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Random work sneezes


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Today at work was pretty boring there was nothing much for me to do, however I did get a surprise sneeze I thought I'd share with you. I'm not that much of a sneezy person, I probably only sneeze a few times per week, unless I induce. I was at my desk waiting to see if any customers will come, when suddenly I felt a tickle. I rubbed my nose a few times, when that didn't help I knew a sneeze was imminent. I have sneezed at work before, and no one was near me so I was certain no one would notice. I held my arm up to my nose and "ehh...ehh...ehCHOO". It was louder that I was expecting,, and I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Luckily no one did. I quickly stood from my desk to grab a tissue and some wipes. 


Later I heard a male sneeze, kind of harsh and quiet loud, "ACHUU...aCHUU....ehCHUU." i couldn't see the sneezer, but I must sat it sounded very nice. Honestly I kind of wished I had sneezed more than once, as my nose was still being annoying that that point. I'll probably try to induce later.

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