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Freed from Ice (Star Trek AOS, Spock, M)


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This is a possible continuation of this wonderful story from @mystic-chibi. I hope they don't mind that I have written a possible continuation, as they sadly did not reply to my comment at the end of their fic. Anyway, fanfiction of fanfiction should generally be just as fair game as fanfiction of original works, so I thought I would just share this with you.

Here is the original work: 



"One more tube and we are ready to go, sir."


"Thank you, Thompson. I've got the power cell in position. Let's try this again!"


"Aye, Captain"


Thompson held the last tube in place as Kirk pulled the switch and – nothing.


"Dammit! One of the power cells inner circuits must've been damaged! How much time do we've left, ensign?"


"About… 43 minutes, sir."


"Good. Try if you can find out what's wrong with this thing, I'm going to check out the rift the others fell into." Kirk handed the power cell over to Thompson and skirted in the direction where he had last seen his friends.


"Good luck, Captain!"



Spock looked up at the wall of rocks in front of him.


"Doctor, I believe displacing this rock will dismantle the entire structure of the barricade and allow us enough space and hold to climb up to the surface. Will you please stand back to ensure your safety?"


"Ye-Yeah, Spock, just… just gimme a – a minute..." McCoy panted.


"Doctor, are you alright?"


"M' fine, Spock… Just… out of breath..."


It seemed that the Rayon leak had lowered the concentration of oxygen in the cave to critical levels for humans. Rayon was heavier than air and would therefore concentrate on the bottom of the crevasse. Spock could not yet feel the effect on himself. As a Vulcan he was accustomed to significantly thinner atmospheres, but his illness made it difficult to assess the situation accurately. He gave a frustrated sniff but was still largely unable to smell the gas.


"Doctor, I am going to displace the bolder on the count of three. Please step back as far as you can!"


"Oh.. Okay..."


"One… Two… Three!"


Spock pulled at the large rock with all his considerable strength and staggered back as the barricade tumbled down with a crashing sound. He could see the light of the opening some twenty-five foot above his head. The fallen rocks would hopefully provide sufficient hold for a climb.


"Spock… Spock!"


"Doctor, are you unharmed?"


Spock took a moment to assess the physical state of his companion. He could not detect any outward signs of injury, but the dazed look on the doctors face and his slumped position against the wall of the cage revealed that he was close to loosing consciousness.


"We have to start the climb now, Doctor. If you will permit me to a- assist..." He trailed of with a strong sneeze to his side.




"Mhh… Bless 'ya..."


Spock heaved McCoys limb body over his shoulder, trying to position him in a way that would secure him from falling while still allowing Spock some freedom of movement for the climb. When he lifted the Doctor, who seemed barely conscious by now, he noticed a faint light-headedness. He hoped that the sensation originated from his growing exhaustion and his mild fever instead of a further decrease of oxygen in the surrounding air.


"Please hold on, Doctor."


He got no response, as his companion had fainted completely by now. Spock carefully started to climb over the pile of rocks in front of him.



Captain Kirk was walking towards the rift in the glacier when he suddenly heard a low rumble from beneath the pile of rocks.


"Captain, is there another cave in?"


Kirk waited about a minute to see if the ground would give in further.


"No, ensign, the ground seems stable. Keep up with fixing the power cell."


He carefully stepped forwards to look into the now open abyss in the glacier.


"Spock! Are you okay? What's wrong with Bones?"


"The crevasse was suffused with Rayon and the Doctor experienced hypoxia as a result."


The Vulcan had managed to scale about half of the unstable rock wall already, carrying the doctor on his back and securing him with one hand.


"And what about you, Spock? You're feeling okay? The Rayon's not affecting you?"


"Ah...Affirmative, Captain."


Spock wriggled his nose and gave a sharp sniff as he answered.


"Hey, you're almost there. If you lift Bones up a little, I think I can grab him now."


"Alright, Captain."


Kirk kneed down and grabbed Bones by the arms as the Commander lifted the lifeless form of the Enterprise's CMO off his back with one hand, the other clinging to the rock wall. Those were the instances when Kirk admired his friend's superior Vulcan strength.


"Okay, now push him up a little further – uff!"


The young Captain gasped as he successfully pulled his friend onto the ground beside him. While still unconscious, the doctor at least gave a groan as his body hit the ground.


"Thank you, Spock!"


"Ca… Captain – huh!"


Kirk looked down into the crevasse, where his first officer was valiantly holding onto the rocks while desperately trying to suppress a sneeze.


"Hu..HnNGXxt! He..HNGXsSHhtt!"




The shudder was enough to dislodge an unstable rock under his feet, leaving Spock hanging by just one arm next to the opening.



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54 minutes ago, supernaturalfragalistic said:

AmaZing! Keep going! This works so perfectly with the original fic

Thank you!


Spock was trying to pull himself up with his other hand, but his grip slipped on the ice. Jim crawled forward and grabbed his First Officer's arm immediately.

"Spock! Can you give me your other hand?"

"Yes, Captain."

Spock complied and Jim helped his friend up onto solid ice as both panted heavily.

"Wow, you're heavier than you look, Spock!"

Kirk gave his friend a pat on his lean back.

"Vulcan muscle den… densi – hii… HiiihiSchu'uh! Hii-IiishuUHh!"

The sneezes into hastily steepled hands were followed by a shiver, a sound that sounded suspiciously like a groan, and a few heavily congested sniffles. Jim worriedly looked at the other man's slumped posture on the ground and the pallid complexion of his face, contrasting with his bright green nose and blushed cheeks.

"Bless you, Spock. That sounded pretty terrible. Do you wanna rest for a minute or something?"

Spock gave another sniffle and looked up at Jim with bleary eyes.

"Have you finished with the construction of the signaling tower, Captain?"

"We've got the tower all set up and Thompson is trying to repair the power cell right now. One of the things inner circuits must have been damaged."

"Then it would be most logical for me to assist in repairing the power cell, as we have only got 36 minutes left until the Enterprise enters our visual range and I am the most suited member of our party for the task, despite my… current condition, Captain. I can rest once we have established contact with the ship."

"Alright, Commander. I'm gonna look after Bones, you go help, Thompson."

As if on cue, McCoy stirred where he lay on the ground next to them, his eyes beginning to flutter as he regained consciousness.

Spock got up with a nod and a sniff and began walking towards the other side of the camp where Thompson was presumably still busy with the power cell.

"Hey… Jimmy boy…"

Jim helped Bones into a sitting position as he slowly regained his senses.

"How long was I…"

"A few minutes, I think. Spock said something about Rayon in the crevesse and you suffering from hypoxia."

"Yeah, there was the gas…"

McCoy looked down into the slim rift.

"Did Spock carry me up here? Where is the green-blooded hobgoblin, anyway?"

"Yeah, he climbed up here with you on his back. And then he went to help Thompson with fixing the power-cell. We've got less than half an hour left to get your plan working."

"Well, then we better get going, too. Can't have the construction give in again this time. At least not if we don't wanna freeze to death here. And it's probably time I checked again on Hardy, too."


"Ensign, would you lift the red cable 1.4 centimeters higher, please?"

"Yes, Commander."

Thompson and Spock said close together, with Thompson carefully holding the power cell steady as Spock repaired the delicate internal wiring. The Commander would have normally done it all by himself, but after the close call with the climb, he estimated that there was a 23% chance that he would sneeze again and upset the wiring. He gingerly connected two delicate copper cables and insulated them securely before lifting his hand to rub an increasingly ticklish nose.

"The power cell should be fully operational. We simply have to close and re-attach it to the – Huh... HuMMF! Heh.. Hu-UMPFfuh!"

Spock blinked somewhat dazedly and sniffed yet again.

"Excuse be."

"Bless you, Commander. I think I can manage to close and re-attach the cell on my own, if you would like to… um… rest a bit."

The Ensign rubbed his neck sheepishly. While offending the Commander was a daunting prospect, he currently looked utterly sick and exhausted, not to mention the sound of his awfully congested voice. Thompson did not want him to push himself even further. He only hoped the Vulcan would appreciate his concern.

"Thank you, Thompson. That would be wise."

Spock punctuated the statement with a desperate sniffle. Ensign Thomson gave him a small smile before turning his attention back to the power cell, just as Kirk and McCoy approached the pair.

"Heya, Spock, I thought thanking people was illogical?"

Spock raised an eyebrow at the doctor's remark, though his watering eyes and runny nose made the gesture look pitiful rather than intimidating. The sudden sneeze that followed did not help, of course.

"He… Iiishuuh!"

"Bless you, Spock. Come on, Bones, don't tease him when he's already miserable. And Thompson, good work. Could you prepare for a quick test of the thing? I think we have maybe fifteen minutes for final adjustments."

"Thirteen minutes and 17 seconds, Captain. And while I… appreciate the concern, I am quite capable to withstand the doctor's "teasing", as you call it."

"That's good, Spock because if this thing works I'm not gonna waste any time on checking you over. You sound like hell, you stubborn Vulcan."

"I'm not surprised that you should be personally familiar with the conditions of purgatory, doctor."

"Um, Captain, should I connect the power cell now?"

"Yes, Thompson, that would be great!"

"Okay, sir. Here it goes…"



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Part X


The water finally began to shoot through the pipes and McCoy wasted no time dragging Spock out of the mist as he and the Captain marveled at the glowing jellyfish that assembled around the jet stream.

"Come on, hobgoblin, there ain't no sense in making your cold even worse by gettin' wet."

While the Captain and Ensign switched the power cell off again, Spock was forced by McCoy to sit on the second bed in the sickbay tent.

"How is Lt. Hardy's condition, doctor?"

The doctor looked up from the tricorder he was calibrating for Vulcan-human hybrids and checked the monitor next to Hardy's bed.

"Bit worse than a few hours ago, blood O2 has gone down by 4 percent. I've given him the last hypo while you and Thompson were busy with the power cell. The tri-ox doesn't seem to be helping much at this point."

"I see. I estimate – He'MmMFFt – I estimate that we have to wait about 47 minutes for a shuttlecraft to find our exact location and land securely once the Enterprise has established our approximate position by visual confirmation. Boarding the shuttle will take another 3.4 minutes if we leave all non-essential supplies behind. The flight back will take an estimated 9.7 minutes, depending on the…"

"Spock. Come to the point. And blow your nose, I can barely understand you."

McCoy handed him a piece of gauze. Spock opened his mouth to protest, but then thought better of it and accepted the cloth with a defeated sigh before turning his head to give his nose a congested blow.

"Doctor, I was simply inquiring whether Lt. Hardy will survive the transport and how much time we are going to have to find a cure for the Lieutenant once we are aboard the Enterprise."

"Well, I hope he's going to make it to the ship. And once we get him on life support, we could have weeks. But the last tricorder reading revealed some pretty strange form of tissue damage. Can't specify what it is with this kind of equipment, but once it's reached a certain point it's likely that the whole lung might die. And it seems to be spreading to other organs and clogging up veins and arteries, too."

"I see, doctor."

McCoy had started to examine Spock with his tricorder. The whirring noise was painful to the Vulcan's already inflamed ears, but he did not bat an eye.

"You're actually pretty worried about Hardy, huh? I thought you don't like each other much."

"I am simply trying to assist in the recovery of -"

"Hang on! Spock, you have four fractured ribs!"

"I was aware of that fact, doctor."

"Yes, I can imagine. Must have hurt like hell, especially with all the sneezing. And carrying Hardy on your back for two hours scaling the glacier. Or carrying me out of that damn hole we fell into. God, Spock, you must have been in agony! Why didn't you tell me? I could have fixed that in a few minutes."

"I wished to conserve the energy reserves of the osteogenic stimulator, as you had already used it on Thompson and the Captain, which left the device with only 43% of its battery life and it was still possible that more serious injuries might occur during our forced stay on the planet. As I was aware that my ribs were merely fractured and not fully broken, almost eliminating the risk of further complications, I thought it wise not to inform you of my injury, as you would have insisted on treating me regardless of my logical objections."

"Of course I would have. Four broken ribs and a serious head cold and you're running around as though you're perfectly fine. Damn Vulcan stubbornness."

"Doctor, I… Hii'Iiishuu! Hih-Hngtt'uh!"

"Bless you. Now, hold still so I can fix your ribs. And don't you dare say it's illogical. In fact, just stop speaking, given how badly your throat is inflamed that must be unnecessarily painful, too."

Spock shivered as Bones unzipped his jacket and pulled up his shirt to have better access to Spock's heavily bruised torso. To his credit, the Commander remained silent the entire time. Though this began to worry Bones, as the Vulcan must be really exhausted for him to get the last word. While his readings had shown a slightly higher temperature for Spock than usual – 34.2 °C instead of the customary 32.8 °C – McCoy was unsure how to judge the discrepancy in temperature.

Full Vulcans generally did not experience fevers as part of their normal immune response, but the human part of Spock's immune system frequently supplied his bloodstream with high levels of pyrogens when he was injured or ill with some strange new space disease. In those cases, the hybrid's temperature usually shot through the roof – or rather very quickly to what would constitute a mild fever in a human. Given that Vulcan physiology was built to withstand both drastic changes in as well as particularly high temperature, this usually did not seem to bother Spock much, so his current exhaustion was uncharacteristic.

"Hey, Spock, when was the last time you slept and ate? Or drank something for that matter? You seem really tired and I wanna make sure 'tis really just a cold or your species' equivalent thereof."

"I have last slept… 88 hours ago, doctor, and had my last meal and drink 42.6 hours ago, just before we left the starbase."

"Conserving our ration packs, too? Come on, you've got to drink something, at least. We've got enough water left, and anyway, hydration is important when you're ill. And you're also taking that blanket. No, you're taking all our blankets. God, you must be half-frozen to be shivering like that."

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Part XI


"Captain, according to Commander Spock's calculations, the Enterprise will be within range in…  one minute and 17 seconds."

"Okay, better put the steam on now so that the jellyfish have time to assemble. Thompson, on my command."

"Aye, Captain."

"Three… Two… One… Now!"

"Captain! It works!"

"Yes! Now the ship only has to see it and we're safe. Good job, Thompson!"

Kirk and Thompson were soon walking towards the tents as the jellyfish produced a massive beam of bright, purple light a few hundred feet away.

Once they reached the entrance of the tent, Kirk was somewhat alarmed to hear the sound of coughing from inside.

"Hey, we just set up the steam – How are the patients, Bones?"

"Hardy is still slowly deteriorating and the hobgoblin is even more stubborn than I thought."

"Stubborn? Bones, he's basically coughing his lungs out! He wasn't coughing before, like, twenty minutes ago!"

Jim sat down next to Spock, who was still sitting on the bed, wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets, coughing productively. Now that his ribs did not hurt with every breath and he was properly hydrated, he allowed his body to relieve the congestion that was beginning to build up in his chest. The captain started to lightly rub circles into his first officer's back as the CMO attempted to explain the situation.

"Yeah, well, it would have hurt a hell of a lot more twenty minutes ago. And that damn Vulcan has far too much control over his bodily functions, more than is good for him."

"What do you mean, Bones?"

"Four cracked ribs is what I mean, Jim!"

"Spock! You said your injuries were minor!"

"Dammit, Jim, you knew he was injured? Seriously, by now you should know that the damn Vulcan will call everything a minor injury that won't kill him within the next five minutes."

"Doctor, my injuries were neither life-threatening nor likely to cause permanent damage, even if left untreated. And the pain was manageable."

"Spock, you're able to "manage" pain that's so bad that it literally kills people!"

"Pre… Precisely. Hih...HiiNgxxt'uh! IiiiShuu'uuh! Besides, I must remind you that I am the only member of our party who has not spontaneously lost consciousness during our stay on this planet. My condition has also not negatively impacted our reconnaissance mission."

"Well, except for the part where you sneezed and almost fell to your death in that crevasse."

"You what? Why don't I know about this?"

"You were sorta unconscious, Bones."

"Anyway, once we get back to the ship, you're gonna spend a week in bed, Spock."

"Doctor, that seems hardly – huh!- hardly necessary. Hh’ghISSCHH’uh!"

Spock shivered and Jim and Bones readjusted the blankets that had just fallen down from his lean shoulders.

"Bless you, Spock. And come on, Bones, a week? You know Spock, he will be better in a day or two. And I need him on the bridge!"

"Your codependence is really heartwarming, but I'm not gonna let the hobgoblin back on duty until he's been fever-free for at least twelve hours. If he's not contagious, which I really hope because otherwise, we'll probably all spend the next week in bed. And if we make it back to the ship in the first place."

"I calculate the chances of that event at less than -"

"Shut up, Spock. And drink some more water, your voice sounds terrible. Besides, you're scaring Thompson."

Ensign Thompson, who had watched their argument from the entrance of the tent, had caught Bones' eyes with a shiver of his own. The young man came from Ecuador and wasn't used to the cold. Now that he was not busy and the adrenalin slowly drained away, he could feel it with every fiber of his being. 

"Ensign, if you are cold, may I offer you a blanket?"

"Spock, you're sick and shivering yourself. You need those blankets! So unless you and Thompson wanna share body heat –"

"Actually, Bones, that's not such a bad idea. Come on, Thompson, you can sit next to Spock, and then we can all share the blankets and our body heat."

As both Thompson and Spock were too cold to argue against this proposition and Bones had to grudgingly adhere to the medical sense of the idea, the four men were soon sitting tightly pressed together on the second bed. Kirk was sitting on the far edge, a watchful eye out on the sky, watching as the power cell gave out and wondering when the shuttle to their rescue would arrive.

Everyone was too exhausted to talk much, and soon a meditative silence lay above the group, only interrupted by Commander Spock's frequent sniffles and sneezes.

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