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"Siblings Never Change" - Legend Of Korra, Tenzin (m)

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I had a whole bunch of ideas separate from my other fic and I had to type them out to get them out of my head.  This will be a collection of short moments with Tenzin and his two siblings from Legend Of Korra.  They will take place at different points in the series and there will be various causes but for all of them, Tenzin will be the one suffering.  I'm playing around with the whole "airbenders have huge sneezes" thing so if absurdly big sneezes aren't your thing, be warned.

#1 - Pranks Are Immature, So Of Course Bumi Likes Them

(Takes place between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2)

It was very nice to spend time with his older siblings again. It was. And Tenzin would swear up and down that he totally meant it. But Bumi and Kya were...a lot. Well, mostly Bumi. Five-and-a-bit decades of life experience and a military career had done absolutely nothing to temper his boisterous nature. But Bumi and Kya got along for some reason, seemingly united by their perverse need to torment Tenzin in every way possible. Tenzin...well, he'd always felt like an outsider.  But he'd grown up, gotten married and had children and accomplished all sorts of things.  Serving on the Council of Republic City, training the new Avatar.  But on the rare occasions that they all got together, he still felt like an outsider.  But he was still trying his best, entertaining them for the day by bringing them around the city.

All they had to do was have a nice time enjoying the outdoor market, walking around and behaving like dignified adults. That was all Tenzin asked. But apparently behaving like a dignified adult was beyond the ability of some people.

It was around the time he had to endure having berries flicked at the back of his head to test what Bumi decided to call his “freaky airbender senses” that he'd decided he'd had enough. Since losing his cool only got him teased even more, he decided to excuse himself to a restroom to get a small amount of peace and gather himself. Since he didn't need the restroom for it's intended purpose, he splashed cool water on his face and muttered to himself furiously. Himself was a good listener about all of this, because himself was the only one who truly understood what he had to deal with.  The peace and quiet was truly wonderful, until it was shattered by Bumi shouting in.

“Hey, little bro, you all right in there? You didn't fall in did you?”

Tenzin bristled and sputtered out some syllables that might have flourished into actual words if he'd had the presence of mind for speech. No, he wasn't going to get all worked up again. He wasn't going to give his brother the satisfaction. He took a deep breath and looked in the mirror. See, he was totally calm. His face was only a little red and his eye was only twitching a little! He took another deep breath. And then he washed his hands. Cleanliness was important, after all, and any opportunity for hygiene was a good one.

He tugged at the edges of his cloak as he exited, his chin held high to demonstrate just how totally not bothered by the teasing he was.

“Could you please stop calling me 'little bro',” he huffed. “I am fifty-”

His lecture was cut short by the strange sensation of something touching his face. Or maybe a whole bunch of somethings. They were soft, and numerous, and danced upon every part of his face ticklishly. He shuddered. Then he got a good look at the somethings and his eyes widened.

“Bumi! Why would you-”

“Can you believe I found some of these? Haven't seen 'em in years,” Bumi chuckled, running his hand over the top of a bunch of blue flowers. They were beautiful things, a shade of blue unmatched by any other type of flower, five petals that curled up gently at their tips, and long protruding stamens. Their beauty was sure to delight anyone who gazed upon them. Tenzin loathed them.

His eye was definitely twitching now, but it was watering too. Both his eyes were, in fact.

“Get those out of here!” Tenzin demanded.

“Ah, ah, ah...” Bumi teased, waving the flowers back and forth. “What's the magic word? Or...should I pin you down and make you smell 'em until you say 'Bumi is the best and I'm a buttface' like old times?”

“I really wouldn't advise that...” Tenzin warned, his breath already beginning to waver. He was doing his best to hold out, but it was inevitable he'd be overcome. The tears in his eyes spilled out and trickled down to his cheeks, his nose had started running clear and copious fluid and it felt like his face was on fire.

“Oh come on, that's enough. Leave him alone,” Kya said. It sounded like she was defending him, so of course it would be followed up by: “It's not Tenny's fault a little flower gets the better of him.”

“You don't understand...” Tenzin said. His breath gasped, and again, and the sharp inhalations were getting closer and closer together. “I...need...to...get...outofhere...now...”

Something in the urgency of his voice told Kya that maybe they should actually listen to him. It sounded like he really meant it and when he sounded like he really meant something, he usually did. But before she had a chance to say as much, it was too late. Tenzin reared up with a mighty breath and...


The blast of air that escaped him knocked Bumi off his feet and sent him flailing to the ground. The trees that were near to them rustled in the gale, and further down the road the umbrellas over market stalls caught the wind. Some slid along the road, some crashed into each other and some toppled entirely.

Bumi looked at Tenzin with wide eyed shock. His mouth moved wordlessly before he could finally find the power of speech again.

“Uh...those are a little stronger than I remembered, Little Bro.”

“I...t-tried to..warn...y-...hahhhRRRSSHHOOO!"

Bumi clamped his eyes shut and held onto the ground for dear life as the air rushed past him, kicking up the dust and debris along the path. Down along the road, the market vendors had just begun to gather around to gaze in wonder at the chaos that had overtaken their stalls, when the second blast hit. The people themselves were far enough away to escape any injury, but the umbrellas again did their part to aid in the pandemonium, catching the air like sails. Once the wind had died down, one by one the faraway faces began to turn toward the source. Some people pointed in their direction.

Tenzin was already preparing for the next one, his jaw hanging slack, eyes glazed, watering nostrils flaring wildly.

“Okay, Little Bro, you made your point. You can stop now.”


This time, there was no-one in the market who was uncertain of the source of the problem. And though their faces were hard to make out in the distance, it was nonetheless obvious that none of them were very happy about it. Tenzin sighed, slumping his shoulders and sniffling morosely. Bumi took advantage of an apparent lull in the onslaught to scramble to his feet and out of the blast zone.

“Tenzin, I swear, I didn't know this would happen. I thought you would, y'know, fly backward a couple of feet, land on your butt, and we'd all laugh and then go get some snacks. Please...no more.”

All of Bumi's pleading was for nothing. If Tenzin had any say in the matter, he would stop immediately. If he had any say in the matter, he never would have started in the first place. The best he could hope for was this short reprieve where he could catch his breath.

Bumi turned around to survey the damage. He let out a long whistle.

“You know,” he said. “Even though I always wished I could have been born an airbender too, sometimes I'm kinda glad I'm not. I wouldn't like to be worrying about doing stuff like that all the time.”

Yes, that was quite a scene. He did feel sorry for Tenzin, of course, and he felt bad for the owners of the market stalls that had been scattered but...it was a little funny. No, it wasn't a little funny...it was downright hilarious! Huh, there were three people that were separating from the far crowd and coming their way. And they were all dressed the same? They were wearing uniforms. They were wearing police uniforms. Uh-oh.

“Guys, it's the police. Run!” Bumi exclaimed and then did exactly that before the other two had a chance to process what he was doing, much less react. By the time Kya mustered up a “Bumi! Don't run away, you're a grown man!” he was long gone. To be perfectly honest, the idea of running away sounded more than a little appealing to her, but then she saw Tenzin – rigid with fear, trembling, clasping his hands together tightly trying to give himself any bit of comfort he could manage. He was going to need her help. She was certain that if that straight-laced goody-two-shoes got in any sort of trouble at all, no matter how minor, he wouldn't survive. His spirit would just leave his body right then and there. She put her hand on his shoulder, hoping he'd find it comforting. It was a little awkward, they weren't exactly all that close, but they were still family after all.

“Leave it to me. I'm good at talking my way out of things. I'll explain it was all an accident and it will be fine.  You'll be fine.”

She shook her head. Brothers never stopped being trouble, no matter how old they got.



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Okay this is so cute! I love how you write their sibling relationship & I don’t know if is intentional, but I love love the allusion to season 2

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Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea

!!!! I loooooooove this. Something about deliberately setting off a big sneezer's allergies, especially for a prank?! This is a phenomenal scenario. And Tenzin! I just love how bad he wants to be in control, how much he knows how much damage his sneezing can do... this is hitting a lot of buttons for me, lol. Thank you for posting!!

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On 5/5/2021 at 10:36 PM, emten10 said:

Okay this is so cute! I love how you write their sibling relationship & I don’t know if is intentional, but I love love the allusion to season 2

Very much intentional and thank you so much for noticing.  😊 I love those three and I love how their relationship changes during the series.

On 5/9/2021 at 4:32 PM, Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea said:

!!!! I loooooooove this. Something about deliberately setting off a big sneezer's allergies, especially for a prank?! This is a phenomenal scenario. And Tenzin! I just love how bad he wants to be in control, how much he knows how much damage his sneezing can do... this is hitting a lot of buttons for me, lol. Thank you for posting!!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!  Y'know this concept is pushing buttons I didn't even know I had until I started thinking about writing these.  The fetish still manages to pull out some surprises.  😀


And here is story number two.  It is sort of connected to the first one because I thought of this as a two-parter at first until my brain went "Why stop there?  You can write about them lots and lots!"

#2 Pranks Are Immature, But Turnabout Is Fair Play

(Set after Harmonic Convergence but before shit starts getting real in Season 3)

Tenzin was a man on a mission.  He moved stealthily toward the kitchen, as light and soundless as the element he commanded, looking over his shoulder from time to time to ensure he wasn't being followed.  So far, everything was going perfectly, exactly as he'd practiced in his head.  He made it to the kitchen, slipped past the bustling acolytes preparing food for that night's meal, and most importantly, hadn't been caught by Pema.  Oh, if his wife caught him his plans would be put to a halt right then and there.  She'd say that he was setting a bad example, or that he should know better at his age.  And she'd be right.  But he could not concern himself with things like that right now. Not everyone would understand what he had to do, and not everyone would agree with it, but this...this was a righteous mission of justice. The transgression (more like transgressions) had occurred long, long ago but it had not been forgotten. Nor forgiven.

He never thought he'd get the chance to do this.  He still didn't fully understand what harmonic convergence had done or why it had granted airbending powers to individuals who had never had them before. One thing he did know was that now that his brother Bumi was an airbender, it was time for payback for a lifetime of pranks.

Though a gleeful grin threatened to curl the corners of his lips at the thrill of finally getting his revenge, Tenzin did his best to remain stony faced and solemn as he approached the bench where Bumi sat on a simple wooden bench under a tree, idly eating fruit and reading.  Tenzin's lips twitched as fighting against the smile that fought valiantly for its right to exist. One of his hands, tightly curled, held his prize, a small amount of spices he had pilfered from the kitchen.  As he got closer, he lifted his arm and opened his fingers slightly, careful not to spill any of his precious treasure.  Circling his wrist ever so gently, he manipulated the air around his hand until the spices hovered gently above his palm in a suspended cloud.  Perfect.  And then, with a flick of his hand, snapping his fingers straight, the final part of his plan was set in motion.  The spice cloud was sent on it's path through the air, contained in an immaculately manipulated air pocket all the while to make sure not lose a single grain, towards his unsuspecting brother's face.

Or maybe it was a little more suspecting than Tenzin realised.  Without even looking up from his reading, Bumi languidly waved his hand in an almost dismissive gesture, sending the spice cloud sharply back from where it had come.  Not at all prepared for this turn of events, Tenzin inhaled it, and immediately coughed from the stinging irritation.

"That's not even a proper airbending move!" he scolded between chokes, his eyes watering.

"Whatever.  Still airbended, didn't I?" Bumi shrugged  "What were you up to, tiptoeing around here, anyway?"

"Never mind," Tenzin said, rubbing at his eyes furiously.  At least, he noted with relief, his nose had been spared.

Wait.  No, it hadn't.

He didn't have time to process the new angry tickle in his nose.  It roared up suddenly like a flame and every single part of his conscious mind was taken by this new intense feeling.  There was no awareness, there was no thought.  There was only the drive to get rid of the irritation.  He took a deep breath.  At that moment, Bumi's reaction moved from idle, amused curiosity, to alarm.  Tenzins jaw was slack, eyes unfocused, head tilted back, he was a cannon about to fire...and he was aimed straight at him.

"Whoa, turn your head!  Turn your head!" Bumi begged.  When his pleas went unanswered he scrambled to get out of the way in time.


Not quite in time.  It was like being caught in a storm that came out of nowhere.  Bumi lost his footing, flailing backwards.  The bench, not secured to the grass it rested on, was upended, clattering noisily against the tree before finding freedom to bounce and roll away across the grass.  If the tree were any less sturdy, it might have met its fate there and then, but the thick trunk held steadfast as the gale whipped the branches and leaves like it was caught in a tropical storm.

As soon as the moment passed, Bumi looked up.  And he was just in time to see Tenzin caught in the throes of another build-up, face seemingly frozen in the tortured contortions, save for his watering nostrils quivering and flaring.

"Nonononono," Bumi shouted, but it was more a general exclamation than a request, since such a request would be futile.  He rolled sideways and then attempted to crawl along the grass to get somewhere safer.  Beside or behind Tenzin was the best place to be.  But he only imagined to move a few feet before he found himself gripping the ground and hanging on for dear life. He knew that he couldn't get blown away, not really, but try telling his survival instinct that!


Bumi hugged the grass as the wind rushed over him.  When he looked up again, Tenzin was panting for breath.  Okay.  His body was winded, and tired, but he was not finished.  There would only be a small window and Bumi needed to take advantage of it.  He scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he possibly could to make it to Tenzin's side. 

"Were you trying to inflict that on me?" Bumi scolded.  "Shame on you.  Serves you right-" Bumi scolded before Tenzin inhaled sharply.


Bumi winced and put his fingers in his ears.  Even if he was out of the way and in no danger of being knocked over, the feeling of the sudden rush of air hurt his eardrums.  Tenzin's shoulder's slumped and Bumi took advantage of the newfound silence to "tsk" at him.  Bumi looked at Tenzin reproachfully. Tenzin's eyes were filled with tears, which ran down his face leaving silvery trails behind them and his nose similarly watered and streamed.  His lips were parted as he took in as many breaths as he could before having to endure the next sneeze.  He wasn't going to stop until he got the offending irritant out of his system.  They would need to find a solution fast.  Thinking quickly, Bumi quickly wriggled out of his shirt and offered it up to Tenzin.

"Here, quick, blow your nose before you-"


"You done?  Now, blow your nose before you level the whole island."

Tenzin was terribly unamused at the wisecrack.  It was quite an exaggeration and not at all funny.  He would never admit it out loud, but he was sensitive about this little "issue" of his and jokes about it rubbed him the wrong way.  But getting annoyed at Bumi being annoying was far less important than getting this hell to stop.  He accepted the shirt and blew his nose into the soft, inviting folds.  He gave a sigh.  His nose felt relief, for now.

Bumi clapped a hand onto Tenzin's shoulder.

"From now on, little brother, leave the pranks to a professional," he teased.

Tenzin grunted.  Yes, his attempt had not been a complete success, but would he have achieved half as much as he had in his life if he simply gave up every time things didn't work?  Absolutely not!

He just needed to rethink his strategy and come up with a new plan, was all.

But more immediately, blow his nose again.

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