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Writing classic tropes but with your own twist (non-fetish writing)?


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Okay, so, I haven't had the motivation or inspiration to write a whole lot lately, maybe it's because of what's going on in the world (and my own life), or maybe I'm just in a writing funk. Who knows? Anyway, I've been toying with the idea of writing a ghost story/haunted house story, slightly based off a creepy house I lived in when I was a kid. The thing is... I want to write it as an adult either going back to a childhood home/summer place (inheriting it or something), or moving into a new house. Alone. Not with a partner or family. And things start to happen that they can't explain - or in the first example, they begin to remember the haunting taking place when they were a kid and how it happens again. 

Now, this is such a classic horror story trope that I'm not sure there's anything I can do with it that hasn't been done to death before. I don't want to set it in, like, a Victorian mansion or something, but a very ordinary suburban environment or a very ordinary summer place/lake house, but even so the haunted house trope has been done so much I have no idea if it's even worth writing another. I don't want to copy a bunch of old stories but write my own, but honestly, how many ways are there to go with this trope? 

So, what I'm trying to ask is this; if there are other writers out there who have written done-to-death tropes, how do you make them "your own"? 

Also, any kind of motivational tip is welcome! I really want to get back into writing again. For my own sanity's sake. :lol: 


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honestly any time you write something, especially that you're bringing your own experiences and perspective to, you're gonna be making it your own by default. i think this is important to keep in mind. also important is to recognize that there's a reason for certain ideas and genres to be so popular-- it's because people like to read them. so, please do not worry about writing something with a premise that's been done before, since it's a premise that is well-liked and you'll be bringing your unique point of view to it. it will be enjoyable!

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I can relate wanting to get back into writing again, I’m sure you’ll find your grove again! There are a lot of great blogs that give ideas on how to twist tropes to make something new that may be more to your liking. I got the advice once to try and mix and match tropes that you like with other tropes on https://tvtropes.org and you might find something that sparks your interest!. Honestly try writing out how you might like and then edit it with different ideas! Write what you like first and then you might find it’s not as done-to-death as you feel! Hope this helps! Enjoy writing!

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Thanks guys! Really appreciate your input!

I'm a little bit scared, I haven't written a long, plot-driven story in a very long time, and I feel rusty af. But, new year, new endeavours, right? *deep breath* 

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