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2 induced sneezes


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I decided to try to see if I could get rid of the tickle that had been bothering me since my shift at work. I grabbed a q-tip and began to slowly wiggle it in my left nostril. I always like to start inducing with a slow tickle as I love the feeling of a build. At first nothing happened and then I remembered my 'sweet spot'. I gently tilted the q-tip forward so the fluffy bit was touching the very front of my nose and I began wiggling it once again. My eyes started to squint as I felt the undeniable feeling of a sneeze building, my mouth opened slowly, "ahh...ahh...ahh...atCHOO." Wow the sneeze felt amazing, it gave me such a relief. I decided to try again in the same nostril. This time the sneeze was quicker to build, "ah...ah...ATCHOO". It didn't give me the same amazing feeling as the previous one and I had began to feel stuffed up so I decided to stop, but will try again later. 

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