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Pollen season in full swing

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My SO has only ever sneezed 5 times back to back, tops. And even that only happened once. He's allergic to cats and pollen but they never set off a prolonged fit, and almost never more than 3 at a time. However, today was a different story. It was like everything I'd ever dreamed of- except horrible at the same time because the entirety of my extended family was present for a celebration. It was outdoors in a woodsy area and tree and grass pollen give him the most problems, and after 10 minutes of being outside he was an absolute mess. Every few minutes I'd see him gear up for a sneeze and would be doubles and triples, to the point where I lost count throughout the day after 18 of them. Then out of nowhere he started sneezing.. and didn't stop. Each one he would bring his elbow up near his face, hesitate, build up for a few seconds, and bend forward with the force of the sneeze. But it wasn't only 3 this time, he got all the way to 6 with no signs of stopping and we started walking inside because he was miserable. Once we were inside though, his poor nose was still going. They were hardly even 4 seconds apart and he finally stopped after 14. I nearly melted. After that he had several false starts and he stayed with his hand hovering in front of his face, nose flared and eyes shut, not sure if he had to sneeze again or not. Thankfully at this point we were inside the house alone while everyone else was outside, otherwise I would have been very uncomfortable. He gets very shy when he sneezes because people comment on how strong of a sneezer he is, but he typically holds back when other people are around. When its only him and I together he lets loose and they are much louder and stronger, as he has a big nose and is sensitive. The false starts were honestly icing on the cake, because he would build up searching for it, desperate to relieve the tickle. He kept commenting on it talking about how his nose was going crazy and how bad it tickled, which only made it worse (or better, depending on perspective) for me to not react. As miserable as it is for so many people, spring is officially my favorite season. 

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Sounds lovely. I hate when these types of situations happen around family. 

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The poor guy! I don't blame you for being happy to go inside with him, because I know I'd be blushing like mad if I were in your place and wanting to smother him in kisses!

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Posted (edited)

Aww what a lovely scenario for you. 

I love when a sneezer is affected by allergies and their usual sneeze patterns turns to prolonged fit. I also love when people have such strong sneezes they attract attention & comments... Not to mention allergies are the absolute best!

So really this is literally the perfect obs for me haha. 

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