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University Accomodation Sneezes; The Death Of Me


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Hi. Been lurking around here for a while till I had... something to say. And I have the "something to say". This isn't a specific observation, just my many overall ones of someone. Sorry if this is wordy.

There's a woman in my kitchen area / near my own room of the university accomodation I'm staying in, who seems to have allergies (but has had a cold a couple times now; she's had a nazal-y voice at times). Blonde, slim, and quite tall. I can't really describe people, and honestly a little paranoid of doing so. IDK if people search up their characteristics?? To see if people are talking about them?

Anyway. She never just sneezes once. Usually 3 times, but 2 / 3 / 5 (if I'm lucky, or unlucky depending on the circumstances) is the average, with a half a second gap in between, and usually at 3 or 4 times a day? They're a little low pitched... and wet. And usually don't have much of a build up. When she's in the kitchen, with any others, she'll stifle her sneezes (something like "heh-nn-choo"? emphasis on the "HEH" part after one or two sneezes; they definitely get stronger) and sniffle a bunch after her mini-fit. From her room, though, I can hear her let them loose (more like "HEH-TSHhhoo", "ah-TSHhoo? more spraying. once again, the way she vocalises the prefix can't. be. understated). The walls. Are thin. I can't really describe her expression because I'm almost never directly lookin at her during her sneezes.

Also, she never seems to mention them / make a big (or medium. or small.) deal about them. Couple people'll say bless you (not me. too busy being a TINY bit embarrassed.) and then she'll move on.

You'll NEVER catch me recording the audio of one of her fits (not that delirious. yet, at least) but I do replay them in my mind occasionally. She also just had one... in the middle of me writing this. I do wonder if they get worse during Spring.

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Ah I can't even think about how amazing hearing this can be, jeez. Nice observation, I really loved it. Her sneezes sounds really cute and nice. Thanks for sharing :D

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NP! :)

Haven't had luck catching many obs (at least, in recent *enough* memory) so I guess they're all being "cashed out" on this year? And uh... they ARE. Amazing. But also very distracting; the internal panic of hiding any sort of reaction, or signs I'm being instantly turned to mush, isn't fun.

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