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<span style='color:green'><span style='color:blue'>Jesper Parnevik</span>, in the 1999 British Open, at Carnoustie suffered a very bad hayfever attack. "It was so bad I came very close to walking in after five holes," he said. "I felt terrible all the time. I was constantly sneezing and I had to time my putts and shots between sneezes. "My nose was constantly dripping, so I stuck paper up there to try to clog it up." </span>

Wow I would've loved to be there!! I've seen him play in person a few times. Never got that kind of show tho!! :P

Lucky you ! I have seen him on television (not sneezing either), but never in the flesh.

There's a whole file on this in Sneezing males4males, which you can find here:


It must have been memorable, as Tiger Woods was suffering from hayfever too. I bought an hour long video of the tournament, but not a sneeze on it !

The photo is one of the actual tournament, not a posed one with cotton wool in his nostrils!

Wow... he really does look like he's about to sneeze there!! I have his autograph and a pic of him with my hubby is somewhere around here..... we used to collect golf autographs. We have 3 baseball caps covered in them LOL

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<Wow... he really does look like he's about to sneeze there!! I have his autograph and a pic of him with my hubby is somewhere around here..... we used to collect golf autographs. We have 3 baseball caps covered in them LOL

Well, it is a photo from that memorable day at the tournament!

I don't give up hope of eventually finding a full video of the tournament, as it was filmed - including his sneezes, which I'm told, came in doubles.

French singer Fabien Martin

He's allergic to all sorts of things, and talks at length about his allergies and what he takes for them in a recent blog entry. No mention of sneezing as such, but all the rest is there!


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Hope Davis, cats. Mentioned in this Variety article.

Dianna Krall, cats. Mention in this on-line interview.

Here's another story about Ozzy Osbourne's hayfever.

Although not a direct association with allergies herself, this gossip reporter mentions that she saw Sarah Jessica Parker offer some allergy medicine to a friend. It can be assumed that she herself has allergies.

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Matt Hales, of Aqualung

Sorry this reference is so old - I wonder if any of the photos mentioned were ever published/

" Matt [Hales] having excessive hay fever problem and there surely will be few shots without him sneezing or blowing his nose in a bubbly fashion." Saturday 29th May (1999): http://vanity-press.co.uk/diary2.php

For further reading on the handsome Matt Hales, look here :


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Felicity Huffman, perfume. A publicist revealed that Eva Longoria couldn't sit next to Felicity Huffman because Huffman was allergic to her perfume.

Here's another link mentioning Carrie Underwood's allergies. This link mentions that the voice coach on the show confirmed it was allergies.

CNN anchor, Kyra Phillips, cats. She makes mention of it in this transcript.

Rachel McAdams, horses. It's listed in her biography.

Scarlett Johansson, weeds/grass. She mentioned in this interview that she had difficulty with a scene where she was around grass.

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:dead: One of my favorite fantasies!!! Scarlett Johannson with hayfever!!! Oh to watch her sneeze!! It's so nice to know that not only could it happen, but it does happen!!

Thanks Wrigley!!

SOX IN 2004, PALEHOSE IN 2005, CUBS IN 2006?

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Ronan Keating of Boyzone

Ronan Keating looks uncomfortable, and not only because he has hay fever. [...]

It’s a good answer and a sign that this amiable 27-year-old, once of Boyzone and one of the original products of the boyband phenomenon


(Leon Eric "Kix") Brooks and (Ronnie Gene) Dunn


August 27, 2003 - The guys are celebrating today with 4 CMA nominations but, it has been a very busy, and a very sneezy summer for BROOKS AND DUNN as their third Neon Circus and Wild West Show Tour wraps up. Allergies have taken a big toll on the duo this year, especially Ronnie Dunn. They’ve had to cancel shows as Ronnie has battled some pretty hefty allergic reactions that were stronger than his medication. Brooks and Dunn had to postpone two shows in a row, which cost them an estimated $500,000 according to World Entertainment News. “I’d been battling this for a few weeks and, in Atlanta, it finally won,” said Ronnie about his allergy troubles. The duo has only cancelled one show in 12 years prior to this summer. The dynamic duo is back at it now though, Ronnie has recovered well enough to hang on to two dates that they are playing at Ontario’s Casino Rama this week.


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I have looked on google for this and looks like the page is now off line... Very strange, I read this just a few days ago... :D Sorry, I'll try again in the next days. Anyways in that interview the director said about having troubles while playng a scene in which the coprotagonist Tobey Maguire gave a boquet of daisies to Emma Thompson who couldn't avoid to sneeze at that, so they had to change type of flowers.

And, about files that don't work, I can't open tha Sally Fields' file on savefile, any help please please please??

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During an interview at the Golden Globe Awards, Marcia Cross (Bree of Desperate Housewives) mentioned she was 'deathly allergic' to dogs when an interviewer asked her if she had any.

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This is a great find, I think: Sharon Stone is allergic to flowers.

It came out when she was invited to the most important music festival, Sanremo, which is also famous because its stage is traditionally decorated with flowers.

You can find this reference here and I'm translating for you the relevant part.

In the italian text, second part, from "poco prima" to "conferenza stampa":

Just a little before her coming in, the emergence comes out: she's allergic to flowers. In a little while, they clean all them up and throw away all the flowers put on the desk for the conference.

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Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, unspecified allergies. It was posted on thier website as an exuse for canceling a show. It was reported on the E! website.

Roseanne Barr, unspecified allergies. Also mentioned on the E! website.

Selma Blair, unspecified allergies. Reported on "The Awful Truth."

Singer Neko Case, cats. Mentioned in this interview.

Catherine Zeta Jones, unspecified allergies. Mentioned in this interview.

Eva Longoria, flowers. Reported on Inside Edition.

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Morgan Webb, cats. She lists it on her bio on Playboy.com.

Oh my god! never mind cat allergy, never would've associated her name with Playboy... (!)

Speaking of which, there was I think an Xmas special for X-play in which co-host Adam Sessler was caught on camera sneezing 3 times while they turned it into a little "allergic to bad games" joke...

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Guest wbanana

tonight on Access Hollywood, they mentioned that Catherine McPhee (on American Idol) had said that she had not sung as well the night before due to allergies. she had to get shots for her swollen glands.

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In an interview on "The Tonight Show with JayLeno, Hillary Duff Admitted to being allergic to pollen, grass and weather changes. Leno also admitted to having hayfever.

I tried the link and it takes you to her fan site so here's the interview itself


Michelle Rodriguez. She says she was taking steriods for allergies.


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Tiger Woods. Apparently allergic to the whole outdoors. This is one of a few articles where it was mentioned in how it affects his game.

Leah Remi. She sneezed twice on a VH1 show documenting her pregnancy and made quick mention of her pregnancy making her allergies worse. There are clips in Celluloid Sneezing. There is also a quick mention by her in this web interview by Stuff magazine.

Tiger Wood's allergies are constantly in the news. Here's the latest I"ve seen:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 -

PGA Championship features dream group

MEDINAH, Ill. — What troubles Tiger Woods the most? Is it the 605-yard 14th hole at Medinah Country Club? The longest course ever for a major golf tournament, 7,561 yards? A pairing the first two days of the PGA Championship with rival Phil Mickelson? The suffocating pressure of a major coupled with the fact he is trying to win his third tournament in a row?

Woods sniffed, then sneezed.

"Allergies," he said [...]

As it turns out, top-ranked Woods is allergic to grass, dust and trees, not par-5 holes, Mickelson or pressure. .


We must eventually get a clip (sound or video) of him sneezing!

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Filmstar handsome Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez. As reported in this summer’s New York Times article :

"I Am Allergic, Hear Me Sneeze

When the tenor Juan Diego Flórez had to bow out before the final scene of the Metropolitan Opera's premiere of "Don Pasquale" on March 31, the Met's general manager, Joseph Volpe, announced that the performer had had an allergic attack. […]Mr. Flórez said: "I felt like my voice in a way was fading away, like getting hoarse. I was very dry and sneezing a little bit." Mr. Flórez, 34, said he had never left midperformance before and was allergy free in Washington. The last time his allergies were as bad as they were in New York, he said, was after he spent time one spring rehearsing in Napa Valley."


If anyone has footage of this… !

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Nelson Piquet Jrn - Formula One driver

Round Six - Silverstone

19 June 2006

Nelson Piquet Jr was back in the paddock early the next morning, clearly unwell but nonetheless answering everyone's questions at a breakfast with the French media. The Brazilian suffers badly from hay fever, but it was clear that whatever he had was far worse than he expected the day before. He sniffled and croaked his way through the meeting, answering every question in fluent, if fluey, French before heading back to his rented motorhome to get some sleep


Wish I had seen/heard that interview !

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