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 Back with another Mallory and Kaito fic!

As always I hope you enjoy :) 



Christmas had come and gone, which meant that the decorations had to be put away and the tree left out on the curb for pick up. I was in the process of slowly packing everything away and listening to my music. Kai had left this morning to go up to his parent’s place and help them pack away their own decorations. Once I had everything put away, except for the now naked tree, I walked into the kitchen. I refilled my glass of water and saw that the plate of cookies my parents had given us was now empty. I eyed the plate, figuring that Kai must’ve brought the last of the cookies up to his parents. I grabbed the empty plate and set it into the dishwasher. I then grabbed the mixing bowl, having decided to surprise Kai with cookies when he comes home. (That and I needed to have dessert in my house to live). I had finished with the dough when I heard the door open. 

“Welcome back!” I called out as I scooped the cookie dough onto the baking sheet. I hummed along to my music as Kai made his way into the kitchen. 

He slipped his arms around my waist and placed his chin on my left shoulder, “I’m home,” 

I smiled and plopped the last ball of cookie dough onto the sheet, “you came home sooner than I expected,” I gestured to the baking sheet with my cookie dough scooper, “I was hoping to have some of these ready when you got back,” I pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and turned back to the cookie sheet, “thought it would be nice for you to come home to a kitchen that smelt of and actually had cookies,”  

“I don’d mind waiti’g,” Kai nuzzled into my neck, “I’b nod able do sbell themb adyway.”  He added sniffling wetly into my ear, I set down the scooper and turned around in his arms to face him. His eyes were puffy and watery while his nose was an irritated pink.

 I raised my hands to cup his face and watched his nose crinkle as he sniffled again. “What happened to you?” I asked, rubbing my thumbs back and forth against his cheeks, “You look like you got sprayed in the face with Jess’s perfume again,”

He let out a laugh which then turned into a harsh, “haATCHuh.” 

“Bless you,” I said as I brushed away a stray tear that had fallen down his cheek. 

Kai sniffled and raised a fist up to his nose, “lobve you,” he turned away to snag a tissue from the box we kept on the opposite counter. While he blew his nose, I placed the first batch of cookies into the oven and set the timer. I turned back around to face my boyfriend, his nose still buried in the tissue. His eyes squeezed shut as he geared up for another sneeze, “hi-ETCH...heh..heITCH,” I watched as he used the tissue to scrub his irritated nose. 

“Bless you times two,” I said as I pulled out an empty second cookie sheet. 

Kai lowered the tissue and let out a sigh, “snff, love you,” he tossed the tissue into the trash can, “times two,” he added with a smile before snagging a few more tissues and placing them on the counter next to him. 

I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, propping my chin on his chest. I looked up at Kai, “So what in the world happened to you at your parents’ place?” I asked. 

Kaito’s eyes fluttered shut and he scrunched his nose, quickly I grabbed a tissue from the counter and cupped it around his nose, “HUH!Heh-HEPTCHUU...heh...hePTCH...uh,” Kai sighed into the tissue. 

“Bless you, baby,” I said as I wicked away the moisture and gave his nose a good scrub before tossing out the tissue. 

“Love you,” he replied, opening his tired and irritated eyes and smiling down at me. 

I pulled back to wash my hands and then went back to scooping more cookie dough onto the new cookie sheet. “Are you okay?” I asked and turned back to look at him again, “you look drained.” 

Kaito once again embraced me in a back hug, his chin resting on my shoulder as I scooped another ball of dough, “I’m alright, Mal. It’s just allergies.” 

I quirked an eyebrow but before I could ask him to elaborate the timer for the cookies went off. A bit reluctantly I pulled away from Kaito and took the cookies out of the oven and placed them on top of the stove. I turned back to Kai as I waited for the cookies to cool, “what are you allergic to at your parents’ place?”

Kai brought up another tissue and used it to dab beneath his reddened nostrils, “it was their tree,” 

I looked at him in confusion, “but you’re not allergic to Christmas trees?” I turned back and placed the second cookie sheet into the oven and set the timer, “we have a real live tree and you...” I trailed off unable to compute.  

At my facial expression, Kai laughed, “no you’re right, I’m not allergic to live trees but my parents switched to a fake tree this year,” he brought his fist up to knuckle his nose, “Easier for them to manage,” he added. 

“If they have a fake tree then how-?” 

“W-wai..hih-ih..t,” Kai said breathlessly holding a finger up in a ‘one moment’ gesture, his eyes squeezed shut, “ uh...huh..heIISHOO..heITCH..uh,” he sneezed into his sleeve. He slowly raised his head and scrubbed his nose.

“Bless you,” 

He grinned and lowered his hand, exposing a red and very irritated nose, “lobve you,” Kaito grabbed another tissue from the counter and blew his nose, his hands steepled over the abused appendage. I bit my lip as I watched him alternate nostrils before turning back to the now cooled cookies. I began to move them to the cooling rack as a distraction from my deliciously sniffly, sneezy boyfriend. 

Kai cleared his throat before continuing, “My mom still wanted the house to smell like pine so she bought a scented stick that I guess you hang on the tree like an ornament.” He explained, “I’m pretty sure that’s what set me off.” 

I paused in moving the cookies to the cooling rack, and couldn’t help but laugh, “so you’re allergic to artificial Christmas?” 

Kai chuckled, “seems that way snffl,” 

Once done unloading the cookies I turned back to him, “what did your parents say? Or did it not really start until the drive home?” I asked. 

Kai wriggled his nose absentmindedly before replying, “I didn’t even notice it until I left, I helped my dad with the lights outside while my mom and Erika packed away the inside decorations,” 

“If you were outside the whole time how do you know it was an air freshener?” I asked scooping the last of the dough on the newly emptied cookie sheet. 

“HUH!Heh-HEPTCHUU...heh...hePTCH,” Kai let out a tired groan and sniffled, “Id started whed I helped by dad take dowd the dree, damb,” he swore. I glanced behind me to see Kai rip out a handful of tissues and bring them back up to his nose, he gave a loud and long gurgly blow. 

“Bless you, are you sure you’re okay?” I asked, once again gnawing on my lower lip as I watched him.

Kai kept the tissues pressed against his face and sneezed again, “HUH!DJjj’SSHHtt!Uoo-HERRUSSSHHOOO!” The force of the sneezes had left him bent over at the waist. 

“Damn,” I muttered appreciatively. Kai looked up at me from his bent position, his nose still nestled in the tissues. But before he could reply, the timer went off and I switched out the cookie sheets. 

“Are you edjoyi’g dhis?” 

I let out a startled squeak, Kai had come up from behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist. His chin set on my shoulder and his hot stuffy voice whispered in my ear. I felt my face get warm and I knew that I was blushing, setting the oven mitt down I pinched his arm, “you already know the answer to that ya jerk,” 

He snuffled in my ear and chuckled a little breathlessly, “thingk you could bake adother badch?” 

“I can, but why?” I asked as I started to move the latest batch of cookies to the cooling rack. 

“Well I’b goin’g do be sdiffly and sdeezy for a while,” he sniffled wetly in my ear as if to accentuate his point.

“And what exactly do you get out of this?” I asked a bit breathlessly, tightening my grip on the spatula. 

“I ged do sday holding you ligke dhis,” Kai replied, his breath warm against my cheek. I stood there in his arms, acting as if I was mulling over his proposal. It was then that I felt his breathing change and heard him take in a gasp of air, “huh..hah..na hNXT-uh” he stifled into the crook of my neck. 

I bit the inside of my gum to keep myself from moaning, “bless you.” 

 Kai only hummed in response, busy rubbing his nose back and forth against my skin, trying to dispel the insistent itch in his sinuses. 

Having officially melted, I raised a hand and tousled his dark hair affectionately, “alright, deal.” I turned back to face Kai which forced him to raise his head from my shoulder. His eyes were still pink, puffy, and a bit unfocused, and his nose was now a bright red. I pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, “I do have a condition though,”

Kai raised an eyebrow up but was interrupted by another sneeze, “huh-ITCHuh..snfl,” he stifled into his shoulder and turned back to me wriggling his nose. “Which is?” he asked. 

I smiled up at him, “he who does not work, does not get cookies.” 

He chuckled, pulling me closer against his chest, “I cad worgk with thad.”


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So sweet! They are just too cute together!

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I love this! Well done!!

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Nice one! Love your fics~.

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On 1/10/2021 at 9:48 PM, rockbell said:

 “Bless you, baby,” I said as I wicked away the moisture and gave his nose a good scrub before tossing out the tissue. 

“Love you,” he replied, opening his tired and irritated eyes and smiling down at me. 


Love this part ❤️ Awk who am I kidding I just love them!! Their dynamic...just everything about them really. So glad you have written another instalment of this wonderful relationship and I hope there’s more on the way!😁

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