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Coughing/Wheezing From Allergies?

Ali Marie

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I know that given the current situation now might be an awkward time to mention if anyone has a particular interest in allergies that cause coughing, but I'm only asking because I recently noticed that my cat allergy has now morphed into a situation that feels very similar to asthma.

I was visiting someone who has a cat & I haven't been in the same room as a cat for 8 years. Apparently, my reaction has changed for 3rd time since I was a child. I now develop a very dry but persistent cough almost immediately. I hated the feeling but my boyfriend's reaction was what piqued my interest in the subject.

Him: "Do you have an inhaler?"

Me: "No, why?"

Him: "You need one! Just listen to how strongly your reaction to the cat!"

And there was a later conversation to follow with some nice caretaking aspects involved...

Him: "You're wheezing."

Me: "Nope, just breathing heavy. My chest is a little tight."

Him: "That's allergies. Want some medicine?"

What followed what him hand-feeding me medicine & carrying me to a nice steam shower. :wubsmiley:

Anyway, what's your all's opinion on the subject?

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I mean...it's awkward given the current situation, for sure....but, well....yeah.

A wheezy allergic cough while you protest you're fine?  

Uh, yeah- I like that. :blush:


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