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Diego Luna (m) - no sneezing, hoarse voice

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I've been on a real Diego Luna kick lately - I've gotten to the platonic crush stage where I'm just watching all the interviews I can find on YouTube (productivity, what's that?) I found this interview from the first season of Narcos: Mexico, and even though he was saying a lot of the same things I'd  heard him say in other interviews, I didn't mind because his voice was totally giving me fetish feels throughout the whole thing. It's really low, kind of gravelly, and sounds a little raspy at times. I'm not sure if he was sick (there are places in the video where I think he sounds kind of nasally, especially on the answers that start around 10:30 and 21:46,) if he'd just woken up, or if his voice was just starting to go after talking so much on the press tour, but either way, I was HERE for it.

If you're not familiar with Diego Luna, he's the guy on the right in the thumbnail, the one in the black sweater. The video is edited kind of weird - it's actually two separate interviews, one with Diego Luna and one with Michael Peña, the other star of the show, but they chopped up the two interviews and cut them to make it look kind of like they're happening at the same time? The point is, if you're not otherwise interested in Narcos: Mexico, you can skip through the Michael Peña parts and just listen to Diego Luna's voice. Also, fair warning, he spends a lot of it talking about a heavy subject matter (the drug war in Mexico, which the series is based on.)


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