses, accidentally knocking them onto the floor, resulting in a brief sigh from her. She continued feeling around with her hand but found nothing.
"HA'CHSSHHYYEEWW! Heh... huh... HE'CHYYEEWW"! Lily shot upwards with a harsh double, barely able to cover it. 
"Bless" Jess sounded, lying back down, cuddling back up with her love. "Any more"?
"I don't think so" Lily whispered, sniffling, her naked body pressing against Jess.


A soft ringing sound seemed to chime in on their tender morning, from nearby. A phone vibrating as it was receiving an incoming call.
"My phone, I think" Jess murmured, wondering where she left it. Not too far, evidently. 
"It's mine" Lily concluded after finding it on her nightstand, squinting at the screen before answering. Jess listened in a little but was mainly relaxing, gripping onto Lily's waist gently as she felt her sit up. 
"That was work. They need me to start early today, since a lot of people called in sick" Lily explained after finishing the call. 
"Mmnn. Just five more minutes" Jess whined, too comfortable in her current spot.
"Jess, we need the money. The mortgage isn't even paid yet". 
"They should pay you double, if you ask me".
"I've only been there a few months. Not likely, but we can dream".
Jess whined cutely, again, Lily giving her a soft kiss, soon making Jess quiet again.

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I love your story, although it is short it contains a lot of sweetness, tenderness and romance, all of which I love to read. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to read more. :razz:

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Rock And Roll Boy
On 10/21/2020 at 8:45 AM, oOMariusOo said:

I love your story, although it is short it contains a lot of sweetness, tenderness and romance, all of which I love to read. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to read more. :razz:

Thank you very much, Marius. :D

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Rock And Roll Boy

Again, thank you all for the positive comments. Another part is here. Feel free to continue commenting.


"Heegh... huhghh..." Lily strained as she awoke to her nose being assaulted by multiple grains of pollen and dust. She could barely sit up, her intense urge to sneeze becoming almost overwhelming. "HE'CHYYEEWW! HA'CHYYEEWW"! She screamed out a high-pitched double, rocking her fatigued body forwards. Her bright blonde hair obscuring her face, she sniffled before gasping as another sneezing fit took her.
"HA'SSHHYYEEWW! HA'CHYYRREEWW! Haaghhh... ahh... hehh... 'CHYYEEOOOO"! Lily's breaths became frantic as her nose ran, but wasn't done. "AH'CHSSYYEEWW! 'CHHRREEEWW"! Trying her best to regain her composure, and control of her breathing, Lily allowed her now sore throat to tickle, resulting in two hoarse coughs. Feeling a hand rub against her bare leg, Lily stroked it with her thumb.
"Mmm. Blesses. Are the flowers outside blooming a little too much"? Jessica murmured, laying next to her beloved.
"Uh huh... 'CHYEW! HE'SSHHH"!
Jessica slid her hands up to Lily's cheeks, holding her head gently.
"Blesses, Lil" She whispered, squinting and leaning in to kiss her tenderly. Lily edged herself in close, as well. Within a few seconds, Lily inhaled sharply as her nose twitched crazily.
Lily stared, gawking, immensely flustered. "Jess, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to sneeze on you".
Wiping her eyelids gently, Jessica nodded slowly.
"Lily, it's okay. I know you didn't mean to. Besides..." She leaned in again, planting a tender kiss on Lily's lips. For almost a full minute, the kiss lasted, both girls holding each other in embrace. Lily pulled away sharply, ready to sneeze, Jess whispering that it was okay to sneeze on her, keeping her close.
"Lily, it's okay. Let loose".
Lily erupted and sprayed Jessica, her lower face, neck and bosoms coated. Trembling a little, Lily looked ready for yet another sneezing fit, her nostrils quivering. A soft touch pressed itself against her nose, soon brushing side to side, like a paintbrush would. Her eyes fluttering open, Lily smiled a little as Jess kept a tissue against her nostrils.
"There we go. Better"?
"I... I think so".
"Now blow" Jess ordered, covering her beloved's entire nose with the fabric. Lily seemed to hesitate but did so, a delicate blowing sound escaping her.
"Thank you, sweetheart".

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Rock And Roll Boy

And another part! 


Making out with her beloved, Lily had Jessica pinned down, both ladies laughing softly, enjoying the moment. Jessica's hands snaked up Lily's body, past her waist.

"Bless you, bless you, and bless you, beautiful".
"Heegghh... haaghhh..."
Jessica chuckled as Lily pawed at her irritated nose, caressing her cheek.
"Poor baby. Need some help there"?
"Uhhh... uh... huh".
Leaning in close, Jessica pecked her love's forehead, followed by deep kiss on her nose. Lily tensed up, eyes soon squeezed shut, her bare chest rising and descending as she panted. Jessica wished she could observe every detail but she wasn't wearing her glasses.
"HAGHH... heh..." Lily sniffed harshly, Jess stroking the bridge of her pink nose.
"Nuh uh uh. Naughty girl. Come on; let's get that sneeze out". Lily's nostrils quivering, Jess swirled her finger around the edges, feeling Lily's nose run a little.
"Thaahhh tihhhh... tickles... so... b... bad".

Taking it a step further, Jessica moved a few locks of Lily's blonde hair so they were tapping the rims of her nostrils.
"Ihhhh... it's... c... coming..."
"Good girl".
Just to ensure success, Jess pecked the tip of Lily's nose repeatedly.
Lily jolted upright, doubled over even, spraying the bedsheets. Jessica's ears were ringing a little, although her smile was intact. Coughing up a storm, Lily was soon laying back down, looking a tad drained.
"Bless. You. Sweetheart. Feel better"?
"Mmm hmmm. Thank you, Jess" Lily rasped, humming softly as she felt her lips get kissed.
"You're more than welcome, sweetheart".

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@Rock And Roll Boy
Woohoo, this is really exceptional. I love stories like this where the tenderness, gentleness and love of the two characters are intensely mixed in such a critical moment. I would love to have this kind of experience. It is masterful and very well written, thank you again to you for this very beautiful little story. :razz:

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Rock And Roll Boy
22 hours ago, oOMariusOo said:

@Rock And Roll Boy
Woohoo, this is really exceptional. I love stories like this where the tenderness, gentleness and love of the two characters are intensely mixed in such a critical moment. I would love to have this kind of experience. It is masterful and very well written, thank you again to you for this very beautiful little story. :razz:

You're too kind, Marius. Thank you very much for the benevolence comment.

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