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What Stories Should I Write This November? (A Poll)

What stories should I write this November?  

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  1. 1. Which of these story premises sounds most appealing to you? (More details in post below)

    • A manor house that has a specific wing (and protocol) for people who catch cold.
    • A Victorian era gentleman's club (though ladies are allowed) dedicated to sneezing.
    • A couple with the fetish has fun with a bouquet of flowers.
    • A fairy is cursed to only be able to cast magic when she sneezes.
    • An explorer/journalist documents the unusual cold and flu seasons of different fictional countries.
    • The barrier between the fantasy and the real worlds has to be replenished via sneezing.
    • A misguided attempt to be healthy causes a bunch of period piece nobles to get sick.
    • A model gets a bit sneezy while having a lingerie photoshoot.
    • A story involving a literal giant sneezing.
    • A sequel to "A Knight's Mission, a Fool's Errand".

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I've never done a poll before, so hopefully I do this right.

National Novel Writing Month is coming up soon, and my plan this year is to write a bunch of sneezefic for it and try to get some of the ideas in my head down on paper. I figured, since I'd be sharing the fics with you guys anyway, I'd let you decide which ones I should work on.

I'm going to start with a dozen fics, then add on if I need more words to reach 50,000. I've already selected most of them myself, but I need three more. So here's how I hope this works out;

I've posted a poll above, and will give slightly more detailed explanations in this post as to the story idea. The poll will close in a week. At the end of it, I will pick the top three winners. If there's no clear consensus, I'll drop the lowest vote getters and create another poll on the 22nd.

Thanks for your help, guys! Feel free to comment to ask questions (I can't guarantee I'll answer them if I want to keep certain story details secret) or gush over your favorite premise. I'll take those into account come vote tabulating time.


1. A manor house (I'm picturing this as a period piece) has an unusual protocol when it comes to illness in the house. If someone gets sick, they go to a specific wing of the house to quarantine themselves. However, servants volunteer to accompany the sick person, so the sick person can be fed and taken care of. This does mean the first day of quarantine is spent ensuring the volunteers get sick so they can all recover at around the same time, but it's a system everyone is satisfied with.

2. A Victorian era gentleman's club has been created for the sole purpose of enjoying sneezing. Despite the name, ladies are allowed (though they need to sneak in through the back door to keep up appearances). The club is divided into Cold Lovers, Allergy Enthusiasts, and Inducers. The story will allow us to explore all three areas, and will have a slight choose your own adventure element.

3. A couple who both have the fetish have some fun playing with a bouquet containing flowers one or both of them are allergic to. This one may end up on the Adult forum.

4. A fairy was cursed to only be able to cast magic when she sneezes. Fairies, however, are a mischevious lot, so she's not only learned to turn her sneezes into spells, she tends to make sure the recipient of the spell ends up sneezing too.

5. A Gulliver's Travels-eqsue story where a journalist/explorer type travels to different areas to see what their cold and flu seasons are like. Not to give everything away, but two examples include a cold that inhabits a single person and can only be passed on if you're directly sneezed on (at which point the original sick person is immediately cured), and a place where colds come from eating a certain berry, so it's like when different fruits are in season here in our world.

6. The fantasy realm and our human realm are separated by a magical barrier. Said barrier needs to be reinforced every year, and this is done by having certain magical creatures sneeze simultaneously. Again, not to give everything away, but dragons are involved.

7. Another period piece. A noblewoman who grew up in the country has been raised to believe that cold air is invigorating and good for the health. When she comes to the city and gives a ball during the winter, she tries to encourage this way of thinking by leaving all the windows open during the ball. Instead, everybody who attends the ball (except her) gets sick, and we see snapshots of the various guests in the aftermath.

8. A model is having a lingerie photoshoot, but gets a bit chilled in the process. Undaunted, she and her photographer keep taking photos and just incorporate sneezing and illness into it (fires and bearskin rugs get involved).

9. I unfortunately can't say too much about this one without spoiling things. All I can say is that there's a cold and sneezes from a literal giant.

10. A sequel to my fic "A Knight's Mission, a Fool's Errand". At the end of that fic, I left the possibility for a sequel open by saying that Hilda the knight eventually got something named after her. This is that story, involving cold weather and having to take shelter from the snow.

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already voted, but just wanted to double down on my support for #2! i've always adored that premise, and have zero doubt you would absolutely do it justice.

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I voted for the fourth idea, it's really the one that seems to please me the most. But I am also curious about ideas number 6 and 9. ^_^

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I voted 5, but 1 and 7 sound really good too!

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The poll is now closed! Thanks to everyone who voted!

I was a little worried that ten choices would spread the votes out too much and I'd have to have a second round, but it seems we have three clear winners; the model fic, the gentleman's club fic, and the fairy fic. The model and fairy fics took early leads, so I'm not surprised they won, but the gentleman's club fic had a surprising surge of popularity, going from third place contender to second place. In truth, I'm glad that one was one of the winners--not only do I have a lot of ideas for it, it's a great one to help me reach the 50,000 word count.

You should be seeing the fruits of my labors over the course of next year. And for those of you who voted for stories that didn't win, don't worry, because I plan to write those stories eventually. I wouldn't have put them on the poll if I didn't have any interest in them, after all.

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I missed the poll, but in a way I'm glad.  Trying to choose between these ideas would have been so hard.  I've loved everything of yours that you've written and I'm sure these will the same. 

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@Sneeze-aholic That's very flattering to hear! Hope you enjoy them when they finally materialize!

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