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When we have a spare few hours - likely on a weekend day in the next couple of weeks - we will be updating the software of the forum. After the update things may not look exactly the way they used to. The updates also may temporarily break the forum. 

If you cannot access the forum unexpectedly, do not panic or immediately contact the staff, we will be working hard behind the scenes to get it back up and running! Thank you very much for your patience! 

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Update all done! Please let us know if anything is broken. It all looks a little different from where I'm standing, but ultimately the functionality should be much the same. :)

Issues discovered so far:
- We are aware that the rank logos are broken. Please bear with us whilst we work on this issue. :) - SOLVED 15/08/2021
- There are some issues with the theme, tbc. 
- Contact Us - RE-ENABLED 15/08/2021
- Donations - RE-ENABLED 15/08/2021

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