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If anyone watches My Hero Academia, or Haikyuu, drop below your sneeze/sick headcanons for your favorite characters? I’m just curious what everyone thinks! 

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Posted (edited)

I only started watching MHA yesterday and haven't even met Shiggy yet but ya know, lol! :lol1: 


EDIT 2: Finally had time to sit down and write these out!


  • Has a pretty weak immune system to begin with but being a teacher means he's bound to catch a cold at least every other month and a bout of flu every fall.
  • His sneezes are always dry and a bit throaty unless he's sick or having an allergy attack, then they are rather wet and messy much to his chagrin.
  • He probably only really covers when he knows he's contagious or it's gonna be messy. Otherwise he does that thing where it's a stifle but without holding his nose if that makes sense?
  • Prefers to be alone when he's sick and hates being fussed over or looking too weak.
  • If he's sick enough, his quirk will activate without him trying so it's not uncommon to see him wearing sunglasses during a bad cold/flu.
  • Is one of those people who wipe their nose against their sleeve even with tissues within reach.
  • Even slight fevers knock him down a peg, making him weak and even more tired than usual.

Shigaraki (Not a whole lot on him yet as I don't really know his character yet!):

  • Is surprisingly more talkative when sick. More than likely a way for him to ignore his ill feeling.
  • Never covers when he sneezes.
  • Appears sickly but has a decent enough immune system.
  • Handles fevers quite well and it takes a decent one to actually knock him down.
  • Prefers company when ill.

All Might:

  • Major sorry sack when he's sick. Tends to keep to himself but won't turn down company/help.
  • When his quirk is activated, his sneezes can be mildly destructive and capable of blowing someone/light objects over.
  • Runs bad fevers due to the weakened state of his body. 
  • Any illness can take a lot out of him.
  • Most colds move to his chest rather quickly so chest infections are typical.

EDIT 1: Forgot to put my mod hat on for a sec! Any and all headcanons posted here must be for 18+/aged up characters, so make sure you specify that in your comments!

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