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We've gotten expressions that are irrationally irritating off our chest, but how about ones we just love to say or hear?

This was brought about by way of me sitting there thinking about how much I love the word "Dude" (as you do).  It's one word that just covers every possible reason for saying something.  It can be used to express excitement, awe, disappointment, disgust, annoyance, surprise...any situation where words fail you, just add the appropriate emotions to the word "dude" and there ya go...

Also "lmao" in memes as an expression for surrendering to wild abandon - you know the ones?  Like that comic with a god and an angel making a centipede with everyone telling him to stop adding legs and he goes "lmao add more".  The addition of "lmao" makes it funnier for me every time.

Anyone else got any expressions you just love?

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Hello! Maybe I'm misunderstanding the criteria for this topic as "dude" is just broad slang to me, but I'll go for it. I'm a big fan of phrased expressions. As a New York "dude" I like the phrase "it is what it is" because it cuts off a lot of unneeded conversation/complaining that really won't change the circumstances. Also, "oh my stars" but this is personal. I had a southern friend who was the nicest girl and she'd alway say this as a replacement for "oh my gosh". And, yes, I know this is supposed to be a non-sneeze related topic, but I love the expression "sneezing up a storm." Sorry if this doesn't fit the original post, but it is what it is lmao

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A few years ago or so, I heard (or read, because it was here on the forum) the expression "that's the way the cookie crumbles" for the first time, and I LOVED IT! :lol:  

I love the expression "whatever floats your boat" too. I guess I'm particularly fond of "visual" expressions. 🤷‍♀️

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2 minutes ago, NotWho said:

I am a huge fan of idioms, but my all time favorite is “sh*t hit the fan.” The imagery alone says enough about a situation

Oh my God yes!! :rofl: I love that one!

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