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Ever had co-workers/housemates who's sneezing patterns were totally different then what you thought?

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I have to say for some reason when there is a guy in my case who is good-looking and I would like to hear sneeze, sometimes it is totally different from what I thought.

I knew a guy several years back who I became housemates with. He was super-athletic and was one of the best looking guys plus he had a really huge nose. When ever I see a really huge nose on a guy I really wonder how they will sneeze.

I remember when a friend said he was moving in that I really thought it would be an amazing experience on sneezing because he always seemed to have sniffles. I thought there was a very high liklihood he was a very sneezey guy for some reason and I thought they would be very loud because of his huge nose size.

The guy moves in and I waited and waited. He was usually a bit sniffly in the morning before he went to work but he was just not sneezing. One night while he was watching sports he sneezed two of the softest sneezes I have ever heard, I only knew he sneezed because he made a soft sound. I only got to encounter one more sneeze from him, luckily he was driving and could not cover it but it was sneeze that made no sound and was only one sneeze.

I also remember another housemate a bit later. I remember moving in and thinking that he had maybe a slight case of allergies, he sneezed once while watching a movie a week later and to honest I wasn't really attracted much and his single sneeze didn't catch my attention much.

About 3 weeks later though, I remember about 2am to 3am in the morning he started having several sneezes at a time and he was hitching his breath and sniffling like their was in ocean in his nose. This went on several days and for some reason he all the sudden became "the most attractive guy ever"

I remember one day a week later  just before moving to another state and sometimes I still question if I actually heard but I walk up the stairs to my room and he was sneezing the loudest, rapid sneezes ever and they were loud I don't even want to guess the number but from then until my moved out he would do a sneezing fit usually in the middle of the night.

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On my side, this sort of thing happens quite often. When I like a woman a lot, I try to imagine what her sneezing looks like. Especially when she has a different nose than others. And when I finally hear him sneeze for the first time, I can be amazed, it can happen. On the other hand, we do not always sneeze the same way, I myself have a fairly large sneeze palette.

For example, a few years ago I was living with an African roommate, she was rather thin but with a slightly bigger nose. Yet when I heard her sneeze the first time, she was sneezing little "atchoo" no more. But we were in shared accommodation, even in our rooms, the walls not being very thick, it was perhaps wanted on her part and maybe she would let go a lot more if she was alone in the house ? 

Myself here now, I live in a small apartment all by myself, yet instinctively, I force myself not to sneeze too loudly. Even in an apartment the walls can be thin or the sounds can pass beyond the doors and echo in the stairwell. In short, in the end, you can't really know what other people's original sneezes are. :razz:

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