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Friend's sneezing fit on the river


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I've never posted on the forum before, but as this is my favorite observation I've witnessed I wanted to share it with everyone now that my account has been approved. This happened a couple years ago to my friend we'll call D. We did dance together, and on this particular occasion us and a couple other of our dance friends decided to go on a boat trip on the river nearby. For people who like descriptions, D is about 5'10", has brown hair, green eyes, and a toned muscle build (standard male dancer body type).

D did have allergies, but not very severe. I'd seen him sneeze in triples on a couple occasions, but never as bad as this. After about an hour on the river, we decided to anchor the boat close to the shore near the trees on the river bank. D, 3 other girls, and I were all sitting at the table on the boat chatting and finishing up our lunch. Being so close to the plants on the river bank must've triggered his allergies because suddenly D's breath starting hitching and an adorable pre-sneeze face started to form. He then let out 3 quick semi-stifled sneezes.

Heh'NXXGtchiew!... NXXGt-chieww!... huh'NXXXGTchiew!

Everyone blessed him simultaneously. I thought that would be it, but to my delight, it wasn't. His eyes slowly started to shut as his breath continued to hitch. He usually always stifled, or at least semi-stifled his sneezes, but this time it seemed to take him by surprise as he let out an unstifled Heh-TISHHHiew. He began to get up and walk over to the edge of the boat facing the trees, his face evident of another sneeze coming. He let out another wet Heh-TISHHHieww directed over the boat towards the trees. Me and my friends at the table started laughing, humored at the fact that D didn't stop sneezing - nor did it look like he'd stop anytime soon (at this point I was about losing my mind, so I was practically silent afterwards). He proceeded to sneeze at least 5 more times, each time taking a couple hitching breaths to try and fight off the oncoming sneeze. 

After about the 10th sneeze, one of my friends asked "Are you ok?", to which he quickly shook his head, mouthing "no" before launching into another sneeze. Someone handed him some napkins to blow his nose. It seemed to help, as his sneezes started slowing down. Soon after, another friend came to the top deck where we were and asked us all to get together to take a photo. As we all made our way towards the edge of the boat, D made his way to the back of the group behind all of us. I heard him let out another Hehtishhheww before we all smiled for the camera. The sneezing fit stopped after that, but D's eyes were watery and his nose was noticeably pink for the remainder of the trip.

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