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Before I got validated as a member of SFF, I wrote this story on SneezingAfterDark (by Someone Orother/SneezyP). However, that forum wasn’t as popular so I’ve decided to re-upload my story on here. This was my first story and I’m currently finishing off another one, I hope you all enjoy! ☺️


Part 1:
It was half term for Lydia and Charlotte. In fact, it was November 3rd, days after the new couple recovered from an enduring hangover from Halloween. And today they were going on a long-awaited trip to the Lake District. 

Charlotte was waiting outside the train station in a black puffer coat with a red tartan scarf, tights and cherry red Doc Martens. Her black wavy hair slightly damp from the drizzle. “Bloody hell” she sighed whilst she looked up at the sky before resuming to scroll through Pinterest. DIY presents were (in her mind) the most eco-friendly and cheapest ways to light up the room with Lydia’s smile for Christmas. “Banana bread, soup mixes, even homemade gin?” The list was endless. “I’m going to have one satisfied girl” she mumbled with delight.

Speaking of which, she notices Lydia from the corner of her eye. Wearing a tweed long coat, black jeans and a pair of brown shoes. She walked friskily as she saw her gorgeous girlfriend waiting for her. As Lydia came closer to Charlotte, C noticed that her nose had a slight tint of pink. But it’s November, in the middle of winter. It’s bound to happen. 

😄 “hello gorgeous, you ready for today?”

L: “of course! I’ve been looking forward to a day out for ages”

The girls met in June after attending a birthday party for a mutual friend and immediately entered the talking stage once both girls had a tipsy conversation. Before setting their drinks down and exchanging phone numbers. Since then, they officially declared their relationship in July and things have been hitting off. 

They directly headed into the train station and waited on platform 3 to the Lake District. Whilst they were waiting, Lydia’s nose began to run with a prompt sniffle punctuating the silence. “You okay?” Charlotte asks. “Yeah, I’m fine” Lydia replies. Charlotte shrugs and the train soon arrives. The couple steps onto the train and sit down to await a 30-minute journey. It was fairly quiet for Wednesday morning, with only 2 other couples on the carriage. ‘This is paradise’ Lydia thought. 

Lydia is autistic and has always been hypersensitive to noise and texture. Hence why she always carried headphones in her tote bag for unpredictable situations. Throughout the journey, she wiped her nose on her bare hand which now has an engraving glow to it. It wasn’t until 15 minutes in when her chest begins to rise and fall until: “Heh..eeh..heeeh” another false start she thought. But her already runny nose has other ideas. “hETchew” her head snaps forward as she brings her face to her elbow before realising the slight mess on her coat. 

“Want a tissue Lyd?” Charlotte asks as she glances down at her coat. Lydia just nods with her elbow still close to her face. “Thanks,” she says as she takes the tissue and gives her nose a slightly wet blow. She holds on to the tissue in case she has to use it later.

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This is a super cute start! I can't wait to see what else you do with it, as well as what other projects you're working on!

Amazing job, and the descriptions of the characters were masterfully detailed.

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Great, I love your story. Will you write us the rest of this one? I find your writing very well detailed, we can easily imagine the characters and the place around them. It is very pleasant to read. Thank you to you for this nice little story. I really can't wait to read the rest of this, as well as the one you are completing now. :razz:

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20 hours ago, NickG1998 said:

I love this story already keep up the amazing work

18 hours ago, Bilo0618 said:

This is a super cute start! I can't wait to see what else you do with it, as well as what other projects you're working on!

11 hours ago, oOMariusOo said:

Great, I love your story. Will you write us the rest of this one? I find your writing very well detailed, we can easily imagine the characters and the place around them. It is very pleasant to read.

Thank you all so much! As promised I’m uploading the other parts of this story :) 


Part 2:

Before they knew it, the announcement appeared “the 10:32 Northern Rail Service to Windermere is approaching platform 2. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform”. The girls got off the train and headed towards the Lake District.

The structure was very important to Lydia and so they planned the day. The first thing they did was visit Holebird Gardens,  full of inciting colours, Charlotte was determined to bring her flower expertise to show. “So this is what you do on a Sunday?” Lydia chuckled, impressed by her girlfriends' knowledge. As they continued to observe all the tranquillity and beautiful scenery, Lydia continued to dab at her nose with the tissue from earlier, feeling slightly embarrassed about asking for a second one. Alstroemerias were currently Lydia’s favourite flowers of the morning with their vibrant orange appearance, much brighter than the gloomy November weather. On the other hand, Charlotte was admiring the Tweedie Coeruleas. Their star-shaped bundles were simplistic but aesthetically pleasing to her. 

Once the girls finished their visit, they exited and headed up towards the high street for some window shopping. Again, Lydia was dabbing her nose with the tissue now scrunched up in a ball. ‘Why do I never come prepared?’ she thought. But how was she to know when the symptoms of her head cold would appear later. 

Eventually, they came across a local cafe and decided to grab some lunch before the train ride home. 

C - “what would you like my love?”

L: “I’ll have a Coke please” 

After ordering their drinks, the couple sat down at a table near the window to gaze over the mountains and lake. Sipping at their drinks they have a long conversation about all the fun that they have had so far.

C - “you know Lydia, you’ve taught me a lot about all the different types of birds out there. I know they’re your special interests as well as frogs of course, but I think we should start buying bird seeds for in my garden so that we can watch them together”

L - “how about we-snff buy sobe on our way to the train station?” her consonants were now starting to become rounded. “And thed we can set it up when we get back to yours” 

There was a small pause before: “Cad I please have adother tissue?” Lydia asks. Charlotte plucks out a second tissue and passes it to her girlfriend who is now appearing to be in for a few days of illness. “Here,” she says and holds back until Lydia finishes blowing her nose, this time it’s more productive although the snot is still clear (for now). “Are you getting a cold love?” She finally asks. “No-snff I’m fine” Lydia replies. Lydia always denies that she’s getting ill until she is at death’s door (LITERALLY). They were eating lunch before Lydia was soon to sneeze again, with the same hitching but with the tissue held in her hands. “Hee-ngkt” she stifled, but she wasn’t done yet: “hEE-choo... hETchew” Never in their relationship has Charlotte seen her girlfriend sneeze not only a double but a triple. “Bless you” Charlotte mumbled in shock. “Thadk you” Lydia replied, embarrassed and now blushing slightly. 

Upon leaving the cafe with one embarrassed and sick girlfriend, the girls buy some bird seeds as promised and headed down to the train station. They then got on the 4:09 train home when Lydia was gradually more congested; “you know” Charlotte chimed, “I  should probably just drop you off at home and we’ll sort out the bird feed tomorrow. You look tired”. Lydia just smiled, nodded and switched between sniffling and rubbing her eyes for the remainder of their journey.


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That was a great chapter! I especially loved Lydia trying to make her tissue last as long as possible to avoid asking for another one - that was a wonderful detail.

Are there more parts of this? I’d love to see  Charlotte go to check up on Lydia the next day.

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I would love to see physical care taking (feeling/kissing her forehead, lots of cuddles, etc.) with a little more conversation and sneezing

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21 hours ago, Bilo0618 said:

That was a great chapter! I especially loved Lydia trying to make her tissue last as long as possible to avoid asking for another one - that was a wonderful detail.

16 hours ago, chronic reader said:

I would love to see physical care taking (feeling/kissing her forehead, lots of cuddles, etc.) with a little more conversation and sneezing

Caretaking will definitely appear later on, the first two parts were kind of introductions 😅.


16 hours ago, Stelena said:

THIS IS SO CUTE! it’s so nice to see a f/f fic ! i love this and i hope you keep writing :)) 

7 hours ago, Likesn said:

These two are so cute! I really hope you got more parts coming 🙏

Thank you very much for the support! 

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Part 3:

Charlotte replayed the scene from yesterday outside Lydia’s house, leaning forwards and exchanging a kiss on the lips. She could feel the little bit of snot that gathered underneath her upper lip and her body filled with warmth in anticipation for today. She decided to text Lydia to see if she’d finally admit defeat:


C - good morning gorgeous, how are you feeling after yesterday?

L: I’m still a bit tired, I guess my body isn’t used to walking so much 

C - still wanna come and set up the bird feed at mine?

L: sure! I’ll be there for about 12


Charlotte didn’t exactly have a sneeze fetish, but she was desperate to spring back into caretaking and was now squirming in excitement. She slipped into a dark green jumper and a black denim skirt with the same cherry red Doc Martens and waited patiently for her girlfriend to knock on the door. Eventually, Lydia knocked on the door standing in her blue jumper and white jeans to match. Her nose was still tinted in pink but otherwise seemed okay until her girlfriend answered the door. 

“hey darling-snff, I thigk we should head out and get this thigg sed up”. Her consonants were more rounded with congestion than yesterday. 

So she followed Charlotte into the back garden and built the bird feeder together. The cold November weather and getting ill was a disaster waiting to happen and before long, Lydia was pressing the back of her wrist into the bottom of her nose, leaving a residue on her. Charlotte looks over to Lydia “Hey Lyd, can you pass me... (she notices her runny/stuffy nose) are you sure you’re okay?” She asks. “Just an iiiii-itch” Lydia hitches before pawing her nose again. 

They resumed to build the bird feeder and were going to put the food in when Lydia’s chest rises and falls as her brown eyes squint. “Hagg on,” she says before her mouth parts. “HUH-chew” bringing her elbow to her face for the 5th time today, she runs back inside to grab a tissue and blows her nose wetly. This time, however, the snot had a yellow tinge to it. This cold is here to stay.

After Lydia reappeared in the garden with some tissues stuffed in her pockets. They began to put the bird seeds and Charlotte ran her fingers through her sick girlfriend’s hair and over her ears. “You don’t seem like yourself my love” she says concerned. “Are you sure you’re not getting a cold?” “Like I said (hitching again) I’m sdill tired thad’s all” before Lydia turns her head away to sneeze again. “HUH-chew” sniffling wetly but to no avail. She just sighed and tried to get on with the rest of the afternoon. 

Charlotte poured each other a cup of peppermint tea, known for containing menthol, which would help with her girlfriends' congestion. She settled the cups in the kitchen and soon both girls slid into the kitchen stools; Charlotte’s arm wrapped around Lydia’s neck where she could see her slightly squinted eyes preparing for another sneeze, nose stuffy yet running at the same time. She began to feel very sorry for her. “hET-chh” a shower of spray left Lydia’s mouth before sipping her peppermint tea, sniffling away. “Dhis feels so good on by throad” she smiles. Charlotte grins and snarkly says “If you’re not sick, then your ‘itch’ wouldn’t include a sore throat”. “Fuck you”, Lydia replied half-jokingly. They spent most of the afternoon sipping tea, giving lots of cuddles and seeing some of the first robins visiting the bird feeder. 

It was now 4:30 and growing dark. Charlotte pulled Lydia in for one final kiss to her lips and it was evident that the peppermint tea she prepared was working to relieve her congestion with Charlotte paying attention to every snotty sniffle. “I’ll see you tomorrow my love” greeted Charlotte. “-Snff see you”.

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On 7/23/2021 at 7:36 AM, nothin2sneeze@ said:

This is great so far! Can’t wait to see how this cold progresses!


On 7/23/2021 at 1:27 PM, NoV said:

Nice story so far - their relationship is really sweet :) 

Thank you for the support! 

Part 4:

Lydia woke up the next morning with a completely blocked nose, she sat up to give her nose a huge sniffle. But is unsuccessful and was left coughing productively into her elbow. She sighed with frustration and dragged herself out of bed. She headed to the bathroom where she could see her pale complexion and glassy eyes. ‘Who am I kidding?’ She thought ‘I really am ill’

Lydia decided to take it easy for the day by listening to some ASMR videos until she had to get ready for rehearsals for the local amateur pantomime at night. As much as she hates to admit it, she does quite enjoy being taken care of when she isn’t feeling her best; and (for now at least), she could do this at home. She just about got into a comfortable position in her bedroom when she began hitching again. “Heh..eeh..heeeeh...eh? -sniff” perhaps it was a false start. Or maybe not, “hee-ngkt... hEE-choo...Ehchoo” but the sneezing wasn’t over yet. She didn’t have time to grab a tissue so she resorted to sneeze into her pink, soft blanket. “hETchew!” She shouted. Once Lydia finally dared to look at the mess she made, she got a tissue and blew a long snuffly blow. With her nose immediately filling back up with snot, there was no chance she’d recover by the weekend. 

She carried on watching ASMR videos but was interrupted by sister Elena. “Are you still going to rehearsals tonight?” she asked. “Yes-snff id’s a Friday, whad else would I be doidg?” “Don’t go crying to mum when you feel worse,” Elena said. It wasn’t just because Lydia was committed to the show that she toughened it out, but the change in routine would make her restless and anxious. 

Lydia paced about the house looking for a travel pack of tissues, her inhaler, bus ticket and Vaseline for her now chapped nose. She found them and put them in a tote bag in addition to her scripts. “Id’s only for dwo hours, I’ll be done by nine and den I can take a warm shower and rest,” she said to herself.

Arriving at the community hall, it was apparent that dragging herself out was a terrible idea. Her head pounded with every turn and step she performed and her throat felt raw every time she spoke. Even her favourite sweatshirt, (a baby pink sweatshirt with white and lilac embroidery) was making her feel itchy and overstimulated. Being sick was often a trigger for sensory overload. Massaging her temples and sinuses, she contemplated texting her girlfriend to pick her up instead of taking the bus home. The exchange went like this:

L: hey babe, is there any chance you could pick me up from rehearsals? I feel awful :(


C - awww, of course, I can, I’ll meet you at 9 o’clock. Do you need anything?


L: just being wrapped up in your arms 🥺


Surprisingly, whilst she felt like rehearsals were paused for years, it always seemed to go by quicker than expected. Charlotte hung fire in the car park before seeing her sick girlfriend. Already at her house was some Vaporub, decongestants, painkillers and more tea after receiving the first text. ‘This is going to be an exciting evening’ Charlotte thought. ‘I finally get to practise my caretaking skills!’

Lydia exited the community hall coughing away, it was chesty but also slightly barking. Charlotte immediately turned her head to the side when Lydia opened the car door. 

“Ooh baby” cooed Charlotte as she looked into her girlfriend’s streaming eyes; “you’re really not feeling well huh?”. Lydia just coughed into her elbow in reply. “Let’s get you back to my place and take care of you for a bit”. They drove home whilst Lydia sniffled and coughed all the way back. Eventually, she had the energy to speak. “I’b so sorry, I’b such a bess right dow,” she said strung up by illness and numerous false starts. “This is no different to looking after you on your period” Charlotte reassured her, “you’ll be right as rain in no time”.

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This was amazing! I can’t wait to see Charlotte taking care of Lydia. Absolutely wonderful job on this!

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Part 5 - FINAL PART!

Disclaimer: this has some mature elements but is (hopefully) still appropriate for general stories!

Charlotte led Lydia to her bedroom where the supplies were all organised by the bedside table. “Let me rub some of this Vaporub on your chest” Charlotte instructed; as Lydia took her sweatshirt off leaving her with a black push up bra. The cool ointment got to works with her chest and sinuses and Lydia moaned in delight. “You’re liking this aren’t you?” Charlotte teased as she added a touch of Vaporub to the ends of her nose. The girls were now kneeling on the bed grinning at each other before Charlotte wrapped her hands around Lydia’s neck, engaging in some light kissing. “hee-ngkt...huh-ngkt” she stifled into Charlotte’s neck. “Bless you” Charlotte mumbled, “thadk you”. 

The stifling and thought of seeing her girlfriend in this state set off Charlotte for the first time with a damp spot appearing on her knickers. ‘Come on Charlotte’ she thought ‘she needs you to look after her’. 

Keeping it together, she moved onto the chamomile tea that she prepared, Lydia swallowed some decongestants and paracetamol to relieve her sinus headache and slight fever. To pass the time for them kicking in, they decided to spoon, with Lydia of course being little spoon. Soon, she opened up to her girlfriend “I’b so lucky do have such ag abazing pardner”. “And I’m so lucky to have ever met you” Charlotte replies.

She looks down at her girlfriend who now appears more relaxed and smiles to herself. But it seems like the decongestants are having a different effect on Lydia. Wiping her nose into a tissue she notices the start of a nosebleed in her right nostril and pinches the bridge of her nose in a panic. “By dose is bleedig. Hagg on a second” she announced. She cleaned herself up in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom 5 minutes later.  

“Are you alright now?” Charlotte asks, “Yeah, I dod’t kdow whad happened” Lydia said. “Perhaps, the blood vessels in your nose were too thin” she suggested. “Baybe” was Lydia’s reply. They resumed to their spooning whilst Lydia questioned how she ended up a girlfriend as caring and supportive as Charlotte. Not only did she make the best mugs of tea nor gave amazing back rubs but she actually took the time to listen to her special interests and even put in the effort to research into them. 

After lots of TLC, Charlotte took Lydia home at 11 pm and Lydia wished that they would last forever. By the next morning, Lydia woke up to a less congested head and the sneezing subsided. It seems that as promised, her girlfriend made her ‘right as rain’.

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