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Italian stunning beatiful actress Laura Chiatti suffers from multiple allergies.

In an interview released to the medical-oriented magazine "OK - la salute prima di tutto" ["OK - health comes first"] she revealed she had this problem since she was a kid.

She has both food allergies, both hayfever. She sais to be allergic to pollens, dust, cats and dogs hair.

Sha also reveals some episodes: once, while she was on the set for a TV series for an outdoor scene, she had a sudden attack of hayfever. Work had be interrupted to send someone to buy medicines and let her stop sneezing. Another time she had troubles with dustmites in an old bed while acting in a movie.

Hope to have the possibility to post the pdf of that magazine (i have a copy), even if it's written in italian.

Anyway, she's my new favourite actress now! :winkkiss:


In the same magazine, the Italian anchorwoman Cristina Parodi lately revealed to suffer from hayfever since she was a child. She says she has been able to work even having her allergies acting up, but fortunately (for her, not for us...) she never sneezed on air.

As far as her husband is allergic too, their 3 children are allergy sufferers.

She is known in Italy as one of the more elegant and fashionable TV women.

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I don't know if anyone on this site knows (or rather cares) because I don't know of your musical interests. But this guy's my idol, so I thought I'd post it.

Gerard Way [of My Chemical Romance], Cats.

My Google search engine is being somewhat stupid right now, so I can't link the source until later. But basically, he was in an interview and they got on the topic of pets. He said he wanted one, but he's always been severely allergic.

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QUoted directly from the interview about Gerard;

Gerard makes it clear that he won't answer stupid questions, and he doesn't like it when journalists always ask about

his hair and other 'silly questions'. So the journalist felt quite awkward when she asked a question about

Gerard's marriage plans. [He announced the engagement a week ago, his brother Mikey is on his

honeymoon and could unfortunately not be at Hove, so it seemed like a relevant question], and the reply was:

-Actually, I'm not engaged anymore.. That's just something that happens.


After a short and very awkward moment with silence, we might as well ask the ultimate question, that only fans that have seen MCR's dvd would understand.

On the the dvd, Gerard gets a hamster cage for Christmas and he promises to buy a hamster to put in it.

Did you get the hamster?

-That's not a stupid question question at all! No, unfortunately not..

I had a hamster when I was younger and would have wanted one now too,

it's just that I'm afraid I'll kill it on the tour bus, he says, and tells us that

he loves animals, but that he has extreme cat allergy. So a cat is then,

with other words, out of the question for the American rockstar.

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Don't know if this is listed already, but...

Martina McBride is allergic to some kind of smoke (found it on the internet)

"They used smoke for the TV filming that I have an allergy to and it almost felt like I couldn't breathe."

I will try to find the site again sometime if anyone wants to read about it

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Two Doctor Who women:

Nicola Bryant (played peri) - allergic to feathers (included in the book "Dimensions in Time and Space")

Sophie Aldred (played Ace) - allergic to cats - included on the documentary about the production of the Doctor Who adventure "Survival" in 1989. This documentary is on the "survival" DVD.

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Guest cherishedteddy

Joanne Puttrich, one of the presenters in idealworld.tv in Britain, had to stop talking while doing a show around 3pm today because she felt a sneeze coming on. As she paused, the feeling went away and then she mentioned about her hayfever.

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Evelyn Keyes (lovely 40s actress) was allergic to horses. Her studio riding trainer mentioned how tough it was working with her for her westerns and she sneezed while giving an interview to a reporter about it (icelbel article in a contempory newpaper).

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Jelena Jankovic, tennis star, has hayfever. It was mentioned by a commentator at Wimbledon.

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Well if anyone happens across one, be careful as to when it's from as much of her career as a gymnast was before she was 18.

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... and apparently, thanks to some people around here who found very interesting things on youtube, we can add both



Helen Mirren

to the list of celebrities with hayfever. :laugh:

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Travis Willingham, the English voice of Colonel Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist, is allergic to cats. He talks about it in the anime convention video below, and he even does a sort-of fake sneeze.

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Travis Willingham, the English voice of Colonel Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist, is allergic to cats. He talks about it in the anime convention video below, and he even does a sort-of fake sneeze.

It's at about 8:20.

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The fabulous Paula Abdul actually has some pretty bad allergies. As a big... ok MEGA... fan of hers i was kinda surprised. Shes allergic to Sugar, cats, certain medications, dust and certain types of grass and food. I found tht at this site:


and I also found an awesome clip on youtube of her adorible sneeze :D


its at 4:40. i just think its so cute... although as a fanatic i probably think everything she does is cute. hehe :P:drool:

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Sorry to be the bubble-burster, but that Paula sneeze really sounded more like a cough to me. Great article though, and welcome to the forum as well.

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quick question that i hope already hasn't been answered...why if celebrities are on some camera 24/7 are there so few clips of them sneezing? is it a privacy issue? considering what else they tape and show... :hypoc:

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