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Dear forummers,

We investigated the donation tool which has been down as per my previous announcement. It would cost $50 just to update the app, which is more than we've received in donations in some time, so I introduce to you.... The new way to donate!

Our new mechanism for contributions is to paypal your donation directly to High on Lullabies, who still single-handedly foots the bill of the forum. 

It costs roughly $150 every month to keep this community up and running, so that's $1800 a year. Membership is free due to his generosity, but if you can spare a bit of cash, please do consider donating via the link below. 

The only person who will get any information via that link is High On Lullabies, and the only information they get is a name and e-mail address, so whilst not entirely anonymous (unless your PayPal is anonymous), we believe your data is adequately safeguarded. Please do put "pay a friend or family member" as the forum is not a business. We run the community as volunteers so give our time freely to maintain the community.

Please find the link below: 


Many thanks for your attention.

Enjoy the forums!

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