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23 hours ago, Missxxch said:

“... You know I love you, right?” She felt light-headed as soon as the words had left her mouth. 

Tyler was frozen for a few seconds. He was in no state to be taking in this information. He brought a clammy hand to Hannah’s cheek. 

“I love you too, Hannah.” He said, simply. He couldn’t possibly be more vulnerable than he was, right in this moment. 


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After a few indulgent hours of snuggling, Tyler was still asleep. Hannah had tried to take a nap herself, but her mind was being too loud. It was no use; she could only stare at the ceiling, and at Tyler’s sleeping face, for so long. 

His mouth hung quite open, his lips in need of some chapstick. 

The skin around his nostrils was looking rough and dry, a permanent flush in his cheeks. Despite his body’s high temperature, he had himself essentially burrowed under the comforter.

Hannah slowly removed his heavy arm from around her torso. His snores became distorted for a few rounds from the disturbance, but quickly regulated again. 

She tiptoed over to his side of the bed, and transferred his army of used tissues into the trash. His water was still half full. He couldn’t seem to stay awake for long enough to get through the glass. She frowned. He needed to stay hydrated, or things would only get worse. 

Leaving the room and closing the bedroom door gently, Hannah found bright afternoon sun flooding the hallway. 

She planted herself on the couch again, and pulled out her laptop. She wanted to do some research, put a plan in place to do everything she could to make Tyler feel better. Google was her enabler. 

As she was taken to her Home Screen, a slide show of Hannah’s photos came up. She smiled at she met eyes with a 16 year old version of herself. She looked so different back then, hair perpetually in a ballet bun, eyebrows over-tweezed. 

The next picture to appear was of her and Tyler, funnily enough. Tyler’s 20th birthday, a sunshiny, “makes you feel like a million bucks just being in the room with him”, kind of grin covered his handsome young face. Hannah beside him, arms wrapped around him in a tipsy embrace. She held her body about a foot away from his, in an effort to be platonic. 

Hannah chuckled to herself. 

“Snf. Hannah?” Came a low growl from down the hallway. The sound of heavy footsteps shuffled towards her. She got up right away, and came face to face with him. 

“What are you doing out of bed?” 

He was wrapped in his comforter, and hunched, a tissue shoved up each nostril. 

Tyler sniffled and continued to move towards her. He collapsed onto the couch with an exhausted exhale. 

“You wake up as soon as I leave?” Hannah joked gently. She adjusted the blankets around him, leaving no inch of skin exposed to the cool air. 

Tyler gave her a half smile and closed his eyes. He curled up against the couch’s back and arm, a cozy corner spot. Hannah couldn’t help herself, she leaned back and slipped her arms around his fragile, feverish body. 

“HhHh!” He gasped, body shaking as his breath hitched. 

“HehTschhhu’uh! Hehstchh’uh!” He sneezed into the comforter, away from her. 

“Bless you.” Hannah rubbed his arm. 

Tyler groaned in response and settled back into his quasi-asleep position. The sun peeled through the window, shining on his face. He turned further into the couch, fighting a migraine. 

Hannah got up and closed the blinds. 

“I’m going to get you something to drink, Ty.” She said softly. 

The room was as dark as she could make it, at 2:00 in the afternoon. She left him to rest and went to the kitchen. The cabinets held cans of soup, a frequent weekday lunch for them anyway. She heated a can of chicken noodle on the stove top, and poured another glass of water and a glass of orange juice for him. She brought them to him, setting them on the coffee table. The tissues were already there, waiting to be used. 

Tyler fidgeted in discomfort, moving his legs around, and nestling his face deeper and deeper into the couch’s protective darkness. 

“Ntschhhh’x! Tschhhxx! Tschhxxx!” He stifled against his blanket-clad hand. 

Hannah found herself burning from the idea of the mess, pleasure as she thought of lying under that blanket with him later. 

“Bless you.” She said, trying to fill her voice with as much dignity as she could. 

Tyler continued to shift his legs around. 

“Want to stretch out?” She suggested. It seemed to be his default comfortable position on the couch. 

He hesitated, but let his long legs uncurl, filling the couch. He was a big guy. His blanketed thigh rested against her lower back. Tyler breathed a sigh of what sounded like relief, at this change of position. 

“Have some lunch?” She asked, determined to get all the healing liquids into his body. 

Tyler scrunched his nose and leaned back. 

“Hehhh...” Hannah braced herself for another fit. 

He wiggled his nose around, frustrated. The sneezes didn’t come. Slowly, his face relaxed. He sighed and weakly pulled his torso to a more upright position, to eat. 

Hannah felt heat in her cheeks. Watching him struggle had frustrated her, as well. She hoped his nose would give them both some relief, soon. 

“Can you pass me the soup, please?” Tyler sniffled. Hannah brought the bowl to his hands. The steam drew out beads of moisture on his face. 

Tyler took a spoonful, with a shaky hand. He winced as the soup went down his throat. 

“Heh...” his eyebrows knitted together, nostrils flaring. “Tschhh’uUuh! Hehtschhhuh!” He sneezed into his shoulder. Soup spilled over, onto the comforter. 

“Bless you.” Hannah was already dabbing at the mess with a tissue. 

“Thank you.” Tyler said, miserably. He closed his eyes and leaned back, setting the bowl on the table. 

“Hey, I think you should have some more. You haven’t eaten at all.” Said Hannah, her concern apparent. 

Tyler looked at her in a way that broke her heart. 

“I know.” Hannah said. She touched his flaming cheek, to comfort him, but feeling his temperature just reinforced her worry. 

“I’ll help you, okay?”

Hannah picked up the bowl. Tyler readjusted himself. 

She brought the spoon to his lips. He sulkily sipped at it. 

Hannah filled the spoon again. “Here comes the airplane.” She raised her eyebrow at him, trying to get him to smile. He did. 

“Don’t patronize me.” He chucked. He swallowed the soup again, making a face as it went down. 

“Sore throat, huh?” Hannah asked, continuing to feed him. 

Tyler nodded. 

“I think I have some lozenges in my purse? I’ll run out for some medicine later.” 

Tyler shook his head. He didn’t want her to go. He just wanted to sleep. 

Hannah brought another spoon to his lips. He took the mouthful, then widened his eyes as a sneeze crept up on him. He swallowed as fast as he could. 

“‘TscHuUuh!” He sneezed away from her, then launched into a coughing fit, speckled with a few sneezes in between. 

“Tschu’Uuh! Tschhhuh! Hehtschhhuh!” 

Hannah got the water. Tyler held up a finger, continuing his fit. 

“Tschhhuh! Tschhh!” 

He stopped for a moment to sip. The coughing subsided. 

“Tschhhtt!” He exhaled, exhausted and in pain.  Hannah got up and grabbed a lozenge for his throat. The soup was almost done. 

“Can you finish this?” 

Tyler gave her a look. “Do I have to?” He asked, with a raspier voice than before. He cringed, both from the sensation and the sound. 

Hannah nodded. “Then I’ll let you rest.” She offered, a bribe. 

Tyler took the bowl, sipping straight out of it, slowly, until it was empty. 

“Here is your reward.” Hannah smiled, unwrapping the lozenge. He smiled back, then wiggled his nose around, face compressing in discomfort. He scrubbed his nose with his fist, back and forth until the tickle subsided. 

Satisfied for now, Tyler put the lozenge in his mouth. He shot Hannah a look. He hated its echinacea flavor. Hannah giggled. 

“You’re a picky patient.” 

Tyler rolled his eyes and lay down. Hannah brought the soup dish to the kitchen, and put the glass of OJ in the fridge. 

She came back to the couch. Tyler pulled up the comforter, offering her a spot, against his feverish body. Hannah took it. 

He was so warm against her, and his whole body had seemed to take on the scent of the echinacea. 

She laid her head on his chest. His heart beat steadily against her ear. This felt so right. 

Her hand rested just above his belly button, rising and falling with each of his congested breaths. She looked up at him. His green eyes blinked back at her, eyelids heavy. He gave her a squeeze and brought his lips to her forehead. Hannah felt her heart race and her face redden. 

“Wish I could kiss you.” Tyler said. He let out a big yawn, then blushed, turning his head to cover his mouth. Then, the itch was back. His breath hitched, Hannah feeling each gasp under her hands. 

“Hehtschhhuh! ‘HhhUuh! Tschhhu’uuh! Tschhhuh!” He sneezed into his elbow. 

“Sorry.” Tyler winced, confidence shot. Hannah touched his face, lovingly, telling him it was okay. She brought a tissue to his nose. 

Tyler tried to blow his nose, but nothing would come out. “Popped my ears...” he grumbled. Hannah pinched his nose with the tissue, removing as much moisture as she could. She put the tissue on the table, then turned back, meeting his eyes. His lovely green eyes, speckled with browns and golds. 

“Kiss me.” Hannah said. 

Tyler squeezed her again. “Wouldn’t be fair. I don’t want you catching this.” 

Hannah chuckled. “I think I’m at risk enough as it is.” She’d been glued to his side all day. 

Tyler yawned again, then snuggled against Hannah, his cheek resting on her temple. 

“I can wait.” He said. 

Hannah smiled, big.

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Awwww Sweet chapter! Great job! 

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So adorable 🥰 

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More please!

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I was so happy to see more of this

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