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self obs a friend told me about... LONG


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this is a self observation told to me by the person who the obs is about, a pretty close friend of mine. "C" 's 40 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall with dark tan skin, short black hair and black eye color of mixed Native American ( a mixture of Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne native American nations ) and white race. she's "heavy set" but in fact mostly muscle not fat. it was a beautiful sunny day and she was working at her job as a car mechanic, changing somebody's oil and filter and was looking up at the moment and suddenly sneezed a loud, harsh "EEEYAAASSSHHHOOO" that made her throat raw and made her dizzy for a moment dropping a wrench that she had been holding on her foot and had barely missed sneezing on her co-worker "J". "C" said "it took me about a minute and a half before the dizzy sensation passed and my head started to pound, I was ok other then being embarrassed and went and took some aspirin, but I always get a really bad headache when I sneeze for some reason , thankfully I don't often sneeze." " I continued working on the car and then began working on another car" - "we're pretty busy and after finishing that one went on break".  "I headed to the breakroom and sat down with a can of soda and something got up my nose and I sneezed again  before I could open the can" I sneezed twice this time  "AAAAHESHOO! "CHOO!" " I never sneezed twice before!" " I grabbed some kleenex and blew my nose and tried to clean up the mess,  my headache getting worse but after I ate my lunch I returned to fixing the cars." "the next vehicle had a bad rear suspension on the right side and a couple other small problem which we fixed. then I headed to my second job as always at five" (5:00pm) " my head stopped pounding around seven (7:00pm)  and the rest of the evening went well." 

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I really like the kind of discussion you have with your friends. With my friends, we never talk about sneezing and none of them ever told me how she had sneezed. You are lucky to have a friend who, in addition to not knowing your fetishism, speaks to you without shame about her sneezes. Thanks for sharing. Sneezing that turn the head are rare, but so cute. :razz:

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C and I talk about a lot of stuff, she sent me a youtube video once because we where talking about pow wow and how she used to dance, (the dance she used to do is called women's jingle the video was of fancy shawl but it worked to get her point across) but doesn't go anymore and she was telling we how with top heavy women like her, "even with the best bra's you can see them bounce and it's uncomfortable" "it's really annoying!" she told me to look at the woman with the white shawl in the video as an example. she also told me her own size ( which I will not tell anyone so don't ask) but I could see her point. she talks a lot about being a mechanic and her horse Sky especially. C is making a good life for herself and Sky and I'm glad to be her friend, to be part of her life. the video she sent was this one. (she was not one of the gals in the video) she's also sent me video's of the Cheyenne and Lakota languages. I don't honestly care that C is top heavy or heavy built. I like the woman who's soul I see when we talk and it's her. she's changed a lot since I've known her but for the better. I enjoy talking and listening to C's point of view she always gives me a lot to think about and she's overcome a lot. I wish the people here could get to know her!


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