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Cuddles Trilogy (formerly Morning Cuddles)

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changed the title here because this became a trilogy of 1000 word stories of a day of cuddles.


Vague mentions of nausea in the first one

Morning Cuddles

Just a snuggly morning for Tim and Ethan




Tim, pressed against Ethan’s back let out a sigh as Ethan crawled out of bed, grabbing a tissue in the process.  They had been lying in bed awake, Ethan more so than Tim, just enjoying the feel of each other.  


“You ok, Sweety?”  Between trying to get comfortable with a recently broken arm and a migraine the night before, Tim had had a rough night.   “Is it your arm?  Your head?”


“Don’t go.”  Tim mumbled, softly.


It was Ethan’s turn to sigh.  “Babe, you know once the sneezing starts, I’m in for an hour of it.  I’ll just keep you awake.  I know you didn’t get much sleep.   I’ve never seen you with a migraine that bad.  Plus you’re still getting used to sleeping on your right side.”


“Just want you here.”  Tim was plaintive.


Ethan hesitated.  “Let me get my allergy meds first.”  He paused.  “How’s your head and arm?  Need anything for pain?”


Tim sat up, shaking his head.  “I had some Tylenol about 4 when the nausea went away.”  He slid back down, trying to get comfortable, finally sticking the pillow Ethan had brought from the couch under his arm for support.   


Hatshoo!”  Ethan returned from the bathroom, pressing a tissue to his nose.   “I don’t want to end up saying ‘I told you so’ when I keep you awake.” He warned.


“Bless you.  Don’t care about sleep.  Can do that later.  Just want to cuddle.”


Ethan smiled.  “Not sure how I’m going to keep my arms around you, sneezing.    Don’t want to sneeze on you either.”


“Don’t care” Tim yawned. 


Ethan grabbed a fistful of tissues from the box and sat down on the bed, swinging his legs over.  “You really had a rough night.” Came his comment as he wrapped his arms around Tim.


Tim folded into him.   “Long night.”  


Ethan smiled.  “Not like you to be this snuggly in the morning.  Usually you’re right out of bed for breakfast.”


“Don’t mention breakfast.”


“Thought you said…” He paused, removing his arm from Tim’s shoulders, pressing the tissues to his nose.  Atchoo!  Said the nausea was gone.”


“Don’t wanna tempt it.”


Ethan squeezed his arm around Tim.  “Did you sleep at all?”


“A little.  Don’t talk.  Just cuddle.” Tim melted against Ethan.   


5 sneezes later, Ethan was finally figuring out how to make things work.   His best option was to turn towards his head towards his shoulder and sneeze openly, pulling away from Tim when he had to blow his nose.  


“How’s the arm?” He asked as his hand brushed against Tim’s cast.  Tim had tripped earlier in the week locking up his bike, landing awkwardly on his left arm.    


“Hurts.”  Tim mumbled.   


“How bad?”


He felt Tim shrug.  “Not awful.  Just aches.”


“Enough for a pain pill?”   He knew Tim was downplaying; he hated the pain pills.


“Maybe.”  Tim reluctantly admitted.  “Just not now.  Don’t want you to move.”


Hahshoo!”  Another sneeze aimed over his shoulder.  


“You’re on pace for 20.” 


“Doing the math.”  Ethan chuckled.   “My sneezing isn’t bothering your head?”


“Headache’s gone.”  Time reassured him, pressing tighter against him.


Ethan took this as a sign to keep quiet.   Another six sneezes and 20 minutes, he spoke again.   


“Feeling ok now?   After snuggling?”


Hayeehhdsshoo,  ehhdzzhoo!”  Tim’s response was a pause followed by two sneezes that propelled him from Ethan’s arms.


“Bless you!  Where did those come from?”  Tim wasn’t usually sneezy in the mornings…or at all. He reached over for tissues, handing them to Tim.


“Might be getting a cold.”  Tim mumbled.


Ethan laughed. “I know you, Timothy Fitzpatrick.  You either have a cold or you don’t.”  He inhaled sharply.  Hatshoo!


“Have a cold.   Sneezing fit in the bathroom at 2.”  He cleared his throat.


“Need cold medicine?”  Now that Tim mentioned it, he did sound stuffed up.


He felt Tim shake his head.  “Just some sneezing and a stuffy nose right now.”


“When you’re up for it, I’ll make you chickensoup…Ahshoo!...soup, and feed it to you in bed.”


Tim laughed this time.  “You’ve sneezed 17 times, and your hour isn’t over yet.  Gonna be a bad allergy day for you.   I’ll take my chances trying to eat with my right hand.”


Ethan mock pouted.  “Fine.  We can still snuggle on the couch and watch movies all day.”


Tim nestled back against him.  “That sounds nice.”


Ethan lapsed into silence again as they enjoyed being next to each other.   Another 3 sneezes later, he spoke again.


“I’m breaking 20, aren’t I?”


“Only if you sneeze in the next five minutes.”  Tim laughed, knowing Ethan was more likely to sneeze than not.   “I think I’m ready to try breakfast when you’re done sneezing.”


“How do you know I’m not?”  Ethan countered.  “And who says I’m making breakfast?”


“You sound like there’s at least one more in you.   The guy with the broken arm.”


“I sound like…” Ethan trailed off rubbing his nose.  “I’m not going to sneeze.  Gonna prove you wrong.”  He rubbed harder at his nose.


“You know you can’t stop it.”  Tim reminded him.   “You’re gonna sneeze.”


“Am not.”  Ethan press his wrist firmly against his nose, so hard it was painful.


“E, what is so bad about breaking 21?”


“Means bad…allergies.”  Ethan managed.


“So your nose will be itchy, tickly, and you’ll be sneezing all day?”


Ethan nodded, gritting his teeth.  3 minutes left.   “We don’t have to go outside where the pollen is.”  Tim pointed out.  “Stay inside with the dust.”


“Hate you.”  Ethan hissed.


“E, you know holding it back makes it worse.”  He looked at Ethan’s twitching nose.  “Your nose must be really itching.  C’mon babe, let that sneeze out.”  He turned his head and quickly kissed Ethan’s nose, then ducked out of the way.


HahAHTShoo!  Hate you.”  Ethan reached for tissues as his eyes took on a faraway look again.  Ahshoo!”


“Told you.  Holding it back makes it worse.”  Tim crawled out of bed.  “Let’s eat, then you can sneeze and snuggle with me on the couch.”

Edited by aggedy_ann
Became a trilogy

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Ooh! Evil Tim! I like it! (Now I wanna see if Ethan gets any of his own back later!) 😈

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Mmmmm, Tim with a cold. Lovely 

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@MyOwnPrivateSFC Tim is evil.   I think I need to explore this.   

@ickydog2006  Tim with a cold is one of my favorite things.  

now, Afternoon Cuddles

Ethan’s having a rough afternoon


Ehshoo.  Hayehdszhoo!”  Ethan heard Tim sneeze freely from the couch, watching him fumble to set his phone down and reach for tissues.   Ehhckshoo.  Huh-echgzhoo.”


Ethan’s own nose burned as he overheard Tim’s sneezing.  Forcibly rubbing a hand against his nose, he put the finishing touches on Tim’s tea, and took it to him.


“Bless you.”  He set the tea on the coffee table, in case Tim’s sneezing wasn’t done for the moment.  He’d done this every couple hours since they’d gotten up, small bursts of four or six sneezes, followed by a small cough, indicating the cold was taking grip.


Tim coughed.  “Thanks.”  He deposited his used tissue in the paper grocery bag Ethan had set up as a trash bag, knowing between the two of them, they’d need more than the small wastebasket that sat between the couch and chair.   


Tim could feel the cold starting to take hold; stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, and he couldn’t seem to get comfortable, although that might be more due to the arm than the cold.  The sneezing was picking up, but it was still nothing compared to Ethan’s, who was having his own mini fits on an hourly basis since his morning fit.  He looked over at Ethan who had crossed over to the window and was staring wistfully outside.


He heard Ethan sigh, then saw an elbow go up as Ethan smothered a quick “Ahtshoo!”


“Bless you.” He took a good look at Ethan as his boyfriend came back to grab a tissue.  He knew he didn’t look as rough as Ethan; mostly just tired which could also be chalked up to adjusting to trying to sleep with his broken arm. Ethan, on the other hand, was sporting a pink-rimmed nose that just looked sore and red, watery eyes behind his glasses that made Tim want to rub his own.   


“Thanks.  Really hope I’m not starting again.”  Ethan flopped down on the couch next to Tim, scrubbing at his nose with the back of his hand.  Tim could see a crease appearing across his nose where he had pushed it up so many times this morning.  Another sigh.


“Sorry you had to miss your day at the beach with your sister and nieces.  I know she doesn’t visit often.”


His sister, Erin, had known immediately from the sound of his voice that he was canceling on the beach.  He didn’t lose his consonants with his allergies, but she heard the notes of congestion and sniffling she was all too familiar with and understood.  He promised to still join them for dinner that night, and she promised something indoors for tomorrow.   


“Sucks to spend a vacation day this way.” He muttered, brushing his usually neat hair out of his eyes.  He stared straight ahead at the TV Tim had on, without really seeing it, for a straight minute.   HahChoo!”  He curled forward.


“Bless you.”  Tim passed over a tissue.  


“Thanks.  I guess I’m doing this again.”  He swiped at his nose, an exasperated look on his face.


At a loss for words, Tim fumbled for his phone and thumbed through it.  On a whim, he checked the weather.   The winds from the north had brought in the pollen that was presently plaguing Ethan.   But they were bringing something else: two to three days of rain and thunder storms, and then everything was supposed to fall back to the way they were before the wind and rain- before Ethan had been miserable.


Atchoo!”  An annoyed sneeze from next to him, and he had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing.   His sneezes just sounded like sneezes.   Loud, messy and a bit unpredictable, but Ethan’s took on the tone of his mood.   It was 1 pm, and Ethan was clearly done with this.    


“Bless.”  He turned over to Ethan who was carefully blowing his nose.   “Hey, babe, look at this.”


Ethan glanced at the phone and glared at him.  “I can feel how bad the pollen is, thank you.”


“No,no.”  Tim scrolled up.  “It’s sup…supp…suppop..” He turned away.  Uhheggzhooehhckshoo!  Supposed to rain the next couple days, then the pollen stays down.”


Hahshoo!”  Ethan gave a wet sniffle.  “You’re responsible for that one.”


“How do you know you didn’t cause mine?” Tim asked lightly.


Another glare from Ethan. 


Tim handed Ethan another tissue before blowing his nose.  “Look, E, I’m sorry you’re miserable. I’m sorry your day didn’t go as planned.  I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me.  I’m sorry that you’re taking care of me, but if you keep this up, today is gonna be a lot worse than it could be.”


Ethan looked up, chastened, twisting his tissue between his fingers.  “Sorry,” he mumbled.


“Tell me how you feel.  Tell me how I can help.”  Tim urged.


“Completely miserable.  My ears itch, my eyes and nose are itching and and burning.  My nose is sore.  My throat is sore…” Ethan looked at him, giving a small smile, before turning away.  HahAhChoo!”


“Bless you.  That was a big one, even for you.  How can I help?”


“I don’t know.  I…don’t…know.”


“I’d default to shower together, but…” Tim glanced at his cast.   


This time, Ethan laughed and leaned against Tim who wrapped his unbroken arm around him, moving the tissues closer.


“How about a nap?  Then when you wake up, we’ll try a nice cold compress on your eyes, and maybe that sinus rinse bottle you hate but really does help.”


Ethan nodded, burying his head on Tim’s chest.  Tim turned his body sideways around Ethan and awkwardly placed the casted arm over him.  “Is this better?” He asked, holding him tight.


“Yeah.” Ethan said, softly, with a sniffle.


“Try to warn me if you have to sneeze.”  Tim teased. 


“‘Kay.” He felt Ethan nod as he wrapped his arms around him.


Tim clutched Ethan tighter; Ethan feeling the roughness of Tim’s cast against his skin.  Despite that, Tim’s arms felt nice, comforting, and despite his misery, he was able to fall asleep.

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I love these two

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On 3/20/2021 at 12:25 AM, ickydog2006 said:

I love these two


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Soo cute. I’m in love. Can’t wait for the last part

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Thanks guys.  

Here is the last part:

It was after nine when Ethan got home from dinner with his sister.  Tim was on the couch, blanket draped over him, watching a movie, tissue box snuggled next to him.


“My nose won’t stop running.”  He complained when Ethan dropped down next to him.


“Neither will mine.” Ethan laughed, reaching for the tissues and carefully wiping his nose.  Ethan tucked a leg under him, moving the tissues between them. “What’re we watching?”  He pressed the tissue to his nose.  Hahtshoo!” His sneeze drowned out Tim’s answer.


Shrek, Forever After.” Tim repeated.  “Found a Shrek marathon while you were out.”


Ethan nodded, resisting the urge to rub his eyes.   The itching had intensified with the time outside of the apartment, but he knew rubbing them would only aggravate it.   Listening to Tim sniffle, he rubbed his nose with the back of his hand.   


After a few minutes of Tim’s sniffling, distracting him from a movie he disliked, he pulled a tissue from the box, pushing it into Tim’s hand.  “Blow your nose, babe.”


“It’s starting to get sore.” Was the complaint.  He rubbed his eyes, sniffing again.  “I think the pollen count is bad enough that I’ve got allergies going on, too.”


Ethan gave him a sympathetic smile.  It took a lot to trigger Tim’s allergies, but the counts today would do it.   “Explains why your nose won’t quit running.  But I’m still not going to sit here and listen to you sniffle.”


Tim grumbled, but gave his nose a few quick blows, clearing it temporarily.


“Thahh…Ahshoo!  Thank you.”


“Bless you.”


Ethan gave him a smile.  “There’s going to be more of that.” He apologized in advance, blowing his nose.  He snuggled in next to Tim for the movie, trying to forestall the allergy attack that had been threatening the last few hours.


Ehhgckshoo, heyehhckshahh!”  Tim wrenched away from Ethan a few minutes later, sneezing openly to the side.


“Bless you.”  Ethan’s own nose itched in sympathy, and it was only a few seconds before he doubled over with a harsh sneeze of his own.


“Bless you back.”  Tim’s voice was stuffy as he took a tissue to his nose.   


Ethan blew his own, scrubbing hard at it with the tissues.  “I’m going to go read in the bedroom.” He sighed.  “I have a feeling I’m going to distract from the movie.”


Tim nodded, laughing at something Donkey had said, already engrossed in the movie.  


Ethan planted a kiss on Tim’s forehead, then slipped into the bedroom to change and give into the allergy attack he was tired of fighting off. He propped himself up with his tablet in one hand, tissues in the other and began to read, sneezing every few pages, eyes watering so badly, he could barely read.


Atchoo!” He sneezed for what felt like the millionth time an hour later; the sneezes were growing less frequent, but in intensity.   


“Bless you.” He looked up and saw Tim in the doorway through watery eyes.   “That was a bad attack.”


Ethan nodded, exhausted.  


“I’d ask if you wanted to fool around, but looking at you…” He scanned over Ethan’s red nose, watery eyes, dark circles under his eyes, and hair shook loose from the lengthy attack, then gestured to his cast.  “I’m probably not up for it either.” He admitted, slowly.  


Ethan managed a laugh.  “Somehow, I don’t think that’s in the cards for tonight.”


Tim turned and headed for the bathroom.  Stripping to his boxers, he was fumbling with the NyQuil packets when he sneezed.


HuhEhhckshoo,  ehhhggzhoo…ow…fuck….ughhshuhh,  heyyyehhChuhhh.”


“Bless you.”  Ethan called.  “You ok?”


Tim reentered the bedroom, swallowing the NyQuil.  “Hit my arm when I sneezed.”


A well-timed sneeze saved Ethan from laughing.  Hatchoo!  You ok?” He asked, followed by “take a pain pill; you’ll sleep better.”


“I’m fine.  I think the NyQuil will have me sleeping great.” Tim protested, ignoring his throbbing arm.  “Too bad we can’t cuddle.” He commented.


Ethan rolled over so he was on Tim’s side of the bed, switching their pillows around.  “If we switch sides, we can.  You won’t be on your arm then.”


Tim lay down on Ethan’s side of the bed, then wrapped his arms around him.  “Now I gotta figure out how to cough and sneeze.” He remarked.   “Not giving you this cold, not with your sister and nieces here.”


“I was sneezing into my shoulder this morning.”  Tim felt Ethan shrug.  “You’ll find a way.”  Tim watched as he buried his nose into his shoulder for another forceful “Ahshoo!”


“Bless you.”  Tim squeezed him as tight as he could with his broken arm.  “You’re not really slowing down.”  He frowned with concern.   


“Been fighting off this attack for awhile.  Took some Benadryl…it’ll take care of it soon.”


Tim nodded, reassured, asking Ethan how dinner was and listening to him chatter about his sister and his two nieces, broken up by sniffles and sneezes.   


Hahhehshehh,  ehhshegghh.”   Tim buried his face in his pillow to sneeze, then looked back up at Ethan.  “Sorry.  You were talking about tomorrow…”


“Bless you, sweety.  Yeah, we’re going to hit a bunch of museums the next few days.  That’ll keep us busy…and indoors.”


“S’posed to rain.”  Tim mumbled, coughing into his shoulder.   


“After today, thank god.  I don’t miss spring.”  He tightened his arms around Tim.  “Wish you would have joined us.  Tomorrow?” His eyes were hopeful.   


Tim shook his head.  “The last thing they want from their vacation is a cold.  Besides,  museums aren’t my thing.”  He fought back a yawn.


Ethan watched Tim’s eyes grow heavier as he slid closer to him.  Hatshoo!”  He exploded, quickly burying his face in his pillow.  “‘Scuse me.”


Tim laughed.  “Used to it.”  He gave Ethan a light kiss, then yawned again.  “NyQuil’s taking over.”


“Then go to sleep.”  Ethan laughed, brushing back Tim’s unruly hair.   


Soon, Tim’s snores filled the room.  Ahchoo!” Came a final, tired sneeze from Ethan as thunder sounded.  Relaxing as the rain came, he fell asleep in Tim’s arms. 


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