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Hey guys. I was trying to find my post "Your fetish" but couldn't. I wanted to thank the ones who answered for doing so. Hope you guys are well. What I intended by that post, originally, was knowing what you thought lied behind the care-taking fetish, or figuring how many fetishes there were but it came across as mockery, sorry. Btw after having a second look I realized the right answer was channelno5's. 

But mainly.. I said some cringy things on a certain site (most of which are plain bullshit). I always used to recall some of you a lot and was looking forward to getting in touch again. 

I really want to apologize.

Hope you're doing well in the pandemic..

Not sure if I should explain this but, when I joined the forum, Jejune had called out a peado in public (not sure if he was) but I was trying to say safe spaces must be created for them and that it is possible to fight it. At the same time I was finding you very brave and now even more. Also you had been rude to someone who liked smelly sneezes and to fuckyeahsneezes and I didn't like that. I am not an example of morality either though, so.. (And that's not what I wanted to say). 

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fys is one of the cringiest losers this community has ever seen and he got banned from here for grooming underage girls. he also told me i deserved to be raped. i believe the posts you are referring to now are deleted so i cannot reference them, but i am not interested in rehashing any of this regardless. 

if you asked kate if she's autistic because you, also, are autistic, i do have something to mention that pertains to that that may help you navigate social situations such as this. (i am not being a condescending allistic dickhead as i say this; i am also autistic and so my advice here is born of lived experience.) when you are new to a community, and you see things that you disagree with or whatever, you need to be aware that the people who have been in the community longer than you have definitely have more context for conversations within the community than you do. what i mean by this is that a newcomer is not privy to information such as "hey, this member said something grotesquely violent and hateful to another member" or "this person has already started twelve threads about how horny he is about how his mom's sneezes smell", information that then informs the actions taken by other members of the community. just something i thought i would mention, in case i am not off base with the autism thing. 

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Ehr, or people i dont know what im trying to say very well. I cant find my posts, but there was someone who asked if we were sadists. I cant tag you but just in case, girl, i hope youve been having as much sneezy sex as possible. It took me a while back then to realize you were sad. I dont think my words had any effect on you on the other hand..  

Juno, I was super curious about you the last time, i dont know i have mixed feelings about you i guess. 

With regards to what you said about person into smells, its not true. He had just said he liked it and you said no one wanted to read about that shitty something or something like that. But i wont keep talking about that since hes a man and can stand by himself.

Also when "Megacycle" suggested the forum be made adult only i was agreeing with him. But you said young people also needed it and in fact since youve been here for longer i didnt say anything. 
On the other hand you were calling out who you supposed to be a peado privately, not publically, as i said before. It was in the snake pit. 

Anyway, one part of me likes you, the other not so much. 

But anyway, i dont know why i came back, i left the forum cause i realized i needed to think better about certain things, and had planned to come back when i had.. 
not sure. 

With regards to sneezy kate dunno, one day i think youre real and next i think you arent. But my asking you if you are an aspie comes from lots of respect towards it. At the beginning when webmeistro  called me out i thought more along the lines of neurodivergent vs aspie actually, which not sure if its the same as asking if someone is, but seriously the last time i was rational enough to talk to an aspie i was like 13 and also i shouldnt even talk about that since for real i know nothing about it and other reasons.

Juno, Im truly fond of you, while i dont understand or agree with some things you say. 

Im not a vegan, which must be why i find fuckyeahsneezes so cool. Also sexually, obviously. 

Ive fapped to someone with awful asthma where it is evident he cant breath in the vid before, and also to someone with a mental dissability, to be honest. 
My comment of fapping to things i wont mention thank you very much was after fapping to someone who was using a microphone in front of friends. First two took him by surprise,  but then he knew and kept doing it like nothing in front of everyone and there were strings of snot everywhere. He was fat. 

I meant fatness. 

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@Rather.Doubtful please do not call me by my actual name, i don't know you at all and that level of perceived familiarity makes me fairly uncomfortable. thanks!

not touching the rest of that except to say that i'm perfectly happy with the forum being 18+ and advocated for that privately for literal years

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