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Are there any car people on here? I'd like to hear what cars you've owned and what car/s you currently own. What mods if any you've done to your current car. 

Cars I've owned(Most of them were just beaters)

1970 Chevelle  sold it, it was just too rusty

1984 Dodge D150 sold it, engine needed to be rebuilt and didn't have the money to do so and was just ready for something different.

1989 Chevy K2500 sold it, it ran good but it was a big ugly hunk of junk lol

1974 Chevy K20 sold it, put a lot of work into it and ended up losing interest

1983 BMW 733i Got rear ended, got $2300 from insurance, pushed out the smashed in trunk the best I could and drove it for a while, but got mad everytime I looked at it so I sold it for $700 "originally paid only $1000 for it so I made out"

2001 VW Jetta wagon traded it for current car

My current car is a 1984 Toyota Tercel 4wd wagon. I'm currently in the process of patching the rusty floor pans, undercoating, and lifting it. So far to lift the rear end I used Nissan pathfinder rear springs and Toyota Rav4 rear shocks. I think I'll just do strut spacers for the front, It will be about three inches higher than stock, with the new bigger tires it will be close to 6 inches taller than stock. The car originally came with 13" steel wheels, I ended up buying some 15" steel wheels and some Yokohama Geolander A/T tires @ 205/75/15.


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First car 1968 Mustang Coupe.  Current car 2006 Mustang Fastback with Pony Pack.  244CID V6, cold air induction, Magna Flow true dual exhaust, GT rear valance for dual exhaust, Pirelli P7 tires, Torch Red, 5 speed.

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1st car Mark III Ford Cortina 1.6L

2nd car Mark III Ford Cortina 2000 GT

3rd car Triumph TR7

4th car Mark II Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia

5th Car Rover SD1 3.5 V8

6th car 2.0 Ford Sierra Ghia

7th car Ford Granada 2.9 Ghia

8th car Cosworth Scorpio 2.9 Ghia Ultima

9th car Peugeot 607 3 litre

10th car Vauxhall Frontera 3.2

Current car 3 lire Jaguar XF luxury

I don’t know how insurance works in the U.S and I don’t know how old Demon is but, I’m betting he’s no silver surfer.

I’m nearer my 66t birthday than my 65th I don’t think I could afford to insure a Mustang .

The insurance on the Jag was over a grand a year. That is until I stopAped using it for work since I now work from home. The Jag now just spends most of its time sitting on the drive and it hates me!





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