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I'm frustrated could someone possibly help me... (long please read till the end)


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I'm frustrated because there was a game of strategy I used to play, I want to share it with the forum and those who like that kind of thing. the problem is I'm not good with computers at all, I have enough ability to get on the forum, do e-mail and facebook but that's about it. this game when I used to play it was done through the mail actually. there was a group that was called the high council (specificly meaning Klingon high council the Klingon government) a person would sign up giving only their name, Klingon name and mailing address. then the council would send them a big yellow envelope containing  a map of a sector of space, intel report of the area and "orders" for missions. ( in the very first mission a paper with the various ship types and map symbols to be used would also be included for example: a "Vor'cha class cruiser would be marked as w circle wit a V inside it, and a K'tanga class would be a circle with w KT in it. ) the people involved where never told who their opponents where  (only the council new who was who in a particular mission ), and they kept record of how long particular individuals had been playing so say Bondi has been playing 6 months but Ms. sneezles is brand new, then they would never be paired (because he had been doing it longer and thus had an advantage.) they would be paired with people of the same level of experience. each person would mark on the map, where they would send their forces and then send them back to the high council, who would determine the winner of the engagement and would then send both people involved a copy of both maps, so they could see what took place. if a person wanted to dispute a particular issue a different member of the high council would review the battle and make a determination. the winner or loser would be chosen based on specific goals given to the player to do, for example: player "Toketh" would be tasked with capturing a dailithium mine while player "Kehlan" would be tasked with making sure the dailitium mine was not captured by the opposing faction. individual battles would be judged on the ship types example: Vor'cha is more powerful then a K'tanga class so if they fight the Vor'cha would win the engagement but these would be fleet sized battles and the layers would have to plan with their entire forces given them. I want to modify it for the forum using basicly the similar system but I don't know how to do it. I would provide examples if I could but I don't know how to. there in lies the problem. I want to be able so show examples visually but I don't know how to put them on here. I would love to form a "high council" here and have players be able to play it on the forumbut I have no knowlge or ability with computer stuff.


K'tanga class example: Image result for K'tanga class battlecruiser


vor'cha battle cruiser example: Image result for vor'cha class battlecruiser

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