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inducing techniques

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My friend and I are looking for ways to induce for them and here is what we've discovered.

1. The tissue trick doesn't work. (even with a bobby pin/paperclip)

2. No allergens other than seasonal, but that doesn't help for inducing.

3. Perfumes/other strong scents don't seem to work either.

4. Chhnkni would be a last resort, so we aren't counting that right now.

5. Not photic.

Any suggestions?

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I would check out this pinned thread, but off the top of my head, I'd also recommend bathroom air freshener spray. I know you said that perfumes and other strong scents don't seem to work, but for me this one works not because of the scent but because of the particles. I spray it in front of my face and do a sort of "walk through" while breathing in deeply through my nose, and that almost always works for me. That said, I'm also a very sneezy person, so I may be easier than your average inducer 🙃

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