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just nice sneezing as i go about my days

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I'm a very sneezy person in general but over the past several weeks it's just been in the best possible way; frequent but actually gentle enough for me to enjoy and without much associated discomfort. I've not been overly so or congested and i've been alone most of the time which in and of itself isn't great but i haven't had to feel weird about it and it's lovely. just a couple of  little ehhhhh-hmpf s  or aeeesheeew s every hour or so, and it's super nice. I think it's allergies, but also I've just got a super sensitive nose. I don't write obs much; half the time I don't even think to since I just sneeze so much, so I'm not sure exactly what to say,  I'll just be going about my days and sneezing as i go, and it's lovely, and I though I'd share.  please feel free to ask any questions or give tips on what details you like to hear. 

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Thanks so much for sharing! Personally I love when people try to spell their sneezes out, talk about what’s making them sneeze, if they induced (if so how it felt), and any use of tissues or handkerchiefs. Describing what shape their nose is and just rly talking about anything to do w their nose and the way the sneeze made them feel. 

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