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A Midsummer’s Cold: The Struggle (M, self)


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There’s a wicked summer cold making its way through our household; I haven’t experienced one like this in ages!

I may have picked it up at work, where I started feeling sniffly yesterday. This is still a new job for me, and even though there are boxes of tissues distributed randomly around the office, I’m finding myself getting shy about blowing my nose all over again!

Luckily for me, there are multiple empty offices on our floor of the building, so for the first half of the day I was just keeping a pack of tissues in my pocket and would sneak off to an empty office to blow my nose whenever I needed to.

At one point though, I passed by an empty conference room that happened to be equipped with a full box of tissues at the far end! Thus, this conference room became my “nose blowing hideout” for the rest of the day, and that box of tissues had taken a serious dent by the time the workday was over.

I suppose I’ll have to get over my nose blowing roadblock in this new environment eventually; I took the day off today to get some rest, but I doubt this cold is going away in a matter of just a couple days. I’ll more than likely be heading back to work tomorrow one way or another.

Any tips for bypassing the mental roadblock when it comes to nose blowing in front of new coworkers? Also, I’ll update as the course of my cold goes on today!

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