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Soft Bakusquad sickfic (MHA)

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This is a part of my UA College AU so everyone’s 18+, and there are little hints to my other fics from this au.  I also ship poly bakusquad and there are small leanings towards that but this can completely be read as platonic as well so which ever one you prefer is cool.




“Ahhhhh- why did it have to rain today?! It’s not even July yet!!” Mina complained as the Bakusquad dashed through the rain to the dorms. The group had decided to spend their Sunday off at the mall and it had been a fun day. The cloud cover had rolled in as they were leaving but it wasn’t too concerning until the sky opened the flood gates about half way back.


“Yeah, and why is it so cold when it’s been nice all day?!” Denki yelled back, clutching his new game to his chest in hopes it wouldn’t get wet. “I really didn’t want to work out on my day off!”


“Shut up Dunce Face and keep running! We’re almost back to the dorms so move your asses!!” Katsuki shouted over the sound of the rain and picked up the pace. The rest of the group shared glances and pushed to keep up with the angry blonde. Just as Katsuki said, the dorms came into view and they were rushing into the building in record time. As they came stumbling into the common room even Katsuki was breathing hard and the commotion caught the attention of the few people milling about.


“You guys are soaking wet! Didn’t you check the weather report before you went out?”


“Fuck off Four Eyes!”


“Sorry Iida, we forgot. Can you grab us some towels to dry off with?” Eijiro admitted with an exasperated laugh, running his hands through his drooping red hair as it fell into his eyes.


“Yes of course! Stay right there I’ll be back.”


Hanta sighed as he watched the class rep hurry down the hall, and chuckled when he noticed the other was walking as fast as he could without actually running in the halls. “You know Bakugo, you don’t have to be rude ALL the tih- time… snf! Hih’ Egh’xt!!” The taller man sneezed off to the side, his elbow coming up to his face just slightly too late.


“Bless you!” chorused the group, except for Katsuki who made a face and uttered “gross” before shaking out his hair like a dog. They all stepped back from him and complained as they were sprayed with more water.


“Hey man! Come one, we’re already soaked as it is.” Denki whined as he clutched his game closer to his chest. Mina bounded up next to him and clutched his arm while jokingly glaring at Katsuki. “Yeah! Just because you bark like a dog doesn’t mean you have to- at’CHoo!!” She sneezed right into Denki’s shoulder, causing him to squeak and his cheeks to flush pink – though Katsuki was the only one to take notice to that fact. They all paused and let the awkward silence linger for a second before Eijiro sighed and clapped Mina on the back.


“We’re all gonna get sick, huh?”


“You don’t get sick from getting caught in the rain, Shitty Hair. We’ll be fine.”



Katsuki woke up the next day with his head pounding to the sound of his alarm, and quickly realized they would not be fine. Sniffling he rolled over to shut his alarm off, and took a moment to assess the situation. He always got up at 5am to work out before class started, so he had a few hours before anyone got up. His limbs and head felt too heavy to even consider working out today, and the dull tickle in the back of his nose told him paying attention in class would be a struggle. There were no tests coming up soon and he was caught up on all his projects, so there wasn’t really a reason for him to push through instead of turning over and going back to sleep. His breath hitched as he was making his final decision, and the loud sneeze really was the nail in the coffin for him.


huH-! AK’Tchhhu!! snf-fuck...”


He snatched a tissue off his nightstand and blew his nose hard, scowling when nothing much moved in his head. This came on ridiculously fast, hopefully that means it will leave fast as well. With his decision made he typed out a text to Iida so he wouldn’t be woken up for school and went back to bed.


To: Four Eyes

sent 5:09am

Woke up sick not going to class today. The dumbasses are probably sick too.



Katsuki woke up again to the sun shining through his curtains, and blinked in confusion. He felt the congestion shift as he sat up and his breath was unceremoniously yanked into a harsh gasp by the sudden intense tickle ravaging his nostrils.


hhaahHHH- AK’TCHHhhhuu!! hah...HH! hHA’KCHhhuu!!” the harsh sneezes scratched at his throat and made him cough. Blowing his nose once again did little to make his head feel less like it was stuffed with cotton, and he groaned quietly to himself. This fucking sucks. He checked his phone and saw that he had a ridiculous amount of unread texts as always, thanks to the Bakusquad group chat. He clicked on Iida’s name first.


From: Four Eyes

received 7:05am

Thank you for informing me Bakugo, I will make sure Mr. Aizawa knows why you’re absent.


From: Four Eyes

received 7:32am

It seems you are correct, the others have also come down with a cold. I have left a face mask on your door knob, please use it if you go down to the common room. We don’t want the rest of the class to get sick. I hope you feel better soon Bakugo.


Katsuki rolled his eyes at the overly formal texts, though in the privacy of his room let himself feel some appreciation towards Four Eyes’ leadership skills. Not that he’s ever say it to his face. Skimming through the group chat just reaffirms that all his idiots are also sick, and that they all decided to hang out in the common room when they woke up again. The last text was Denki telling him to come down and join the sick party when he woke up. Sighing he got up to change into lounge clothes, use the bathroom and brush his teeth before going down to join his friends. Just as he was told, a plain mask was hanging on his door and he slipped it on as he took the elevator down.


“Hey- snf! Sleeping Beauty fidally decided to join us!” Denki’s stuffy voice greeted him as he stepped off the elevator, and he took a moment to assess the scene in front of him. All his friends were wearing the same mask that he wore, though even with that he could see they also looked like shit. Denki, Eijiro, and Mina were cuddled in a pile of blankets on one of the couches, while Hanta was curled up on the adjacent couch. Katsuki remembered Hanta’s skin got sensitive when he was sick and he got hot quickly with too much contact. There were trash cans half full of tissues and like eight tissue boxes on the coffee table. The tv was on some cartoon channel, though none of them seemed to be paying any attention to it.


“Iida told us you were sick too. He also said it was you who told him to check on us, I didn’t know you cared so much Bakugo~” Mina sang, though her voice was much weaker than normal and sounded a little scratchy. She immediately reached for the pink mug on the table and downed the whole thing, reminding Katsuki that he really needed some water.


“I didn’t tell hib to check on you, I just told hib that sindce I’b sick you dumbasses probably are too.” He grumbled as he made his way to the kitchen. He was greeted with an unexpected sight, cold medicine and water was laid out on the counter with instructions written in neat handwriting. There were cough drops and thermometers and cold compresses, and tea packets next to the kettle on the stove. Speaking of the stove, there was a big pot left on it, and when he peaked inside he saw it was rice porridge. Katsuki took a second while he was alone in the kitchen to feel grateful and taken care of, before taking the medicine as instructed and poking his head back into the common room.


“Who did all this? ‘Cause it definitely wasn’t you idiots.”


“Rude!” Mina huffed, but Eijiro poked his head over the back of the couch to answer him. His usually styled hair was down and probably not brushed, and his eyes seemed more hazy than normal. “Yaomomo left us a note and said the class set it up for us!  Tsu gave us her favorite tea and Uraraka made us the porridge, it’s so sweet of them!!  We have to thank them for taking care of us-s huH! UT’CHOOoh!!


Eijiro’s sneeze boomed through the common room and made Denki jump and blush red at the loud sneeze in his ear. Mina whined and pinched Denki for zapping her while Eijiro took his mask down to blow his nose. It was as red as his hair. Katsuki huffed amusingly at the scene and walked over behind Hanta, resting his hand on his neck.


“Any fevers?” Bakugo asked as Hanta shuddered under his gentle touch, though he didn’t move his hand. The other wasn’t warm, so that’s a good sign at least.


“No…we’re all just stuffed up and tired-”


eh! En’gth! Ih’gnt! Hiih...hih’IG’Tchu!!


“And sneezy.” Hanta chuckled as Denki turned red again at his own interruption; just as his blush faded too. Bakugo couldn’t help but chuckle back.


“Yeah, and sdneezy.” He agreed with a grin, and couldn’t resist running his thumb gently up the side of Hanta’s neck just to see him gasp and shiver before taking his hand away. It got him a playful glare and pout from the taller man – cute. He made his way around the couch the other three were lounging on and pushed Eijiro over to claim the spot on the edge, throwing one of the blankets over his lap with a sniffle. The others grumbled as they wiggled around to get comfortable again, Eijiro hooking is foot around his and Denki throwing his arm around the red head’s midsection to rest on Katsuki’s stomach. Mina practically draped herself over Denki’s back like a cape, and she hummed as she rubbed her nose into the crook of his neck and sniffled behind her mask. Katsuki catches Denki’s flustered expression and smirks at him just to watch him flush harder. The pinch to his stomach makes Katsuki chuckle under his breath.


“Your not gonna eat? Uraraka’s porridge is pretty good.” Eijiro asks as he leans his head on Katsuki’s shoulder and sighs deeply. He squeezes the other’s knee under the blanket in reassurance and feels the red head relax more into his side at the gesture.


“Nah, I’ll eat later. Snf! Too much trouble to get up right now.”


“Now that we’re all here, want to put on a movie?” Hanta asks as he reaches for the remote, not really waiting for an answer. Katsuki looks up at the clock above the tv and realizes that their classmates would probably be back before the movie was over, but eh- fuck it. If anyone dared to make fun of him for cuddling his friends when sick he’ll just blast them to hell.


“Yeah sure, why not?”

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I love this AU! The sneezes were not my taste this time around, but I love the way you write them all!

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Great! Thank you for all the MHA content you're posting. Still hoping for sick Aizawa at some point, but this is great too!

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