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How do I tell my boyfriend?

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could possibly get some advice?

I have a boyfriend who I have now been dating for six months. I love him so much and trust him with my life. However, I haven't yet told him about the fetish. I've told him some of the other strange kinky stuff I'm into but none of it seems equal to this. I'm scared he'd laugh or be creeped out.

So what have your experiences been like in telling partners? Do you have any tips?

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Well you already know about my experience :) as for your situation, it seems like your boyfriend is ok with other kinks you're into, so there's a high chance he'll accept this one as well. I'd tell him first that it's a very delicate topic for me, that I internally kinkshamed myself for a long time, or whatever your experience with it was like. For me, there was a point when I hated myself for having this fetish. When I made my partner guess my fetish, I also explained to him why I couldn't tell him directly: because I wanted him to know about it and accept me, but at the same time I was really scared of his reaction. I'm not a relationship expert, but I believe if you tell your bf first how delicate this topic is for you, he will be more emotionally prepared to accept your kink. Be honest with him, you can even honestly tell him that you really love him and trust him, but you are very afraid that he might be creeped out because yours is one of the "weird kinks". At least that's what I did, and my partner was very accepting 😊 Good luck! I hope everything goes well for you.

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He may wonder why you waited so long, but he likes your kinks so it should be fine, just be aware he may ask many questions

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