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Hello! Again!

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So I decided to log into my old account after lurking for a couple of years. It's a little weird having this username since I'm no longer blonde, but I digress. 😋

This is the year I've had to get honest with myself about a lot of things. What I want to do with my life. What makes me happy. Who I am. And that meant finally getting evaluated for ADHD and autism at the ripe old age of 27. And I guess this year it also means coming to terms with this fetish, too.

My fiance has known about this fetish for years (I want to say I shared it with him the first year we were dating) and a few other folks know. But I'm tired of treating it like a shameful thing and to me that means actually talking to other folks with this fetish. 

I'm back! And it's good to BE back! 

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Joal 555

Welcome back!

I hope that you enjoy spending time here and that it helps you come to terms with the fetish in the way that you want.




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I'm also on the autism spectrum and go through feeling badly about the fetish sometimes, but it also brings great joy. They didn't know about autism much until I was in my 30s, welcome to forum.

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Welcome back to you BlondeSneezer. :D
I also think it is the right solution to be able to speak freely on the forum in order to be able to accept ourselves as we are. For my part, I have always felt extremely bad about my sneezing fetish. I felt very lonely for many years until I came across this site. It took a while to sign up, but I could already read a few posts and realize that I was not alone in having this kind of feeling. :razz:

There is nothing shameful about our feelings, whatever they are. It is not a fault to be able to have certain desires. And when you look at it more deeply, I personally find the sneezing fetish to be a very noble desire compared to many other attractions. It is a feeling full of sweetness and tenderness for a sneezing person. In any case for me, when I fall for someone who sneezes, I go into hugging and caring mode. There is nothing to be ashamed of in that, don't you think ?

Looking forward to reading you soon,
Marius ^_^

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