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Another story read to you before you go to sleep. Sneezing while hiding F part 2


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Another story read to you before you go to sleep, just like your mother used to do.  Only we all wished we had stories like this read to use.

Susan is an executive assistant who's boss is up to no good  If she can get the goods on him and all of his dirty dealings it could mean the promotion of a life time for her.  All she has to do is hide in the office and wait for the proof she needs.  What could possibly go wrong :)). In case you don't remember the link to part one is included down below.

Now that Susan sneezed giving herself away what could happen next?

I decided to go back to an Australian accent this time for a change of pace.  I also believe that this my camera work so far if I do say so myself ;D.

So let Daphine tuck you in to bed with your favorite stuffed animal (mine of course is Scooby Doo ;D).  I'll give you a kiss on your forehead and wish you sweet dreams :).

Enjoy the story :).


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On 1/14/2022 at 9:21 AM, Superman said:

This is so innovative! It's fabulous.

Thank you @Superman "so innovative" really! You just made my day☺️.

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