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I decided to make a topic for my roomate, since he's quite sneezy, and I think I'll post my obs about him here, cus why not.

Some basic infomation about him: he's 22, he has ginger-ish hair, green eyes and freckles. He's tall, around six foot maybe. I don't want to write out his name, so let's call him N. :D



So, yesterday, we were learing to our exams while we were listening to music. Since the music was quite loud, I didn't even hear his first two sneezes (he always tries to stifle, I don't know why). However, I basically felt his body move as we're sitting next to each other.

"Bless you" I said, without looking up. I have the fetish, yes, but he's so sneezy, I'm basically used to his sneezes, so it doesn't "bother" me as much as other people's. 

"I'm *heh* not done-eh'gnxt... eh'cheew! Eh'gxnt-chew! *Heh* eh'CHEEW!" Okay, I will say, after that I started to feel something, since I love rapid sneezes, and stifled too, and he did... both, so, yeah. "Okay" he sniffed "I think I'm done now."

"Bless you then" I laughed (yeah, you can tell that I have a bit of a crush on him, but it's a lost case. "Need a tissue?"

"Yes, please'eh... eh'cheew!"

I blessed him after this sneeze too, and yes, I'm sure I'll have more observations about him, cus he's really allergic to dust and a bunch of other stuff, so... yeah, he's a dream to live with. :D

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6 hours ago, Bencutio said:

"Yes, please'eh... eh'cheew!"

This 😍

6 hours ago, Bencutio said:

I have a bit of a crush on him

I don’t blame you! I’m sorry it’s a lost cause, though. 😞

Still, it’s a treat to read your obs of him!

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