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Can I just air this grievance about Superman & Lois? (wasted opportunity)

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Okay, so the most recent episode of Superman & Lois (episode 9, "Loyal Subjekts") was an exercise in lost potential. In last week's episode, Superman (played by Tyler Hoechlin) was hit with this synthetic aerosol version of kryptonite, and it was explained that the weapon was designed to weaken him through his respiratory system. This week, he started feeling the effects of the kryptonite - he got out of breath while fighting and was bruised afterwards. It definitely pinged a bit of H/C feels for me, but I was really hoping to get some coughing/wheezing, weakness/dizziness, and maybe even sneezing. I mean, come on, respiratory system! Not out of the question, right?

But then, halfway through the episode, Superman's teenage son Jordan, who recently started manifesting powers, started sneezing (the actor's 17, so I'm not linking to any video.) Superman realized that Jordan was exposed to the aerosol kryptonite through him - Superman even said, "You're infected too." Jordan spent half the episode sneezing and shivering, since the sneezing was also activating his freeze breath.

And this is my issue: SUPERMAN NEVER SNEEZES! There's specifically a line about how the kryptonite was affecting Jordan differently than Superman. But why, though? Why set up a perfect situation for Superman to be sneezing, chilled, and weak and then deliberately choose not to? Why do that to me?

I'm sorry - I just needed other people to know my pain.

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Oh man, that sucks.

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