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I was hanging out with a couple of friends on the weekend, just catching up etc. 

One of them, we'll call her S, is pretty short, medium length brown hair, fairly round but not extremely overweight. Anyway, that day she happened to have a cold. 

I was probably hanging out with these friends for about 3 hours. Throughout that time, F was frequently sniffling - something that is my pet peeve, but that's a side matter - thick wet sniffs at a congested, runny nose. 

Here and there she would also use the sleeve if her cardigan to dab at a runny nose. 

About 2 hours into us hanging out, F got a bit flustered. It turned out she was trying to hold back a sneeze which then suddenly hit her:


into her cupped hands. 

She then sniffled extra wetly a few times. 

A few minutes later a follow up 


was caught in her elbow. 



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